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How Commentluv And Keyword Luv Can Boost Your Comments

I know there are a lot of blogs out there and I also know it would be a false assumption to think that all those blogs exist purely so they can earn money. This is something that many A Listers assume and the main reason behind this false assumption is because they see so many blogs with ads on them.

Kristi, who amongst other things is famous for her Fetching Friday series, left a couple of comments in my last post, a post that put forward scientific proof as to why some A Listers are Assholes, saying she thought it funny how many people equated success by the amount of money they earn. She then goes on to say, in regards to her blog;

It couldn’t be because I simply enjoy blogging, or I find my success in getting more tweets / comments. :)

Exactly, and as long as those people are visiting our blogs why not have adsense and other revenue earning adds on our blogs, even if they’re only there to cover the hosting and domain name costs.

Now this post isn’t about having a go at the A Listers, it’s about showing others how they can get more people to their blog so that, like Kristi and others, myself included, they can have the satisfaction of getting those extra tweets and comments.

When commenting on other blogs I don’t bother at all checking to see if they are do-follow or not, what I do look for are those using the commentluv plugin. This plugin, used by many bloggers to reward their commentators, is special in that it parses your last post, and if you’re a member you can choose from your last ten posts, so if you’re not a member now would be a good time to join, just click the Register/Edit your blog URL.

What this means is the plugin fetches the title of your last post and if you have an interesting blog title the chances of someone clicking on that is vastly improved, much more than from the link left in your name/url part of the comment form. As it’s explained in my post Getting The Most Out Of Commentluv, you can also use commentluv to double your exposure with each comment you leave. This is really useful if you want to link to another of your blogs or to a particular post of your choice.

Another plugin that is used to reward commentators is the keywordluv plugin by Stephen Cronin. This plugin is especially useful if installed on a do-follow blog. These blogs allow you to use keywords in the name field so instead of just using your name you can now leave a name and keywords of your choice. Don’t abuse the system by using a keyword instead of your name because most bloggers will just delete your comment, I know I do.

I usually don’t use the keyword function when commenting on these blogs mainly because I don’t bother with keywords, but I reckon I will start having some fun with it :devil_tb: :tongue_laugh_ee:

Rather than using this section for the search engine benefit you could add something that will pique the readers interest so that combined with your ‘killer’ title how could they not visit your blog? Naturally once they’re on your blog you want to make sure that your content is good enough for them to leave a comment.

So, in summary, while installing commentluv and keyword luv on your blog will increase your comments, utilizing other blogs that also use these plugins will increase your traffic thereby increasing your potential for comments, not to mention the occasional click on your ads.

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  1. Commentluv is a brilliant plugin, no doubt. I think it’ll be a permanent fixture in my blog, no matter what others say about ‘disadvantages’ of dofollow, etc.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog YEAR 001 =-.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t do without it James, that’s for sure.

  2. I suppose that I am a B list A……. I blog for the fun of it. You will not find any ads in my blog but you will find I use comment love and many of my regular readers do too. For me, it is a method to decide on the priority of visiting a blog. If the commentluv indicates a topic that is attractive, I immediately go there. I don’t know what the keywordluv does nor do I want to use it to get some ranking or the other. If I find comments from strangers with weird names which escape akismet filter, I simply delete them.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Revival Of The Whine Bar? =-.

    1. Mate, I blog for the fun of it too, and yes I do have ads on my blog, but I figure why not, as long as it doesn’t put people off and I’m making a little on the side.

      As to keywordluv there is no benefit to me, the benefit is for the commentator who get’s to leave their name as well as keywords that they feel is relative to their blog.

  3. Hey Sire, how’s it going? I know what you mean about Kristy and her excellent comments and Fetching Friday’s, she is one awesome blogger.

    Sometimes I think I can tell if CommentLuv is installed on a blog as soon as I get there. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I hang out on all the CommentLuv blogs every day, so I know most of them. :)

    I’m still experimenting on the best way to use KeywordLuv and so if I’m doing it wrong, yell at me!

    .-= Ileane | The Podcast Blog´s last blog ..HootSuite’s Shortener Just Got Better =-.

    1. I wouldn’t yell at you Ileane, but you are doing it all wrong :wink_ee:

      The way to do it is like so

      Ileane@The Podcast Blog which will be changed into Ileane from The Podcast Blog once the comment is published.

      I’ll edit the comment for ya. Now I think that deserves a Tweet :thumbup_tb:

      1. You got it! Thank you.
        .-= Ileane | The Podcast Blog´s last blog ..Branding The Podcast Blog =-.

        1. Nope, thank you, but I hate to point out that you didn’t follow my instructions. Just replace the ‘|’ with ‘@’ next time with no spaces and you should be right.

          1. Gee whiz, I was rushing to get that tweet out so I didn’t notice that it pre-filled!!
            .-= Ileane @ The Podcast Blog´s last blog ..So You Want To Start Blogging =-.

            1. No worries Ileane, I though perhaps I didn’t explain it properly. I’ve been told that blokes have a tendency to do that. :wink_ee:

  4. We agree on something? hehe ;)

    Speaking of Commentluv…..
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Blog Subscriptions – Methods to my Madness part 2 of 2 =-.

    1. Yeah, well it was bound to happen sooner or later :innocent1_tb: :laugh_tb:

  5. I have got a lot of “luv” for commentluv and keywordluv. It’s always good to spread the word about these excellent blogging tools because using them is a win-win situation. The blogger gets comments and the commentator gets to leave a link to their favorite post. I mean how cool is that!
    .-= Chuck Edwards@Weight Loss Tips´s last blog ..How to Lose Weight at Home =-.

    1. Yep and if you follow that link in my post you will find how to get double the exposure using commentluv :wink_ee:

      1. Sire you don’t know how timely this post is to me. It’s funny it didn’t occur to me that the commentluv is a plugin that needs to be registered for, dumb right? because i have always wondered why others recent posts are displayed and mine is not. I have even asked how it’s done on two different occassion without getting response. So i made sure i installed it on my blog and registered for it before leaving this reply. So now come on people, Karo has commentluv enabled! so i look forward to your comments. Though that shouldn’t really be the ultimate reason to leave comments though. We should really set out to provide value in our comments and do it for the right reasons, other benefits are just bonus. The benefit of the commentluv love is very great though. That of keywordluv i’ll leave for some other time when i can spare the time.

        Thanks Sire

        1. Not dumb at all Karo, the main thing is that it’s done now so you from now on you can select from your last 10 posts when commenting on a commentluv blog.

          1. Thanks Sire, though i still feel dumb.

            I feel disappointed that after registering for commentluv it’s still not picking my post links. Do you know what is responsible for that?

            This is the error message i’m getting
            “Persistent errors when trying to read the feed on this site. visit to remove the ban. ** Your last feed fetching error : A feed could not be found at No feed exists here (maybe rss link missing in header or site is down) **”

            1. When registering did you copy your rss feed correctly in the required field?

              If you have and there are no errors then try clicking that link to remove the ban if one exists. If that fails leave Andy a comment and he will be happy to check it out for you.

            2. I entered my feedburner url ( that right? or i’m supposed to use something else.

            3. I just edited that now, let’s hope that’s the problem. Thanks

            4. That should have worked as long as you had the http:// in front of it. If you have and it still doesn’t work I would contact Andy Bailey the author of the plugin.

  6. I agree with you Sire. I don’t care if it’s dofollow, nofollow, maybefollow or the like. If the blog is fun and is easy to comment on, I’ll probably be a fan. Also comment and keywordluv are great ways of rewarding people who help you out. It’s a win win. For some reason though, I still cannot choose which blog of mine I want to be my last post.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Businesses & Relationship Building =-.

    1. Heck Anthony, that’s because you have such great content. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  7. I remember at one point in time thinking I wasn’t going to bother with No Follow sites, it was short lived. I read and comment on only the things I enjoy, I’m like a freestyle blogger and I’m fortunate for that opportunity. I don’t comment for comments and I don’t comment for the links, I teach others about the importance of doing it but it’s not my reason for doing it. I like the networking, all though during tanning and limousine season which both strike at the same time I don’t have time to do much of anything except breath.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Unstoppable =-.

    1. I know the feeling John. Like you I run a business and there are times when it takes up every spare minute. On these occasions I don’t have the time to post but I always make time to answer my commentators because they are important to me.

  8. I agree to your viewpoint on Commentluv and Keyword Luv. It will increase your comments and your traffic to these sites. People love to share their thoughts and viewpoints. It is as well a possibility to get published. Imagine a regular guy can be published!! It feels great for a person.
    .-= link building services´s last blog ..Buy .edu Backlinks: How to Get .edu Backlinks from .edu Web Sites =-.

    1. LBS, I removed you keywords because you didn’t use a name. I could just as easily have deleted it but I didn’t because I wanted to instruct you how to leave a comment.

      The comment policy states I need a name. Keywordluv allows you to do that and leave keywords as well. Scroll up and read the reply I left Ileane so that next time you’ll know how to do it to keep me happy. :wink_ee:

  9. I like to think that CommentLuv gives your readers benefits as well. Even if they don’t comment, they may find other blogs that are relevant to the topic they are searching for, assuming the commenters are leaving behind their most relevant post in relation to your article topic. It is like having additional resources at the end of all of your posts.

    Plus, like you said, for the commenters it means more visits to their sites because CommentLuv gives others a preview of what their blog is about.

    Thanks for the mention as always! :) I’m glad there are more bloggers like me that feel the interaction is what makes a blog successful!
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..My Favorite 2010 Search & Social Awards Nominees =-.

    1. Like you Kristi the interaction is everything to me. If I didn’t get any I wouldn’t be here.

      As to the link, you deserved it. :wub_tb:

  10. I have comment luv (and use it on other blogs), but haven’t bothered with keyword luv. I should, but I’m starting to get a bit of a spam issue and really don’t want to encourage any more.
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..1987, You & Me Had Such Good Times =-.

    1. Spam be damned Anne! :guns_tb: :wink_ee:

      1. I swear it’s like the canned processed meat-like product. For some odd reason I always seemed to have a can in the house. I would give it away, but it would magically reappear. {sigh} I haven’t seen any wayward cans re-materialize so I think it’s now safe in my house. Now for my blog to be rid of it. :jittery_tb:

        1. You do have Akismet don’t you Anne?

          1. Yes, but I go through all spam that ends up in the folder just in case. I guess it could be worse. It’s not like I have thousands of comments, but today I did have 94.
            .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..1987, You & Me Had Such Good Times =-.

            1. Way to go Anne. I get a lot of spam but unless someone asks to to go through it I only check the first page.

  11. I have seen the benefits of a commentluv enabled blog and there is no doubt that it compels to leave a comment far more than a blog without it installed. I second your recommendation on installing it. As for keywordluv, I have to admit that I have not used it on my blog and also do not bother leaving a keyword when I comment. I rather do my SEO for that matter.
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Google Releases Best SEO Tips Ever =-.

    1. I refused to use it on both my blogs and others for the first few years.

      I started using it for my new blog in january and using it on other blogs at the same time.

      I had my long-tail pointing to my About page.

      The very first Google dance gave that page a 0-3 PR.
      .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Blog Subscriptions – Methods to my Madness part 2 of 2 =-.

      1. Well at least you’re in the cool gang now, that’s all that counts.

    2. Hey DiTesco, I don’t normally use the keywordluv portion of the blogs I comment on, but that’s only because I don’t bother all that much with keywords.

      Still, that’s no reason why I shouldn’t have some fun with it. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      1. I’ll like to know why you don’t bother with keywords Sire? Do you have a better option of building backlinks? I want to learn, i need all the help i can get to have my sight rank for some keywords

        1. Basically because I have no time to find the optimum keywords. I want to enjoy my blogging and I find choosing the right keywords a tedious exercise that takes the fun out of blogging.

          That doesn’t mean you should follow my lead Karo. If your interested in backlinks and being on top of the search engines then you should take the time to choose the best keywords for your blog.

          1. I understand you Sire, i wish i could say to hell with Keywords but no. I’m one of those that enjoy blogging but i’m also one of those that is passionate about working from home and that’s exactly what i do full time. So i’m here for the fun and money. The best business idea anyone can exploit and build a business on is your hobby. I wonder why people would say i enjoy blogging, and they know they can also build a strong business on it, more rewarding than the 9-5 job but choses to blog just for the fun of it and keep enslaving themselves for their employers. I just don’t get it. I write on work at home businesses because it’s what i am passionate about. I look forward to the day 50 percent of every country’s population will earn a living from the comfort of their bedrooms. I know it’s my dream and i want to encourage everyone to not separate fun from business. If your business is built around an hobby then you don’t feel like you’re working at all.

            1. Karo, your comment makes me smile. It reminds me of the expression… find what you’re passionate about, and do it, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

              I will say there are times though, even when we’re passionate about what we’re doing, that some of the tasks are very much “grind”. Stuff we’d rather skip. That’s where a really big WHY, to drive us comes into play. The passion and the why let us overcome the tedious stuff.

              So many people are busy doing things they hate. I look forward to the day they decide to join us in doing things we love!
              .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..A Critical Review of Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe & Manifesto =-.

            2. Hello Kimberly Castleberry,

              I didn’t find a Reply button below your comment so i hard to reply you from my button.

              I’m glad you relate with what i said. And i love that expression about doing what you love. I have always thought of adding the quotes that define me to my blog, now i’m going to make out time to do that and this expression will be my first line, because that’s exactly what i preach everyday.

              I don’t think blogging is difficult or stressful compared to the stress involved in 8-5pm job. granted blogging is stressful especially when you are just starting out without without much knowledge of SEO and backlink strategy. It doesn’t also help when you don’t have money to invest into it.
              But when you eventually get it, it’s so rewarding. To build a business online, you just have to be committed and avail yourself to the right information. Subscribe to relevant blogs and get information. I was fortunate to discover Jeni’s blog recently where she discussed seo strategy(if Sire says it’s okay i’ll post the link)then i realize that if you are well informed from beginning and start your blog right, you can be ranking for big daddy keywords. You just have to plan the keywords you want to rank for before hand and work around them properly.
              It’s lots of work honestly atleast for the first 6months-1 year, but after that it’s money all through.

              I think the work involved in blogging is nothing compared to starting an offline business in terms of cost,work involved and amount of time it takes to succeed.

              People go through hell for their bosses at work just to be paid some peanuts at the end of the month. A job where there is no security. You can be laid off any minute and that’s it.

              I think some people are just scared to take charge of their lives. I mean,even when you blog for fun, you still type articles right? you still look for links right? except ofcourse you don’t want anybody to read your posts.And if that’s the case your writing is a complete waste. So there is no much difference in the work involved in blogging for fun and blogging for money

              My last words are, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being your own boss, working from home doing what you love doing, controlling your time and being there for your family.

  12. I have observed that CommentLuv is catching on, but on the other hand I’ve also noticed that KeywordLuv is taking a bit longer. I wonder why as I really like the keywordluv plug-in. This plug-in allows the commentator to announce himself while still getting an anchored link which is very useful for the promotion.

    1. Maybe it’s because some people feel the way Mitch does, they reckon it makes their blog look messy?

  13. I have definitely seen the benefits of CommentLuv. If you head to their site too, you can use the search engine to find blogs that mention whatever keyword you might be looking for. I haven’t installed KeywordLuv yet, and I am not sure if I am going to. The concept is great, but I also feel like having CommentLuv is enough. Hm, we’ll see!
    .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Metacom Newsletter and Invoice / Resume Redesign =-.

    1. I didn’t know about the search engine on their site Ryan, thanks for that mate. Obviously having both is optimum but of the two I feel commentluv is the best.

  14. Hey Sire,
    I’m using CommentLuv from last 2months and can say it is really awesome Plugin bud.

    Thanks :)
    .-= Dev @ Technshare´s last blog ..Unleash The Problogger Within You – Dare To Be Original! =-.

    1. I have to agree with Dev, it;s a truly awesome plugin.

  15. yea, those really help to get more comments, thats why you are getting more
    .-= alamin@earn by blog´s last blog ..How to use custom domain in blogger blog? =-.

    1. I think there is more to it than just adding those plugins but it does help.

  16. Twitter:
    You know I love CommentLuv, but I think you also know that I hate KeywordLuv because I hate that people put keywords in where their name is instead of a name. I like having something I can call someone, and the keywords just grate my nerves for some reason.

    Unlike you and Dennis, though, I don’t go looking for CommentLuv. I love it, but I have no gripe if someone doesn’t have it. I figure it’s either a personal preference or they just don’t know about it yet.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Sunday Question – What Is Your Pride Worth? =-.

    1. Keywordluv used correctly allows them to use both their name and their keywords. If they fail to use their name I normally delete their comment. Sometimes if I’m in a good mood, like one of the comments today, I removed their keyword and instructed them how it’s supposed to be done.

      If they stuff up again I’ll then the next time I will spam their comment.

        1. Are you saying my blog looks messy? Now thems fighting words Mitch :guns_tb: :lol_tb:

            1. Well just for that I’m going to have to wallop you in those chess games, although it’s not looking too good for me at the moment :wallbash_tb: :cheese1_ee:

          1. Just for the record, i don’t think your blog is messy, if it is, it’s not the keywordluv that makes it messy. The effect keywordluv creates on your blog is same as commentluv creates. Except Mitch is suggesting you disenable both.

            Anyway, i think you should suggest to people to use short keywords

            1. Actually Mitch is fine with commentluv as he uses it on his blog. As to keywordluv as long as they keep to the 3 word minimum and it all fits on one line I think it’s neat enough.

  17. Twitter:
    Well, I did say it was time for a butt-kicking after all. :smoke_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..SEO Doctor =-.

    1. Yeah, well one loss and one draw ain’t all that bad :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

  18. I totally agree with the power of commentluv and always admire the blogs that use them. I’m new to keyword luv so I’m glad to learn about it here. I’ll give it a try perhaps.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..How Blind People Identify Color =-.

    1. No worries Julius, as long as you remember there is no benefit to you other than rewarding others for taking the time to comment on your blog.

  19. It is true Commentluv and Keywordluv are good to get many comments but their inconvenients is that they can attract many spammers…

    1. Yes, but it’s pretty easy to spam those comments and in a way you’re doing other bloggers a service by adding them to Akismet’s spam list.

  20. So, since I am on the other side of this conversation, I will say I like commentluv, but don’t have it anymore on my blog.

    I would much prefer you comment purely based on my content, which is why I stripped my blog of these “rewards” like Do-Follow, ComentLuv, and KeywordLuv.

    My thoughts were that it built somewhat of a false community around a blog because some will comment ONLY for the “luv”.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with having these plugins, I just chose to change it for my site…. well, because it is my site! :)

    1. While some people do comment just for the love, most of those get deleted because it usually shows in their comment.

      Many are probably attracted by those plugins but I see that as a positive because without it they may not have taken the time to read the post and just passed the blog by.

      I feel that a lot of my subscribers are those same people that were at first attracted by the plugins but then return because of the content and the community feel to the blog.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Stand By Me And We Will Become Better Bloggers =-.

  21. I think I am the most blogger who used CommentLuv and blogged about it ;) just kidding, but I have a loyalty to this plugin, I don’t know from where this loyalty and why!

    I love good comments specially when they are on my blog, maybe because I like creating content by comments and enjoy watching how Google scans the whole page to bring results from inside the conversation!
    .-= Hesham @ FamousBloggers´s last blog ..Linkify Twitter usernames Anywhere in Thesis Theme TwitterLink Comments =-.

    1. For me Hesham commentators are like having guests over for a coffee or beer or something and we’re just sitting there enjoying each others company as we chat about things that are going on in the world.

      Not having commentluv would be like ignoring your responsibilities as a host by not giving your guests nourishment. They may still pop over but they may not stay long enough to chat.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Stand By Me And We Will Become Better Bloggers =-.

  22. I have found that using keywordluv on most of my blogs have given me more traffic. Monetizing your site well On my personal blog I rarely monetize but that is by personal choice no other reason. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all.
    .-= Mario@halloween Super Affiliate´s last blog ..Halloween Super Affiliate – How To Make Money With Halloween Niche =-.

    1. Yep, it certainly does bring extra comments, some of which are spam but it’s not that hard to spam the few that Akismet misses. As to monetizing one’s blog, it’s definitely a personal choice.

      Thanks for your comment Mario.

  23. I’m only learning right now, but it makes sense to actively interact with your readers. Most of them seem to be bloggers so it’s a winning situation for everyone. Most people don’t have the big bucks to advertise so these tools make life a little easier!

    1. Yes, and I’m all for helping the little guy out, being one myself.

  24. I comment on articles I enjoy like this one, I don’t pay attention too much to the dofollow nofollow on other blogs anymore, but one thing I notice is most people don’t take advantage of KeyWordLuv even if you say your blog has it enabled. They still just use usernames instead of the keyword links and honestly I am guilty of doing that too.

    1. So am I, it’s just another step and I usually forget. Still I think it’s more important that I left a good comment than it is that I left a keyword that I’m just not bothered about.

  25. Twitter:
    Hey hows it going, I got hooked on your blog a few months back, I also never heard of Skysa before. I took your recommendation and grabbed it, I love the toolbar. I was even more delighted to find out I could get a $1 for every person that put it to use. As far as CommentLuv . I think that is one of the most essential plugins a wordpress blogger can use. Certainly you want to give link luv to the peeps that support your blog.
    .-= Larry Rivera@InternetNetworkMarketing´s last blog ..Internet Network Marketing – What Is Driving You? =-.

    1. Glad to see someone who appreciates the Skysa bar Larry, but I’m a little confused as to why you commented on it in this post and not in the post I did on Skysa?

      1. Twitter:
        I must confess, it was total laziness on my part. I have your blog saved in my this dude is cool folder in my bookmarks.. When your blog popped up, I saw your skysa bar and seen your recommendation, so I didn’t really hesitate I just grabbed it and started fooling around with it. When I came back to your blog, with the intention of thanking you on that post, I started reading this post and well one thing lead to another…

        I made a note to make sure to post in the right places next time :wallbash_tb: sorry about that.
        .-= Larry Rivera@InternetNetworkMarketing´s last blog ..Internet Network Marketing – What Is Driving You? =-.

        1. No drama Larry, I was just a little confused. The fact that you read my blog an take the time to leave a comment means the world to me. Thanks so much.

  26. I’ve been using comment luv for a while now and I must say its definately an added incentive for commentators. I don’t use keyword luv on my blog, my comments are do follow anyway, so I don’t think it should be a bother. Also I’m fine with people using keywords in the name field as long as I’ve seen them do it elsewhere too and its not just taking advantage of my blog.

    1. Although I use it to thank my commentators, Keywordluv isn’t essential for a blogs survival.

  27. First, let me say I really like your blog. I haven’t been on for a while just because I’ve been tied up with other stuff. Anyway, to the point. I commented with one of my costume sites and now I seem to be getting a bunch of links from your site, like with every post I think. Isn’t that bad? As I’ve said before, I’m a newbie and while I appreciate getting links, aren’t too many links, like on all of your posts–well is that good or bad or what? My site seems to be dropping but that could be something else. It’s all a big dark mystery, this SEO stuff. I hate to even say anything if it’s good and I like your replies and, I don’t know, I’m confused.

    1. I’m not sure I know what you mean Gwen. You shouldn’t be getting any links from my blog. You may get some traffic and link juice but that’s about it.

      Also when commenting could you please use the format Gwen@rule62diva costumes so that your name is separated from your keywords. Thanks.

  28. I do pay attention whether the blog is dofollow or not. If it’s dofollow then I’ll comment on it. It’s too bad I don’t have a blog, if I did then I could really benefit from CommentLuv. Instead of my last blog posts to bring me traffic I rely on Google traffic.

    1. Maybe a blog should be your next move?

  29. I am totally loving this keywordluv plugin, it helps us get the backlinks that we need in order for our website to get more traffic and it also helps increase pagerank! Thanks ! :thumbup_tb:

    1. No worries Bob, and as long as people don’t abuse the privilege their comments won’t be deleted.

  30. We use CommentLuv at our blog to reward people who take the time to write a comment that contributes to the discussion. It definitely helps get more commenters on the blog that are starting to contribute.

    1. And hopefully you reward those who do the wrong thing by deleting their comment? If not, how else will they ever learn to be good commentators?
      Sire recently posted…Why I Chose MailChimp Over AweberMy Profile

      1. We used to have some text in the sidebar to explain what was expected in comments (especially when people leave links) but we got rid of that. The comments that are already approved show what kind of comments should be made and spammers don’t make it through.

        I don’t think we’ve ever gotten an email from a spammer asking us to check our comment queues.

  31. Presumably the key to avoiding spam with keywordluv is an active moderation policy. If this can be done right, in the end even the spammers will leave worthwhile comments and the usefulness of blogs can only benefit from the increase in quality comments.

  32. One thing I notice with commentluv or keywordlove is you’ll get benefit from people who eager to comment your blog.

    1. Yes, you do especially when they put a lot of effort into leaving a comment. When they do that they are adding something of value to the original post thereby giving as much as they get. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

  33. These tips is very useful and practical. I own 3 sites and all use CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. Unfortunately, there are so many spammers and i use a filter captcha.

    1. You should consider using GASP as it a lot more user friendly.

  34. While it’s unfortunate that commentlov only seems to be beneficial to commenters with a blog, I’m glad that many sites are using Key Word Love for those who don’t have blogs. But I’m wondering if Key Word Love works on blogs that are no-followed.

    1. I can’t see why not.

  35. I think that Keywordluv brings a lot of additional traffic to one´s blog. You get more unique content which is also a ranking factor for the google bot. So, the owner and the blogger take advantage from this system.

  36. Thanks for the tips. I hate it when I am caught between leaving my name vs. leaving my keyword in the name field and the KWluv plugin makes this issue so much easier. I also don’t like spamming – it is better to make relevant comments and when I do it always helps to get a bit of LUV in return.
    Mike recently posted…Paradise Walk (Bid)My Profile

    1. Hi Mike, if the blog doesn’t use Keywordluv then I recommend you leave your name rather than your keyword to ensure your comment does not get deleted.
      Sire recently posted…The Bellagio, The Jewel Of Las VegasMy Profile

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