I know there are a lot of blogs out there and I also know it would be a false assumption to think that all those blogs exist purely so they can earn money. This is something that many A Listers assume and the main reason behind this false assumption is because they see so many blogs with ads on them.

Kristi, who amongst other things is famous for her Fetching Friday series, left a couple of comments in my last post, a post that put forward scientific proof as to why some A Listers are Assholes, saying she thought it funny how many people equated success by the amount of money they earn. She then goes on to say, in regards to her blog;

It couldn’t be because I simply enjoy blogging, or I find my success in getting more tweets / comments. :)

Exactly, and as long as those people are visiting our blogs why not have adsense and other revenue earning adds on our blogs, even if they’re only there to cover the hosting and domain name costs.

Now this post isn’t about having a go at the A Listers, it’s about showing others how they can get more people to their blog so that, like Kristi and others, myself included, they can have the satisfaction of getting those extra tweets and comments.

When commenting on other blogs I don’t bother at all checking to see if they are do-follow or not, what I do look for are those using the commentluv plugin. This plugin, used by many bloggers to reward their commentators, is special in that it parses your last post, and if you’re a member you can choose from your last ten posts, so if you’re not a member now would be a good time to join, just click the Register/Edit your blog URL.

What this means is the plugin fetches the title of your last post and if you have an interesting blog title the chances of someone clicking on that is vastly improved, much more than from the link left in your name/url part of the comment form. As it’s explained in my post Getting The Most Out Of Commentluv, you can also use commentluv to double your exposure with each comment you leave. This is really useful if you want to link to another of your blogs or to a particular post of your choice.

Another plugin that is used to reward commentators is the keywordluv plugin by Stephen Cronin. This plugin is especially useful if installed on a do-follow blog. These blogs allow you to use keywords in the name field so instead of just using your name you can now leave a name and keywords of your choice. Don’t abuse the system by using a keyword instead of your name because most bloggers will just delete your comment, I know I do.

I usually don’t use the keyword function when commenting on these blogs mainly because I don’t bother with keywords, but I reckon I will start having some fun with it :devil_tb: :tongue_laugh_ee:

Rather than using this section for the search engine benefit you could add something that will pique the readers interest so that combined with your ‘killer’ title how could they not visit your blog? Naturally once they’re on your blog you want to make sure that your content is good enough for them to leave a comment.

So, in summary, while installing commentluv and keyword luv on your blog will increase your comments, utilizing other blogs that also use these plugins will increase your traffic thereby increasing your potential for comments, not to mention the occasional click on your ads.

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