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How Art Can Make The Naked Form More Acceptable

After my last post, Google, Google Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, I decided that, seeing as how there isn’t much I can do about it, I would stop worrying about it and just continue on with what I was doing. I reckon taking Keith’s, from Public Speaking and Presentations,  advice about using Market Samurai’s Ranking feature helped me. You may remember I stopped searching where it ranked in the SERPS after 30, and that took some time, well MS told me in seconds that it didn’t even rank in the top 100 :flush_tb:

So, here I am writing about something a lot less stressful, some may even say it’s my favourite topic, naked women. :drunk_tb: I’ve loved the naked female body almost as long as I could remember, even to this day I wonder why so many of them cover it up. Must be because of all those prudes out there who can’t handle the site of naked flesh. :lol_ee:

Sort of makes you wonder doesn’t, it when it’s really the most natural thing in the world. I even suggested how we should all take out clothes off for the greater good. There’s no way that’s going to happen though and so we must leave a lot to the imagination. At least these days our imaginations doesn’t exactly have to work overtime because a lot of those lovely ladies love to wear the bare minimum. But bare minimum isn’t exactly naked.

This is probably why throughout the ages man has depicted the naked woman form, whether it’s in paintings or in sculptures. I reckon that’s why I took a lot of photos of naked statues while over in Vegas. I never thought though that they would make great subjects for paintings. No, I’m not going to turn those photos into works of art, my days of painting are over. Nope, instead I’m going to use my trusty Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch LaptopLaptop Computers) and the AutoPainter Express to do all the hard work for me.

Let’s have a look at what a naked woman would look like in the eyes of the great Van Gogh.

nude statue VanGoghNude
Not too shabby huh? OK, let’s see what sort of nude Benson can come up with.

mythical nude BensonNude
Yeah, I’m kind of leaning a little towards the Benson nude myself, but we do have one more example. This one’s done in the Aquarrel style.

naked statue AquarellNude
Each one is unique and people being what they are almost everyone would have an opinion as to which one they think is the best. Some may even prefer the original over the digitally enhanced version. Personally I like to enhanced version as I think it gives the photos a whole new look. What about you guys, which one do you like best and why.

Oh, talking about topless women, I’m conducting a poll on my sexual aids blog about What You Would Do If You Saw A Topless Woman Holding A Speed Limit Sign, it would be great if you read that post and took part in the poll. :thumbup_tb:

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  1. They cannot beat the natural and real female form. Keep looking Peter my boy. LOL
    peter petterson recently posted…Johan’s Ark…My Profile

      1. Its still amazing how you can use software to create what looks like a real painting though…..Although admittedly the real female form is better!

  2. Interestingly enough, notice how it’s okay to show people being violently mutilated, blown up, shot or dismembered on primetime network TV in the US, but when a breast is accidentally seen somewhere for a half-second, everyone gets up in arms and starts freaking out about decency standards. It’s completely insane when the naked body is something that everyone has and is born with.

    1. You make such an excellent point here, Greg. I never really thought of it in that light, but it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, does it? Women, especially women who grow up in the US, are taught, from a very young age, that their bodies are something to be covered up and not shown, almost as if to say we should be ashamed of letting others see us naked. My experiences living abroad in Germany, however, have helped teach me that women in other cultures aren’t self-conscious to the same degree as American women. Germans, both men and women, are so much more comfortable being publicly unclothed around others. Unfortunately, we in the US (and in other parts of the world) still have a long way to go.
      Petra recently posted…VoIP Telefonie bei Vertriebsunternehmen auf dem VormarschMy Profile

      1. I agree with Petra Greg, you make a really good point.

        Talking about breasts, I feel that one of the most natural things in the world is a mother breast feeding her baby and I am shocked when I see something come up on the news saying how mothers shouldn’t breast feed in public :bigsurprise_ee:
        Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

  3. I think it all boils down to the “attitude” with respect to nakedness. Some cultures are not averse to it (even if they do not embrace it wholeheartedly [pun unintented ;-)] whereas it is completely taboo in other parts of the world.

    1. Yeah, I know but no matter how you look at it I think seeing the naked body as being evil is a little over the top.
      Sire recently posted…Las Vegas More Than Just CasinosMy Profile

  4. I think naked bodies are not vulgar by themselves. As you already showed in your post they are a beautiful model for art. And no one considers there’s something wrong with that.

    But the naked bodies seen at TV are not very artistic, they usually are of vulgar ladies showing(selling) their “goodies”. Unless you consider selling your body for money art, I say that’s not the same things as the sculptures you posted.

    1. Actually John, regarding nakedness on TV, it’s not the body themselves that is at fault but the way they have been portrayed.

  5. This form of art is getting more popular as I see, look at the ancient sculptures, thousands of years ago the naked body was thought to be an incredible beauty. Today’s time the concept has changed a bit, still the naked body is expressed in a form of art and I think it is beautiful.

    Regarding the point John is trying to make about “selling their goodies”, I think it is still okay as long as it follows certain rules. There will always be a supply when there’s demand, so nothing wrong with that, at least that is what I personally think.

    1. Supply and demand has always been there, you are right Mike, but perhaps some people take things a little too far. :ponder_tb:

  6. Wearing the right clothes can make a woman sexier in my opinion. I guess I’m not a fan of the “totally nude” mode.
    By the way, the first pic conversion looks cool, I like it.

    1. I must agree Mario, leaving a little for the imagination is a good thing.

  7. I agree with ste that although the enhanced versions of the pictures may have more of an artistic value, their is nothing quite as beautiful as the nude female form :D

    1. True, but you may get in trouble for posting a photo of a naked lady on your blog where most people won’t mind a tasteful painting of one.

  8. honestly the naked form is one of the most beautiful things. people in todays world just view it as taboo, whereas back in the day, the human form was perceived as beautiful. just look at the history during roman times greek times etc., all their work of art was based on the human form capturing its beauty

    1. The naked form has always been perceived as beautiful Dan, unfortunately people these days don’t appreciate it in the same manner that the great artists did.

  9. i was out with my son and while, as adults, we dont blink an eye at an artpiece featuring nakedness (but would if we saw a naked person in the same place) my son just pointed it out asking why the woman didnt have any clothing on. Kids minds are very different!

  10. I prefer the ones on the left, but I can totally see how the ones on the rights are more acceptable and do not seem as “sexual” if you will.


  11. I’d go for the Benson. It’s so lifelike. There is still a different mystique about paintings regardless of the advent of the photographs. I love looking at old paintings and old photographs, they have this nostalgic, mysterious quality in them that photographs could never impart. LOL but at least nowadays, it is so easy to enhance photographs and make them appear like paintings because of today’s technology. As to the nude issue, it is really how it is depicted. There are those nudes that have a stylish feel to them and does qualify as art and then there are the trashy ones. But to each his own as they say.

  12. This is 21st century, lots of freedom, tolerance. Now why would anyone think this type of art form is wrong? I think these photos are very modest and not even vulgar in any way, they just show the perfect human body as there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Anyway, very nice pics.

    1. My point is that people do not think that this type of art work is wrong because it is art. However I bet there would be a few complaints if instead of statues they were actual nudes.
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  13. Looks good Peter
    Are we finally seeing the Feminine and artistic side of Sire? LOL

    Do me a favour.
    If you get a minute, nip over to easyP and give me a few Google +1’s.
    I’ve just installed it on my site.
    Located at the end of the post and before the comments.

    Cheers Peter.
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

    1. Hey Keith, I’ve given your Coolest Voice a +1 because it certainly deserved it. I recommend you put a +1 in the sidebar, just as I have done, so that people can vote for your home page. It will also show the value of your individual posts.

  14. The art of a naked body, especially of women is always beautiful. We should appreciate those things and should not associate with some dirty thoughts. If we believe in our Creator, we should know that everything that he has created is beautiful, let us free our minds from some nonsense ideas and appreciate art.

    1. Yep, nothing that God has created is bad, it’s only our minds that pervert things into something less tasteful

  15. Looks great. I wonder if Van Gogh didn’t secretly use something like this.

    I actually like winter more than summer. When it comes to looking at women. Although nothing can beat the fashion here at the moment. Short skirts or dresses (many of them leather) and boots with high heels.
    In winter women are covered up more and leave more to the imagination. Many women know how to dress well, and they will wear clothes that make their female shapes look even better.
    Sometimes our fantasy is better than what is actually their. :)
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. Somehow I very much doubt that Danny.

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