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How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From Flickering

One day when I booted up my PC I noticed all my icons flashing on the desktop. Although it was pretty annoying I decided that I’d look into it after doing my usual bout of commenting. Imagine my surprise when every time I started to comment on a blog the page would reload, thereby losing my comment. I thought that perhaps I could write the comment in NotePad or Word and then cut and paste it into the comment form. Nope, that wouldn’t work because all these characters started appearing automatically, mainly the date, making it all a wasted effort.

Now I’m pissed. First I thought that I had picked up some virus or something so I did a scan of the PC and it came up clean. It took me ages to find a solution and when I did resolve the issue it was something completely unexpected; The first thing I did was to search Google for a solution. These are just a few of the search terms that I tried.

  • Why does commenting on WordPress Blogs cause the post to reload? That search was a bust so I tried.
  • Why do characters appear automatically in Word? That also didn’t come up with anything useful, so back to the drawing board.
  • How can I stop the icons from flashing on my desktop? Yep, that one gave me a lot of hits which turned out to be completely useless.

It took me literally days to work it out, and I did everything from downloading and running malaware programs to hurling abuse at the monitor, none of which worked, although swearing at the computer did let of a little steam.  :laugh_tb:

I finally came across something that made no sense but I thought I would give it a try. Someone posted somewhere, I wish I made a copy of the link, that perhaps it all had to do with the[ppw id=”4325515″ description=”solution to your flickering icons” price=”.50″] PC’s display adapter. It turned out to be the correct fix, and if you’re having the same problem following these steps may fix it.

  • Go to your control panel and click on system.
  • Click on Hardware
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Click on the (+) next to Display adapters which will show you your current display adapter.
  • Right click on that adapter and select Update driver…
  • This will bring you to Hardware Update Wizard. Select the first option, Install the software automatically (Recommended) This may take awhile so be patient.
  • Several drivers should come up and I selected the first one, which worked fine for me.

That’s it, everything has been fine since. So if your icons are flickering on your desktop or your getting pissed because your commenting keeps getting interrupted by your page refreshing, perhaps all you need do is update your display driver.

Edit: It happened again, and this time the above method did not work. Another fruitless search and then I started unplugging things to see if that made a difference. Guess what turned out to be the culprit? It was the damn keyboard. Everything stopped flashing once I unplugged the keyboard! I bought a new keyboard and everything is working as it should.


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  1. “How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From Flickering”

    Hmm, for me, simply ceasing to consume more wine does the trick. [grins]

    Seriously, you mention to have the pc automatically install updates. We have our pcs set to automatically download the updates, but we select what updates to install. Sometimes there is stuff that will automatically install that I do not want. One time, Microsoft’s Silverlight was selected. I do not need Silverlight installed!

    1. I did? That’s strange Colleen, I don’t remember saying that. Reckon maybe the effects of the wine hasn’t worn off yet. :drunk_tb: :innocent1_tb:

    2. Haha. Yep, I got the same problem after having some wine.
      I think one problem with flickering icons might be the monitor. I had an older monitor and if it was not set to a specific resolution the icons were flickering. Also checking the refresh rate on the monitor can help.

      1. Hey Res, I suppose that may be a problem for some but wasn’t the case in my situation.

  2. Funny, my screen and all my icons were flickering the other day and I spent three hours trying to figure out why, and then I realized that it was because I had a fan sitting too close to the monitor which was causing waves throughout my screen, really wanted to shoot myself, or better yet the fan at that point,

      1. LOL, yes it was definitely a liquor day

    1. Everytime I receive or send a text message my monitor flickers like crazy, the fm radio lets out a few static screams, the tv blinks, the fire on the stove jumps 8 inches. Alright, I made up the last one.

      My computer is also set to update automatically, so I think I wouldn’t worry about the kind of flickering Sire talked about.

    2. Shit JR, you must have had that thing on full blast. Reckon you’re lucky it didn’t blow your monitor away. :laugh_tb:

  3. Hi Sire,
    Their is always problems with PC, systems, downloading, icons, broadband lines ect. Here in Spain and thank Jesus for my neighbor son, a computer idiot can everything and the latest about PC, fix always my problems and things in 10 minutes.

  4. I don’t have the problem. Is it because I use a Mac?

      1. But of course! Pity that Steve Jobs doesn’t believe in rewarding evangelists like me!

          1. Yes. His company produces Macs!

      2. Friends do not let friends upgrade to Macs! :)

        1. And pray why not?

          1. Here ya go Rummuser, a completely unbiased opinion of why pcs are better than macs. [grins]

            1. You are indeed a good friend. And a treat if I may add!

  5. Hi Peter
    I don’t have that problem with my desktop perhaps it’s like mitch says since I have a new hd monitor. Anyway I do have this problem with one of my blogs and have visited maybe one or two others in the past few months that I noticed did the same thing. Part of the post/sidebar background flickers. And it’s frustrating. I even contacted the creator of the template and never heard back from him but anyway do you have any ideas? AnyBody? If you want I can send the blog url and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about as I’m sure it’s probably doing the same for everyone else as well but not 100%

  6. Please, please,don’t let this happen to me!!! Must have been awful but at least you have the techie skills to fix it.
    Hope all’s well across the Nullabor. We’re still waiting for more rain.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Hey Patricia, I’m happy to report that we’re finally getting heaps of rain and lot’s more over the weekend too. As to me being a techie, nah, but I manage to fumble my way around.
      Sire recently posted…How To Save Time Replying To CommentsMy Profile

  7. Really cool stuff. Yes certain things tend to interfere with each other for example if you put a notebook computer near an AM radio. :tongue3_tb:

    1. Must remember not to do that.

  8. Never had a problem with flickering desktop icons. The underlying problem is usually a slow memory or the computer’s just too old to keep up with the latest software. Anyway, glad that you found the fix to your problem!

  9. I think there is an application that will clear your icon cache, you could also try that next time the problem occurs.

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