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How Blogging Is A Little Like A Chess Game

I’ve been an avid chess fan ever since my first game of chess. I may not be the best chess player but I’m not the worst either. For awhile there I wasn’t able to fulfill my chess fix but that’s not a problem anymore thanks to being able to play it online. It was actually during one of those games when I mentioned to Mitch of I’m Just Sharing how we should do a blog post comparing chess to blogging. As it turns out Mitch beat me to the punch with his Comparing Chess To Blogging In 5 Moves and so I figured it was about time for me to come up with my version.

I’ve got to tell you guys the truth, working out a comparison between blogging and chess turned out to be more of a challenge than I originally expected. Perhaps that’s why it took me so long to decide to write this post  :dont_know: Enough with the procrastination, let the chess pieces land where they may.

A Comparison Of Blogging And Chess

Woman playing chess
Woman playing chess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When comparing chess to blogging the first thing that came to mind was why do people play chess or take up blogging. As far as chess goes the one reason people play chess is to win. When you think about it, the same goes for blogging, only where blogging is concerned the prize is either monetary gain or some sort of recognition.

Winning a chess game is all about strategy. If you just move your pieces any which way, unless the other guy is an absolute moron, you’re going to lose. The strategy also involves planning and flexibility because you have to change your planning and tactics after almost every move.

Blogging Is About Planning And Tactics

The same can be said for blogging but unlike chess, blogging is a lot more involved. The planning starts from the very beginning, from the moment you choose a domain to the time you write your first post. The theme you chose and the way it’s all set up can also play a significant part. Even once you get all that under way you still have your SEO to worry about, and unless you’re just blogging for fun SEO has a major impact on how well a blog performs.

Then there are tactics, which comes about by studying your competition. What are they doing to get where they are and what can you do get some of their action? Are they utilising the best SEO and if not will you be able to take advantage of that? Like chess you will need to keep an eye on their moves so you can plan your conter movers.

How Chess Pieces Relate To Blogging

English: Rosewood chess pieces, from the Dalbe...

I was thinking about this today while I was at work and so I decided to incorporate it in the post. Most of you will know that chess is made up of a whole lot of pieces that you move on a board. You probably also know that certain pieces have certain strengths and that some pieces are considered stronger than others, and yet, as long as you plan your moves right and things go your way you can actually win the game with a pawn which is considered the weakest piece on the board. Enough of that, lets have a look to see how those pieces can relate to blogging shall we?

The King: Definitely not the strongest piece but it is the most important piece because the whole game is focused on this one piece and whether you win or lose is dependant how well you protect it. To me this is akin to your content and why they all say Content Is King!

The Queen: The queen is definitely the strongest piece on the board and I’ve actually had some players resign once I’ve captured their queen. I reckon when it comes to blogging the queen could be likened to your domain name. Picking the right domain name for your blog will make things a lot easier when it comes to SEO.

The Rook!: Sometimes also referred to as a castle, is the third most powerful piece. I reckon the rook is like your blog theme in importance. I believe using a crappy poorly designed blog theme will make things a lot harder for any new blogger. Why? Because first impression means a hell of a lot to most people and even if you have got good content a poorly designed theme can actually turn people away! Even if you can get their attention for a little while with your title and introduction, it may not be enough to get the sale,

The Bishop and Knights: I reckon they are of equal value but I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ll sacrifice a bishop any day of the week for an opponents knight.  :wink_ee: Although these pieces are considered to be of similar value, combined they can be a definite threat. Sort of like SEO. In fact SEO can be considered as the tactics in a chess game that combines all the pieces together and the outcome of your blogging game may depend on how good your SEO is.

The Pawn: You may have noticed in one of the previous points how I mentioned the importance of a blog’s title and introduction? Well then, they can be likend to your pawn. Although the pawn is the weakest piece it by no means belittles their true value. Like I said above you can actually force a checkmate with a pawn and they can also be a great defensive mechanism.

In the long run, to be a Chess champion or a successful blogger you have to be able to incorporate everything into your game plan. You need to look ahead, see what the opposition may be planning and then head it off with your own moves. You need to do this because that’s exactly what they are doing and anything less will cost you the game.

Phew!  :phew!!: I don’t know how this post stacks up against Mitch’s post but I know one thing for sure, I like the first photo I used a lot better than his. I’m sure glad that I never had to play against her. Heck, who can concentrate on their game when you have cleavage like that in front of you.  :devil_tb:

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  1. Here’s a build on your topic – chess players know that controlling the center of the board is critical for success; controlling the center helps you move pieces around quickly and block attackers..

    So for blogging…I nominate “having a content game plan” as the equivalent piece; while subtle and often hidden, having a plan for quickly generating quality content (eg. these topics, this type of article, etc.) can make running your blog a lot easier…
    john recently posted…The Three Types of Blog Posts – Show Horses, Draft Horses, and Kibble..My Profile

    1. hey John, thanks for a well thought out comment. You’re right, a ready plan for generating quality posts quickly would make things easier. Me, I post from the seat of my pants :wink_ee:

  2. Twitter:
    I knew you picked that photo for the cleavage. lol And now I know you’ll trade that bishop for a knight because I’ve always wanted to keep bishops instead of knights. And it was about time you wrote this bad boy.

    For me, there’s both strategy and lessons in both chess and blogging. The top chess players actually do play for money, and lots of it. But they can also get bogged down in minutiae and inaction; some of these guys will resign after one move if they get spooked. The same goes for many bloggers, only at the opposite end of things.

    Anyway, good post; let’s see how the strategy works out for you.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Waiting For Social Media To Fail Is A Waste Of TimeMy Profile

    1. Of course Mitch and one has to wonder whether or not displaying them was one of the tactics she used to help her win her game? :thumbup_tb:

      I dislike my opponents having knights because they’re harder to keep track of than bishops whose path you can easily trace.

      I’ve heard of some resigning after one move, seems a waste of what could have been a good game.

        1. Heck, I don’t mind losing a game or two as long as I an enjoy the view :thumbup_ee:

  3. lol I loved that you managed to find a cleavage shot for chess related post. Nice work Sire! There are definitely a lot of similarities between the two. In some niches though a lot of people have very little strategy planned. So you can really take advantage when they don’t truly know the game. I also find that my strategy keeps evolving based on how people are reacting which is pretty similar to chess. I do have to admit that I’m horrible at chess and have only played several times. For now I think I’ll stick with blogging.
    Jeremy recently posted…How Airline Credit Cards Cost You MoreMy Profile

    1. Hey Jeremy, I have to admit I was really happy to find that photo and I would love to play a game of chess with her because I reckon she has a beautiful mind.

      I’ve always thought there would have to be similarities between my two loves, it just took a while to work them all out.

  4. Loved this post! Great analogies. I am an avid chess player myself, and active blogger about chess, and learning about internet marketing, SEO, etc, so this was a perfect combination of my interests!

    1. Thanks for the Tweet Tim, and it’s great to talk to another chess fan.

      I used to be a member of a chess site that offered ‘blitz’ type games where you win or lose a game in 3 minutes. Great way to get the brain humming but not as enjoyable, and certainly frustrating as you tend to make a lot of stupid mistakes.

  5. Awesome comparison! Chess is definitely a thinking man’s game, and I think the same can be said for SEO. There are no short cuts to success in either instance. Chess and SEO both take a long time to learn. There are many similarities between the two.

    1. I tell you one thing AJ, chess is a lot more enjoyable than SEO :drunk_tb:

  6. Really an awesome post and nice comparison blogging and chess. In both of these we need to be passionate.Something like the more we play,the more we learn.

    1. Having passion to succeed is important no matter what you do in life,otherwise you just give up after your first failure.

  7. Love the chess comparison, and I agree with the way that you broke it down, it is very comparable. Like that you stayed true to facts, and acknowledged that content is key, I’ve seen people recently claiming that this is not the case.

    1. Sometimes Kevin going against what people believe in makes people stand upend take notice. What is difficult is providing the argument to prove what you’re saying is the way to go.

  8. Indeed there is a relation between chess and blogging. Blogging involves all your hard work and your mind work. If you are a clever and sharp man you will succeed!

    1. Also, if you persist and continue to strive and learn you are more likely to succeed.

  9. Yeah, blogging is much like how you would play chess, only at a much larger scale. You have to be smart. You have to know how your opponent, which in this case are your visitors, would move next. You should be able to predict what moves they would take, and direct them , through the various means possible, to your goal–to make a sale, or a click through and on your advertisements.

    1. Hey John, I never thought of the opponents being your visitors, I was thinking more of them being your opposition, but that you make a good point.

  10. I really like your point on the analogy between blogging and chess, both of them are a pretty complex tactical game. I think there is a similarity to poker as well. Nice points, really inspirational!
    Linda recently posted…Dein Regenbogen-Panorama!My Profile

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m glad you liked it.

  11. Great analogy there, I am a big fan of chess since I was little, like you not the best but not the worst. Good enough to beat your average cocky boy who doesn’t think a girl is any good at chess, not good enough to beat anyone really talented!

    1. I assume then you’re a woman then Lou. That being the case do you use cleavage to help you win the game? :devil_tb:

  12. Amazing! :) your insights of blogging and your comparisons and analogies with chess seem to hit the core. I never thought of it before. Great!

    1. That’s what Wassupblog is all about Azmee, to amaze, instruct and entertain the reader :cool:

  13. thanks .. For me, there are strategies and lessons in both chess and blogging. The top chess players do not actually play for money, and lots of it. But they can also be trapped in small things and not act, some of these people will step down after one step if they are frightened. The same is true for many bloggers, just at the end of it.

    1. Seems to me like you reworded Mitch’s comment Irwan, now that is a very poor tactical move on your part. :guns_tb: Your comment has been de-linked.

  14. Well, I’m preparing a locally based classifieds ads website with tech blog.

    When I was planning for my website, at first,, I say to my self that if this site will earn well. I can make it my own bread and butter and quit my day job.

    But when I was already searching about blogging, read several articles including this one, I saw that blogging is not easy really.

    But it’s really a challenge though, and I’ve decided to push this one.

    It’s my first time to run a website, a blog, and my first time to code my very first theme.

    I’ve already picked the niche I want to blog into.

    And… as you’ve mentioned about studying competition, Competition in my chosen niche, is overflowing.

    I’ve chosen tech and gadget review, pc and software review kind of stuffs, but this niche is in so much competition.

    Well, I’v chosen this niche, since my knowledge and skills about them is massive.

    1. Sounds like a challenge Gary, but I’m sure with the right preparation and dedication you will be up to the task.

      1. Well, I am really dedicated at what I am doing right now. It’s really a challenge, because I think Im running out of time.

        I plan of launching my site by December ends, but my custom theme is not yet finished.

        1. Well Gary, I wish you the best of luck mate. It looks really intriguing, maybe you would like to pop in when it’s up and running?

          1. Oh, sure! i’ll POP IN.

            By the way, this section of your site has a bit something to fix.

            The comment texts are overflowing the container block. It passes beyond the right margin.

            Don’t you have time to fix it?

            1. I wouldn’t know where to start Gary. It’s due to a plugin I’m using. I wrote about it Here There aren’t any settings that I can adjust to fix it and I don’t know enough to play around with it. May have to shoot the author an email

            2. I think I might be able to help you.

              I you want to fix it, you may do this procedure and take these steps below:

              This won’t hurt your website…

              1. Open comments.css file. It’s located in wp-content/plugins/social/assets/ you may use any ftp client apps or use your cpanel file manager.

              2. Search this string “#social .social-comment-body”

              3. change width: 100%; to width: 90%; then save and close it.

  15. I wonder where in chess does ‘hosting’ stand. Perhaps, it’s the chess board itself that holds all the pieces together?

    And I can’t help but notice that if I were to play against that woman in the picture, I have no doubt I’ll lose the game. You can’t play chess while your focus is scattered between 2 things. :)

    1. Hey James, I reckon because hosting and domains go pretty well hand in hand that it could also be likened to the Queen.

  16. Hi Sire,
    The way you have related chess and blogging is amazing.Having a tactics is a must and we have to combine different leads to come to the main point and that’s winning.If one losses than he/she has to maintain the continuity and keep on doing blogging,leaving behind the failure is the key to success.

    1. Thanks Aditya, I’m glad you liked the post and you are so right, giving up is not an option.

  17. Hey Gary, you are a bloody legend mate. :thumbup_ee: It didn’t seem to work at first but then I cleared the cache and now it’s fine. Thanks for that. Let me know when your site is up and running and I’ll do a post for you.

    1. Buddy,

      Glad it helped you. I’ll let you know when my site is ready. And thank you for the offer.

      Gonna read some more article from your site, when I have the time again.

  18. I totally agree with your comparisons but for this sentence here caught my eye: Content is King!
    As an avid reader of online articles and blogs, I always come back to those who offer me good reads such as your blog. They are always informative and witty and it just allows a great following. Keep up the work and I hope that whatever strategy you are using in your game of chess, you’ll be able to win. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jerry, I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve seen that sentence and probably not the last either. Still, it’s probably the first time you’ve seen it in a analogy comparing blogging to chess.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and hope you keep coming back for more.

  19. Nice Comparison. You have related blogging and chess pieces really well.interesting

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

  20. Yeah, i definitely agree with you said in this post. I mean, when starting our blog from the very beginning, we have to start it with our best tactic. It goes the same with chess, if we start our game with some random moves and tactic, in the end, it’s just gonna ruin the strategy that we’ve already built in the first place. That’s why, if we want to be serious in this business, we have to plan every little thing really carefully. And we must not jump to the same holes just like in the past.
    Brian Johnson recently posted…How to Get a Better Understanding About Bioshock Infinite Plot?My Profile

    1. Planning is essential if anyone expects to be successful in their new business enterprise. Failing to plan can have disastrous effects in its profitability.
      Sire recently posted…The Fastest Thing Friday Funnies My Profile

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