The trouble with most sites out there is they’re so quick to tell you how easy it is to make money online, usually because they’re trying to sell you something, but they fail to tell you how hard it is to drive traffic to those sites which is so important because if you don’t have traffic you won’t make money. If you’ve been following my posts you know about my latest niche, Buy Online Lotto Tickets, and you know how I came up with the idea for this latest niche. Don’t worry if you haven’t read them yet as I will leave some related links at the end of this post.

Well, coming up with the idea and setting up the niche was by far the easiest part of this latest venture, now comes the hard part, getting the site noticed by the search engines and the myriad of potential online lottery customers. That’s where this post comes into play, I’m going to tell you what I’ve done so far in my marketing plan.

Backlink Strategy.

Getting backlinks is probably the most important thing, apart from providing good content, in marketing because if done correctly it will increase your search engine ranking thereby increasing potential traffic. While I could go out and purchase the links I know most people can’t afford that route so I’m taking the popular free route. :thumbup_tb:

  • Blog commenting: Commenting on other peoples blogs, especially if they use commentluv and keyword love, is the best way I know of getting backlinks. If you leave good quality comments, ones that stir the readers emotions, you will do more than just get a valuable backlink, you’re also likely to drive traffic from the post you left the comment on.
  • Leaving a comment in forums is also another way of getting backlinks, it’s the first way I used to do it but it’s taken a back seat to blog commenting. The last comment I left on a forum was this one, another one of my sites.
  • You could ask to exchange links with other bloggers. I’ve never gone that route because I don’t really like to ask for favours, even though it’s not really a favour, it’s more of a business proposition. Even so I have been getting my links on other blogs but that’s just because I own them.


I’ve done a few posts about Zaparena and before you go telling me how Google frowns on traffic exchange sites I think you should read this post, Will Google Penalise You For Using Zaparena? Still, you never know with Google :ponder_tb: The beauty about the way I’m utilising Zaparena is I don’t  have to have it’s ads on my lotto site and I do this by incorporating it’s ‘teaser’ feature. You see as soon as you send 20 people to Zaparena you’re allowed to post a teaser on their site which to all accounts is an ad. As I have several teasers on offer I decided to use them to promote my online lottery site.

As you can see from my teaser ad there’s no naked ladies and that’s just the way I want it because I am looking for targeted traffic. I’ve also used an accurate description of what I’m promoting so that anyone who clicks on it gets exactly what they are looking for. That ad will take them to How To Create A Online Passive Income which promotes my new lottery niche as well as the MyLotto affiliate. This is important because it may encourage others to try the niche and when they make money so will I.


Squidoo Wallpaper for iPhone

Image by coreyweb via Flickr

I thought this a great time to create a new Squidoo lens, one called Picking The Right Affiliate. I’ve used Squidoo before with a modicum of success so I thought it would a great way to promote my newest venture. If you’re a Squidoo member I would really appreciate you giving that post a ‘thumbs up’, you know, clicking on that little thumb icon at the bottom of the screen :wink_ee: Do that for me and I will return the favour. Leave a comment and I will leave a comment on one of your lenses. In other words you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

If you haven’t joined Squidoo yet I urge that you consider taking the plunge. You can create your first lens by clicking on this link. Apart from gaining those important backlinks it’s a great way to build your brand and show people how knowledgeable you really are. Once you have joined don’t forget to fill in your bio as it allows you to insert some important links, links that will point others to your sites. Try it and I’m sure you will like it.

Apart from a couple of Tweets thats all I’ve done for the moment. Other tactics I have planned include:

  • Starting a FaceBook Fan Page
  • Updating MySpace
  • Updating Linkedin
  • A possible YouTube video, if I can work out the right angle
  • Some new articles for article directories

That’s about it for now but I’m sure that in my excitement to get this post published I’ve missed a hell of a lot out. I’m not worried thought because that’s what I have you guys for and what the comment section is all about. What things would you do to market a new niche and how would you go about it?

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