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How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?

Now, don’t you go shaking your head in dismay. Yeah, yeah I know I’ve done posts on Flexsqueeze before, but is it my fault that the FlexSqueeze theme is so good I can’t tell you all about it in just a few posts? For those of you who are not familiar with Flexsqueeze it is the most flexible WordPress theme that you will ever see. One of the biggest features is that unlike themes like Thesis it actually works straight out of the box.

What this means is that you don’t need to know html, php, css or even hooks to get it to do what you want it to do. It’s all done from within the WordPress theme and most of the changes can be done with a click of the mouse. This makes it the theme of choice for newbie bloggers and those who are not technically minded. My About page lists my nine blogs and checking them out will show you that each has its own individual look.

Great For Affiliate Marketers

Newbies aside this theme is great for the affiliate marketer and those bloggers looking to make money online. It’s agreed by many marketers that one of the most important thing to have is a squeeze or sales page and FlexSqueeze have several templates built in to help you design very professional looking sales page. My Become A Lotto Affiliate sales page shows you just how professional a sales page you can produce. Now I’m no web designer but I reckon I did a pretty damn good job with it.

Create Columns In Posts And Pages


Have you ever wanted to create columns of texts in your posts or pages but didn’t know how to do it? I’m not sure whether there are other themes that will do this but as I found out only yesterday FlexSqueeze does. This would be great for those bloggers who want to  give their blog a newspaper or magazine feel about it.

This would look really great if you’re intending to have a full width blog without any sidebars. You can actually have two equal columns, three equal columns, four equal columns or an in-between configuration.



I can honestly say that FlexSqueeze has come a long way since I posted this video.



Unique Page Content Slider

[flexslider width=530 height=370 arrows=orange] [flexpage menu=”This is an iPad”]

Apple iPad is coveted by many users for it’s
versatility and ease of use.The new iPad is
thinner, lighter and faster than ever. People
love it because it makes surfing the web,
checking email, watching movies, and
reading books so natural that you could
almost forget the incredible technology under your fingertips.

Get your iPad now at Amazon!
Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, Black) NEWEST MODEL



[/flexpage] [flexpage menu=”This is an iPod Touch”]

You could almost say the iPod Touch
is a small version of the iPad and it kind of is but it may not have all it’s
features. Still, I have one and I love it. Get yours at Amazon
Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODELMP3 Players)



[/flexpage] [flexpage menu=”This is a MacBook Air”]



But the best of all is the MacBook Air!
I’m using one now and I love it!
Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch LaptopLaptop Computers)


That’s pretty neat isn’t it? It works best if you have a blog width of 650, perfect for the built in squeeze page templates, but I have to be truthful I had to play around with it a bit to fit it into this post.

So Many Other Features

You can separate parts of your post by using neat shadow effects.

[shadow width=500]

[testimonialbox color=blue]
You can make your testimonials stand out so that it looks a lot more appealing to your reader or potential customer.

John Doe –[/testimonialbox]

[bluebox]Perhaps you have a really important part of your post and you want to make sure it captures your reader’s attention. You could place it in a colored box! You actually have a choice of 4 colors, blue, red, yellow and grey.

If there are parts within the post that you want to highlight, where you would normally use bold or italics [highlight]you can now highlight the text in bright yellow[/highlight]

[contentbox bgcolor=’f2f2f2′ border=’999999′ borderwidth=2 flareshadow=500 width=500 center=”yes”]
There is so much that you can do. While you can use a lot of these features in your sales pages there is no reason why you couldn’t use them in your post occasionally for those very special post.

As you can see having FlexSqueeze makes your blog really unique.
[list style=greencheckbox]

  • Forget your normal indentations

[list style=redstop2]

  • Select from different styles and colors

OK, I think you get the idea, but just in case you’re still a little vague about what this post is all about, all it’s trying to say is FlexSqueeze Rocks!

If you liked this post then don’t you think it deserves a Tweet or something? :drunk_tb:

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  1. That’s pretty cool, Sire. Thanks for the demo!

  2. Hi Peter
    Didn’t see it in your info but one thing that really impresses me about your site and hece FlexSqueeze, is the page speed!
    Quickest sit I comment on.

    Since page load time now features in the Google algorithm (trying not to wind you up about Google – LOL that has to be a big selling feature for FlexSqueeze.

    Cheers Peter
    Have a good weekend.
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

      1. You may want to check your plugins and see if you’re using one too many to cause the extra loading time. I’m not sure about it but I read about it somewhere that plugins do contribute, even the ones that are inactive.

          1. It’s just my reaction to your statement about Alexa reporting about slow loading, and the plugin thing instantly flashing in my mind. :)

            Anyway, I can’t accurately judge loading times because my internet connection here is kinda slow in itself.

  3. I will have to admit that the Page Content Slider is pretty cool. I actually sat here and played around with it for a while.


    1. Yeah, it is pretty cool isn’t it Mark? I’m planning to use it more often to promote more Amazon products. It will be interesting to see how many products I can promote with one slider. I’m guessing a least 4.
      Sire recently posted…What You Need To Do To Make Your Blog A SuccessMy Profile

  4. That is really cool. I have had some issues with the guys who built my theme and maybe I just need to go a different route.

    1. How much did you pay those guys David? While it’s good to have someone professionally design a theme for you you’re always beholden to them if you want changes made. A theme like FlexSqueeze puts you in control.
      Sire recently posted…What Is The Best Comment System For WordPress BlogsMy Profile

      1. I payed too much and we have had issue and needed to go back to them. It really has been a nightmare. We are now looking for another designer and did a seriously detailed wireframe, we have a few offers at 2,000$ and the people we are working with really seem to know their stuff. Hopefully we will do better this time around or I am going to have to figure it out myself. Just don’t want to take the time.

        1. $2000! Wow, that’s a lot to pay for a theme. What is it that you want your theme to do? Instead of spending another $2000 perhaps you should try FlexSqueeze, even if it doesn’t do all that you want at least you only blew $127. What exactly is it that you want your theme to do anyway?

  5. This is an excellent review. If even I decide to switch from Thesis, I will consider flexsqueeze.

        1. That’s why FlexSqueeze is so much better I can change it at will and I don’t need to learn anything to make it work.

          I could never get my head around hooks and I was always in the Thesis forums and some of my issues were never answered.

  6. I’ve only read a bit about Flex Squeeze before, but the article and the video clip made me very interested to explore Flex squeeze more and deeply. There seem to have the most and the best that the market can offer today.

  7. Hi, Sire

    This FlexSqueeze theme looks good. I read your other post about it and actually looked into this theme before (because of you).

    It looks like a great option for another blog I’m thinking of creating. I also checked out your lottery affiliate website and love what you were able to do with the theme. Looks great!

    1. Hey Allyson, I am really proud of that site, even though designing it was a cinch with FlexSqueeze :cheese1_ee:

      Tell you what, I bet that once you use it you will convert your other blogs to FlexSqueeze.
      Sire recently posted…Tips for Choosing the Best Business Website BuilderMy Profile

  8. Will it be wrong if I say that this theme is may be ideal for affiliate marketers only because of the ease of making quick squeezed pages. As a pure blogger may be one will prefer themes like freshlife which are as simple as elegant. Well, that are just my own personal opinion :)

    1. Stephen, this theme is so much more than being able to create professional squeeze pages. It is so versatile you can do almost anything you want with it including keeping it simple and elegant :wink_ee:

  9. I use the flexsqueeze as well but I have not done nearly as much with mine as you have with yours. Your post does identify whats good about the flexsqueeze. Now its time for me to implement more of the benefits of having this theme.

    1. It really is great isn’t Jeff and I think its safe to say that there are still features that I haven’t utilised yet.

  10. Cool theme! I like the layout and the flexibility it can offer to the user, kudos for you Sire!

    1. No worries Sanji; as for the layout, that all depends on the individual user.

  11. For a newbie like, I think this is a great theme since I am not really a tech savvy person. I could not do the work around without the help of my friend. As long as I can post my article I am good to go. ;)

    1. As long as you’re good to go. :smile2_ee:

  12. Couldn’t agree more. The flexsqueeze is one of the BEST themes I have come across. Even better than thesis, frugal, genesis or affiliate theme.

    This is all the more so for blogs relying on adsense. The beautiful and easy control that flexsqueeze gives in creating optimized ads as per heat map given by Google is simply amazing. I haven’t yet seen anything better.

    1. I totally agree, which is why I use it for 8 out of my 9 blogs, the ninth blog,, uses Thesis :thumbup_tb:

  13. Sire,
    That’s a pretty persuasive post. In fact, if I hadn’t already committed to Thesis and invested time in making it work, you’d have me interested. I guess there are worse things than learning CSS and HTML.

    1. That’s exactly why I didn’t stick with thesis Ralph, at the time I didn’t have time to invest in getting it to work the way I wanted to. If they had said right at the beginning that I had to learn HOOKS of all things to get it to do what I wanted I never would have bought it.

      I can’t believe the amount of time I spent in the forums, and there are still some unresolved issues. There is one way to see how good a theme is and that is to check the forums. The forum with more activity usually means the theme has more issues.

      1. Unfortunately you also need to know a lot of stuff you don’t know yet when you are getting started.

        1. Thanks Ralph, that makes me feel better, at least I now know for sure I made the right choice. :thumbup_tb:

  14. Well i heard so many good things about themes like thesis and flexsqueeze and others often mentioned, but they are just to much for me.

    For me it enough to find good, clean simple theme and am good to go.

    I tried them, but i felt like there are to much options…that i don’t really need.

    1. Luke, as long as you have found one that you’re happy with then that’s all that matters. If on the other hand you want one that does a little more and is easy to use then can’t do better than FlexSqueeze.

    2. Luke, I had thought that at first, but if I get more serious with my blog, I will definitely take a look at this.

  15. The content slider is really slick. One question though: can you set the column width from the theme settings, or do you have to modify the theme yourself for that ?

    1. The way it works John is the theme is set up to use short codes. You adjust the width by changing the parameter in the short code. The original short code was set for a width of 650, I changed it to fit within the post, and like I said in the post I had to play around with it for the text to display properly.

    1. Hey Ned, that’s why I always keep up to date with the latest version, speaking of which, I’ve heard there’s some nice new features in the upcoming version 5.

      Oh, in case I forgot to thank you previously, thanks for trusting me enough to buy the theme from me :drunk_tb:

        1. Cool, good to know I did the right thing.

  16. I think it is a good theme but it depends on what you want to use it for. every theme has its plus’s and minus’s

    1. I use it for all manner of different blogs David, from business blogs to photo blogs. As far as I’m concerned it could be adapted to almost any situation. I attended a meeting last night and they were so impressed they hired me to set up their blog and I will be using this theme.

  17. I had originally considered purchasing thesis like everyone else and the decided to buy a theme from Themeforest. Are there any templates for the Flexsqueeze theme? I need something that works good with video for sure. I really don’t want to mess with hacking up a starter theme as my CSS and HTML skills are average at best. Thanks for the review and if I do buy this theme I’ll be sure to run it through your affiliate link.

    1. Hey Jeff, once purchasing the theme if you do not want to use all the features to design your own site you can join their premium membership for $47 for 90 days which gives access to all their skins which includes a whole heap of specific niche skins. There is also a lot of other things available to members like access to video opt in pages and the like.

      If I wasn’t happy with the way my blogs turned out I would have taken that option.

  18. Hi Sire…I have heard about this and some said it is not good enough…But I don’t care about them…All I have to do is try it…

    1. Amenda if there is one thing I have learned in this world is that it’s impossible to please everyone and so it’s entirely possible there are people out there who are not happy with it. I don’t understand why though, unless they are promoting another theme.

      Anyway, like you say, the only way you will know for sure is to try it yourself.

  19. Hey Sire, I originally got my Flexsqueeze theme through you. is there any templates?

  20. Hi Peter!

    Great article. I read somewhere that the Flexsqueeze theme doesn’t have subpages. Do you know if it does or doesn’t? If it doesn’t have it, it would be kinda of a pain as I tend to use them to keep my sites cleaner. Other than that, it sounds like a great theme.


      1. Hi Peter. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I mean pages subject to parent pages. And yes, they are built in to wordpress. I’ve found that some themes do not show them on the menu bars though. i.e. the menu’s do not drop down and all you see are the main pages and no subpages. In fact, the only way to see the subpages are to direct link to them somewhere. Not sure if Flexsqueeze is this way or not.

        1. Well Chaffee, you will be happy to know that this them does show your subpages, just check out my Make Money Online page.

  21. Yeah, FlexSqueeze is a famous theme for affiliate marketing site. It is can be a good choice for us, I know it because my clients using that every time. However, for me, thesis theme is still no 1 (peace man :mrgreen_wp:)

    Btw, your post is great, good review…

  22. This post is a really good example of the themes features. I have never seen such an easy way to review a theme and all the features one could use in one post or page.

    I have used thesis a while and it’s getting too complicated when I want to do simple modifications to the theme.

    1. Hey Dennis, where a lot of people like to tell people how good the theme they’re using is, I prefer to show them. :cheese1_ee:

      I don’t modify my Thesis theme because it’s too hard. FlexSqueeze, now that I love to modify.
      Sire recently posted…Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your ListMy Profile

  23. I love flexsqueeze theme. In fact, I think it is about the best theme out there so far.

    I liked the affiliate theme as well and had been using it. But when I wanted to add a left column to my blog (for adsense), I could not do it (easily) in affiliate theme. It was easy and simple to do in flexsqueeze.

  24. I think you got a unique way to share ideas.I haven no previous experience with this theme but definitely will give it a try when concentrate on affiliate marketing
    suhanesh recently posted…WordPress Updated to Version 3.2.1My Profile

    1. I hope you do suhanesh, and not just because if you buy from me I stand to make something from it, but because I know it to be an exceptional theme for affiliate marketers.

        1. No sweat Ana, I know what it’s like.

  25. This theme looks pretty interesting. So i will keep it in mind, cause i’m thinking about starting my own blog about pottery. thanks for the article sire.

    Cheers Heiko

    1. Helko, they say that starting a blog that is on the same domain of a site is the best thing SEO wise because it gives Google fresh content on a constant basis and Google just loves that.

  26. Thank you for the review of the FlexSqueeze theme Sire. I laughed at myself when you mentioned that you liked it better than Thesis (my theme) as I realized that I must be getting old because I did not want to entertain the thought of change. I sortta like what I have see here, especially since I do not have a Virtual Assistant any more. I will have to see how things work out when I need to dig into Thesis again.

    1. No offense Rachel, however having used both themes I can honestly say this one is a lot easier to use than Thesis. Perhaps if it’s only a small task someone in the Thesis forums would be only too happy to assist you.
      Sire recently posted…Another Avenue For Making Money With Your BlogMy Profile

      1. I agree Sire. For myself user usability is a very important factor, because most of the times i sell my blogs to clients.

    1. Yep, I reckon slick is a pretty good way to describe it.

  27. I use flexsqueeze for my personal blog but am highly considering it for two business blogs after playing around with some of the features. The testimonial feature is awesome for business blogs.

    1. You won’t find an argument from me Erica.

  28. I have used it before and just want to say that it’s good like they said. Not like 100% but also good.

    1. You’ve used it before? That’s past tense, do you mean you don’t use it anymore? If you still use it perhaps you could give us a link to your blog.
      Sire recently posted…Building Your Brand With A Guest PostMy Profile

  29. FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme is a uniqe templat by E-Jumkie…Especially it is offering a lot of options..

    1. Actually, E-Junkie is only the medium used to sell it as the actual owner of the theme is a bloke called Ryan, a very talented man.

  30. I’m a user off joomla, and I don’t know wordpress that well, but something like FlexSqueeze I miss with joomla….Good article!

    1. Who knows Wim, perhaps you’ll change to WordPress one day and then you will be able to give FlexSqueeze a go.

  31. I disagree with the advantages of the FlexSqueeze theme on some cases. I’ve found FlexSqueeze to be ineffective when it comes to some of my affiliate marketing efforts.

    I’ve actually lost sales and conversions because I changed it to flexsqueeze. There’s a great alternative in thesis though. You need to check that out.

    1. I actually had to rescue your comment from the spam filter Chris, don’t know who you pissed off to get spammed like that. :ponder_tb:

      As to your comment, I’d be really interested as to how FlexSqueeze caused you to lose conversions. It is the most versatile and configurable theme I have ever come across and you can get it to look anyway you want to. I use the Thesis theme on one of my other blogs and as far as I am concerned it doesn’t even come close to FlexSqueeze.

  32. Seems great. I m not more into paid themes but this looks nice so maybe one day I might give it a try.

  33. After reading your blog, and these insightful comments and of course your replies. I can say I’m not just curious about FlexSqueeze Theme… I want it now :)

    1. Well Britta, just click on the link and you can have one of your very own. :innocent1_tb:

  34. Man

    All these themes. No one seems to be making them for the Indian market! I think there is going to be a revolution in the themes business. People from different countries like different types of themes and I feel it is high time, we started looking into that direction!

    1. I’m not sure where you’re coming from Siddharth. With this theme it doesn’t matter if you’re Australian, Indian, American, Japanese or whatever, you just make it look the way you want it to look. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

  35. Making money onilne is all about squeeze pages and this is the perfect theme for optimizing them. I have been using it for about a month with great success.

  36. I am new to this online business and to be absolutely honest I know nothing about themes etc. Thanks a lot for sharing, this is a theme I have never heard of. Will keep checking your website for more information.

  37. Hi Sire, thanks for detailing this because I’ve recently changed themes to the Flexibility free version and this is the upgrade version. A friend of mine has the FlexSqueeze and is really impressed but as yet he doesn’t have anything of his own to apply to it.

    I’ll tell him to head over and get some ideas from your post.

    I found the Flexibility theme very good and so easy to edit that anyone could do it with ease. It’s good to see that Flexsqueeze is the same way.

    I’m certainly considering an upgrade now.

    Thanks Sire,

    1. It is really amazing Barry and the best thing is that once you’ve purchased it you can use it on all your sites, as I do. Also, because it is so flexible you can give each and every site an individual look. I change this one several times a year to represent the seasonal holidays, like Halloween and the like.

  38. Hi Sire,

    This is my first to your site, it was recommended by an online friend and I must remember to thank him. Your site is full of great content and I have bookmarked your site for future reference as well as subscribing for updates. :)

    I found this post on “Flexsqueeze” Brilliant and I will be taking a look at the your other posts on the topic. I have recently bought Flexsqueeze and upgraded to Premium membership.

    As you say this it is so easy to use and it is really versatile. I have not thoroughly explored all its features yet and I still have a lot to learn about it; as I have just discovered from this post! ;)

    I love the “unique Content Page Slider” and I have already got a great idea for it on my blog. Once its done I call back and let you know!

    Thanks for sharing this information Sire and as “Arnold” use to say “I’ll be back”

    ~Great Post
    ~Great Content
    ~Great Blog

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian :)

    1. Hey Ian,

      Welcome to WassupBlog. So glad you like it mate and it’s nice of someone to think highly enough of me to send you here. One has to wonder what he/she was drinking. :drunk_tb: :wink_ee:

      Seriously though, FlexSqueeze is a fantastic theme and I love it. I actually went from my normal theme to this Halloween one all with a click of a button, now that is what I call flexible.

  39. I have never heard of this platform. My question would be how good it is for SEO? The thing about thesis is the fact it is perfectly coded. For those that don’t know a lot about SEO it is great. Fortunately for me I have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Another good one for SEO is the Genesis platform.
    Bill Gassett recently posted…Milford MA Real Estate Market Report Jan-Dec 2011My Profile

    1. I actually use Thesis on one of my other blogs and I installed an SEO plugin because I found it a lot easier to use than the SEO features built into the theme itself. I also use that plugin here so it doesn’t bother me that the theme hasn’t any SEO features built into it.

      I find that the features that this them does off far outweighs it’s lack of SEO which the plugin fulfills anyway.

      1. I just buy Flexsqueeze and I like it very much. My only concern is about speed. I cheeked the speed with webpagetest and the score is only 52. Now I think which cache plugin is the best for this theme. Can you tell me what cache plugin you use ?

        1. I don’t think it’s the theme that is the problem. If anything you should check your plugins and the amount of images and whether or not they’ve been optimized.

          1. In don’t have any content or photos on the site yet. I am kind of concerned because I want to make an authority big site on Flexsqueeze and I really want to have fast load pages. Can you recommend me a good speed plugin? I am thinking to use W3 total cache. What do you think? Thanks !

            1. I use Quick Cache because its simple to use and works well.

              Do you have a link to your blog?

  40. I wish I had found your blog and this article about Flexsqueeze theme. I just finally got started and I bought a different theme. Mind you my website is about movies and I want to rank them but I best I could have figured something out.
    William Hudson recently posted…Ted – Movies To Watch Tonight ReviewMy Profile

    1. All that matters William is that you’re happy with the theme that you have chosen. The first theme I ever purchased was Thesis and I new from day one it wasn’t for me. It took a lot more searching before I came across FlexSqueeze and I have never looked back since.

      I’ve also sold heaps of the FlexSqueeze themes and to date I have not had one complaint. That, to me, says a lot. Just heading over now to see what movies to watch :drunk_tb:

      1. Thanks for the reply. I don’t have a lot of posts up yet (I know, not another movie blog) but I just retired. I am looking forward to writing about all my favorite movies that I like to watch. Do you know if Flexsqueeze has a plugin that can do the ratings of movies. I don’t really want to sell things but the theme does seem to be pretty flexible. I just have a few adwords ads up. That’s all I plan. I’m not looking to make money. I just want to share my love of movies. I just plan to cover all the movies that my wife and I watch. All this blogging is new to me but I am sure enjoying it.
        William Hudson recently posted…Ted – Movies To Watch Tonight ReviewMy Profile

        1. Hey William, its actually built into the theme. You can see how I’ve used it in this post You use it from within the dashboard while writing your post. I really should do a video to show people how easy it is to add them to a post. Thanks for the idea :thumbup_ee:

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