You know me guys, how I am always on the lookout to find ways to monetize our blogs. You also know that when I find them I always share it with my readers. Well, I reckon I’ve found a site that will enable every blogger to finally monetize their blog. What’s better is these guys even have their own WordPress plugin, which only works once you join them.

Like most bloggers I have joined a lot of affiliates but the problem with most of them, like Commission Junction etc., is that once a member you still have to apply to become an affiliate of the merchants they have on offer. Not with these guys, once you join you instantly have access to 1800 retail merchants! Oh, what’s that. I haven’t told you who they are yet? Don’t worry, I’m getting there.  :smoke_tb:

Drum roll please. The site you can’t afford not to join is {SkimLinks}!

What SkimLinks Does For You

Using their unique technology, SkimLinks will convert your normal product links from any of their thousands of merchants to trackable affiliate links. Let me give you just a few

Become a Super Affiliate with SKIMLINKS!


Okay, they’re just a sample, but as you can see they’re all just normal links, so your visitors will have absolute trust in them because they can see they will lead to their respective sites. The magic starts when the click on them. Once they do the links will be converted into your trackable affiliate links and any sales made will earn you your commission. You could even link to the actual product, but naturally those links would be a lot longer. Check out my previous post for examples.

Just think, the above is just three examples of over 1800 merchants that members have at their fingertips. All you have to do is what you do best, write great content, they will do the rest. Like I said at the beginning you can’t afford not to join them.

As a member you can also turn on the SkimWords feature. I’ll let them explain this feature for you.

“Never irrelevant, SkimWords focuses on specific product references and shows users exactly where they can buy the items mentioned.

Our innovative technology uses natural language processing algorithms to detect product references accurately in your content, offering geo-targeted, useful links for the user. As an optional extra, hovering over these links will show product matches and price comparison.

It augments, rather than intrudes on user experience: SkimWords is not an in-text advertising solution, but an ‘in-text product and price comparison’ service, aiming to help users discover and find the products they are reading about.

We are the only technology in the world that can detect granular product references in content, in real-time across multiple verticals, and link them accurately to the most relevant retailer of that product.”

This means that as long as their system can find the right words you could virtually monetize your whole site. As a test I have purposely not linke the words ebay and just to see if they pick it up.

Earn with SkimLinks

Honestly I could go on for ages about what a good opportunity SkimLinks offers you as a publisher but I don’t think I need to. I’m sure you can see what a great opportunity they offer you. It will probably take a few days before you get accepted so I wouldn’t waste any time if you want to capitalize on the Christmas sales. I sure didn’t.

On a side note, SkimLinks will also work on other websites.  :thumbup_ee:

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