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How A Woman Made Me Change My Evil Ways

Hey guys, do you notice anything different about the blog? No? Well if you look again you may noticed that I have removed most of the ads. You know, I’ve lost track of the amount of people who have told me that my blog looked crappy because of the amount of ads I had placed on it. I reckon that if I had a dollar for every snide remark I could easily have purchased a carton of cold beer. :drunk_tb:

I’ve had them all, from newbies to A Listers, one A Lister even comparing Wassup to a Christmas tree. I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t want to be accused of link dropping for the sole purpose of getting traffic. Yep, I was actually accused of that when I wrote my post on why I no longer link to the likes of Problogger and John Chow, a post that didn’t link to either of them.

Image via Wikipedia

So, why did I remove them? It was because of a woman, and you all know how I love to please my women. :devil_tb: Yep, I can still remember the time when I pulled out all the plugs just to please Holly, another of my female commentators. You can read all about that in this post on how to remove InfoLinks from your comments.

Still, that is another story and this one belongs to another amazing woman, Kimberly and her post 31DBBB – Day 4 – Analyze a Top Blog In Your Niche where she honestly reviews three blogger, yours truly being one of them, and guess what what? She refers to the ads on my blog as clutter! So what makes her opinion different from all the others? Was it because she’s of the opposite sex :thumbup_tb: Well, all I can say is that her post moved me to the point where I just had to act, and if it made just one more woman happy then it was all worth while.

Seeing as how I’m talking about advertising on blogs I think it’s a good time to mention the OIOPublisher plugin, a plugin that automates all ad purchases on a blog, including text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews! Whats really good about it is that it frees up your time so that you can devote it to what is really important, writing good content. I think that because it’s completely automated it may allow potential advertisers to book a spot on your blog who may not have otherwise parted with their hard earned money.

While the plugin normally costs $47 you can get OIOPublisher for $37 by mentioning My Coupon: ‘SOLAR-WASSUP’ when purchasing it. This coupon is only valid till the end of August. There will probably be another coupon when that expires but I can’t say how much it will be worth. I know I delayed buying it for quite awhile and I admit it was a mistake because that decision probably cost me some sales.

If you decide to purchase the plugin I suggest that you create some sort of Advertise Here page where you explain to potential advertisers why they should purchase a spot from you. Don’t pay too much attention to my page as I put it together fairly quickly and it could really do with some major work. If you do a great job on this page the prospect of getting advertising dollars is greatly increased.

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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I actually think that this new look is indeed less cluttered. :) But when you asked if I noticed anything different, what I immediately noticed is the header with the rock bands. Did you ‘photoshop’ that yourself?

    1. Ah yes, the header? We will have to leave that for another post James. :wink_ee:

  2. Oh Man .. I’m new here as well and I didn’t get to see the Christmas tree!

    I see my friend Jacqueline Gates is here SO this must be a cool blog

    I’ll make sure to come back

    Jack Bastide

    P.S. they Keyword luv thing looks pretty cool. I need to put it on my blog

    1. The keywordluv is cool Jack and I’m sure we have more in common than our taste in pretty female bloggers.

    2. Sir Jack, the Commentluv plugin is wonderful.
      The backlinks are awesome – plus, you get to meet utterly delicious bloggers like Sire and introduce them to equally delicious FB stars like you!!

      (Obviously these adjectives are applicable only from the viewpoint of pretty female bloggers hehehe)

      Bliss-ings, dahlings
      the goddess known Jacqui

  3. This is the first time I visited your blog and honestly have to say – if this is reduction of ads – I would love to see the picture of what it was before :-)

    I’m all for monetizing the blogs but sometimes it just gets too intrusive.
    Alex Sysoef recently posted…Beware Of HostICan Hosting Fraud And Consumer ScamMy Profile

    1. Hey Alex, welcome to Wassup! Like the post says, it was lit up like a Christmas tree. :tongue_laugh_ee:

      I basically got rid of all the banners as I figure that was what most people found annoying. I still kept some of the links, the ones in the header, as they are making me money and I thought it would be silly to get rid of those.
      Sire recently posted…Have You Ever Thought “It Should Have Been Me”My Profile

      1. Sire on the far right, under the Allied Bloggers badge, you have a long white banner… with baby blue text… and some little images. I KNOW it says stuff cuz I can highlight over it to see there are links – but I cant for the life of me read that thing. Are you really making money off an unreadable banner? From what? stray clicks?

        1. Kimberly, you are a legend. What you’re seeing is a Chitika ad and people should only see that if they’ve come via a search engine and then only if they’re from America or Canada. It’s not showing properly because I haven’t set it up right. That should be fixed now.

          So, if someone was to come via Google using ‘affiliate’ as a keyword the ad would show affiliate related links. How cool is that?

          1. Except that I’m from American and just came from the link in my email and after I left the first comment (when the page refreshed) I still see it.

            I came in from gmail. (The email that told me I had a followup comment) I didn’t see it when I first got here but after refresing leaving a comment it returned.

            Of course, now at least the background and text are readable so I know what I’m seeing. I think it thinks I cae in on blogging keywords because all three links say “Blogging”.

            1. Yup, reckon it things is part of google search. Minor flaw. I’m not sure that its hurting much of anything really but they should fix that.

            2. Maybe it’s classifying that link as a search engine somehow? Reckon maybe it has some bugs in it?

  4. I see you removed the people search ad. Was that not working out as hoped or is it somewhere else now? Time for a follow up post maybe?

    I read that entire article of Kim’s and now have homework. Uh, thanks. ;) This is what happens when something resonates and I don’t know what it all means. So, off to some blog and google searching.

    Oh, one more thing. I like your header which gave me an idea. Why not link to specific images there (like the amazon page for country music to correspond to the country image).
    Anne Bender recently posted…Video Monday- Summer Camp FoodMy Profile

    1. Anne, if I can be of any assistance, I’m certainly available to answer questions. Don’t hesitate to ask hun! :)

    2. Take her up on it Anne, she is really good and unlike me she won’t try to look down your top. :innocent1_tb:

      As to the people search engine I decided to remove it as I have a page devoted to the subject. I’m still active but not promoting it actively if you know what I mean.

      As to the header, that is a good idea but I’m not sure how to make that work?

      1. But I cant promise not to try to look up Sire’s kilt…

        1. Aussies don’t wear kilts Kimberly, but I can make an exception for you :devil_tb:

          1. :devil_tb: I knew that….
            …and I figured you would! :devil_tb:

            1. Both! That aussies don’t wear kilts… and that you would make an exception for the ladies! :devil_tb:

            2. You knew what, that I don’t wear a kilt or that I would make an exception for you? :laugh_tb:

            3. Damn, you know me too well :tongue_wink_ee:

  5. Funny title to the blog Sire. Honestly, it could have very well been a man that changed you from your evil ways! But wait one Batman minute Robin, are you really changed from your evil ways? [grins]

  6. Sire~
    I love seeing how you responded to Kimberly’s review~ AND your blog still looks cluttered :)! AND it’s working for you, don’t change it!

    1. ROFLMAO! Way to go Linda! Tell him what I was thinking! Oh my I’m dying laughing over here! Too fun!

    2. Still Linda :downer_ee:

      Of the banners that remain, apart from OIOPublisher, only one is an ad.

      Never mind, as long as you promise it won’t stop you from coming back then I’m a happy blogger :thumbup_tb:

      1. I won’t stop coming! I am enjoying the relationship we’re starting! Because of you, I’m answering all the comments on my post! And it is a great way to get to know people! Your site still looks busy by-the-way!

        1. It sure is, and I’ve been pushing that idea almost from the birth of this blog. I think I can honestly say that most people who take the time to reply to comments, and taking it a step further by following the blogger to their blog and leaving a comment, have noticed an increase in activity on their own blog.
          Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

          1. How is it that you send notice to my inbox everytime you answer my comments – with what you said and what I said? I see that I’ve clicked on the box to notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail (wasn’t that automatically clicked and I’d have to unclick it if I didn’t want to be notified?) I’ve clicked on other blog’s before and I was notified everytime anyone made a comment, I don’t want know every comment ever made on that post so I stopped clicking. I really like knowing what you comment back and I’d like to do the same thing on my blog… how would I?

            1. Linda, I use the WP Threaded Comment plugin. I prefer this to WP’s own threaded comments.

              It also has the feature that you mentioned in your comment. Reckon I may do a post to let others know of this unique plugin.

            2. I just go it!! :)!! Thank you!! It looks the same on the site, there is a place to comment on the comments! But – on yours you have “notify me of follow-up comments via email” is that another plugin or a setting on wordpress, or what? I know, you should be paid for educating me!

            3. No problems Linda. You may want to turn off the threaded comment setting in WordPress. I just checked your blog and you have “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” on yours as well so it seems OK to me.

              In the plugin settings where it says;

              Email notify the parent commenter when his comment was replied

              Replied by the author of the post or administrator ONLY
              Anyone replies
              Commenter choose to do so(default checked)
              Commenter choose to do so(default unchecked)

              I have the fourth one selected, which I think is the default. other than that it’s all pretty straightforward.
              I’m happy to help anytime it’s needed.

  7. Because I usually read your posts in email form through my RSS feed, your “Christmas Tree” blog didn’t worry me, although I do remember remarking on it to Kimberly when first she introduced us.

    So this post had me rushing back to see the changes, and I have to agree with Val. It’s Still Cluttered but since you’re making money off it (and I’m not … yet), who am I to point fingers?

    But it is nice that you’re big enough to admit that improvements could be made AND that a fellow goddess was the instigator. There are many of the achievers in the blogging sphere who wouldn’t be so generous.

    Business savvy, humility and a wicked sense of humour ~ I knew we’d get along well!

    the goddess known as Jacqui

    1. We do get on well don’t we Jacqueline? And it’s not all because your a woman and I’m a bloke.

      Well, that’s too lovely ladies that reckon it still looks cluttered. I wonder if that’s a woman’s perspective?

      So, can you point out to me exactly what makes it cluttered?

      1. That you have 533px in content and about 433pix in “stuff”. Then you have a header with 300x900px in more ads (and I see chikita up there too) And then a huge ad block at the start of the post and another banner right before the submit button… and two more ads in the footer!

        I’m also going to add that I think double sidebars always lend themselves to the cluttery effect. Something about skyscraper ads and even the whole long link-list on the far right just doesnt do much for the eyes. Your link list could be a font issue though, I dont know.

        Just my 2.5cents, lol

        1. OK, but it’s not like you see all those ads at one time. You have to scroll down before ads come in to view, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. :innocent1_tb:

  8. Ha-ha. When I read the title, I thought that you were I black hat seo ninja and you married a white hat seo girl and then went to the white hat seo :D
    By the way now the ads are a big part of the site. I can only imagine what was before :D

    1. It’s really ashame he didn’t take screen shots! (Or that I didn’t just to point to in my post!) Yeah its a lot less “blinky” now for sure!

    2. Yeah, it would have knocked you for a six John, and I’m not much into any form of SEO, black or white.

      1. Thanks for that John. It shows I have removed 9 banners, and seeing as I only have 8 left that’s over %50 reduction and I think that’s pretty good.

  9. I have been visiting your blog many time, and I was interesting to read your articles so I diden´t look at the ads. Chrismas tree or not, I hope you still get some ads money.

    1. Yep, I get ad money and I also get sales from my affiliates so I reckon as long as they keep performing they can stay. Thanks for your comment Lennart.

  10. So it had to be a women to make you change your evil ways ;-) Honestly, I was not bothered by your ads before because I always understood that having ads was part of monetizing a blog and although there where probably a little too many, they where not really in the way. the things I hate most are those pop-ups and text links that slaps your face when you accidentally hover on them. I did notice that you have eliminated the little banners on your header and now it appears to be more clean.
    DiTesco recently posted…Top Ad Management Plugins For WordPressMy Profile

    1. Yep, I am a little prone to trying to please a woman :cheese1_ee:

      Like you I don’t mind people with ads on their blog but I do detest those popups that try to sell or get me to subscribe to something. That very A Lister that said my blog looks like a Christmas tree uses them and as far as I’m concerned that puts his blog on the do not visit list.
      Sire recently posted…Have You Ever Thought “It Should Have Been Me”My Profile

  11. I have been visiting your blog a few times now and I don’t mind the ads on your blog. After all, one needs to earn a bit every now and then from blog sites, right? Your site now has less “clutter” as they say, but are you sure that those who criticized your site don’t have cluttered ads on theirs as well? (But overall, as a woman myself, I like your title on this post, LOL :)

    1. I’m always up to pleasing my lady friends Felicia so I’m glad you liked the total. 6 of the ads that remain are part of my OIOPublisher and of those some have been paid for so as long as they’re paying their way I reckon they can stay.

  12. Oh, the power women have over us… Anyway, yes I agree that without the ads, the site is more navigable and “smooth” so to speak.

    1. Actually Julius I don’t see as how the ads made the blog any less navigable, and while there many ads before this post I still don’t see that they distracted the reader from the post itself. The thing that bothers me about many blogs is those annoying popups, now that’s distracting. :guns_tb: :furious_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Saving Money So You Can Host Your Own BlogMy Profile

  13. Hey I like Christmas trees! LOL.. Yes I have also thought your blog had many ads but I thought : “Hey if it works for him who am I to judge?” The fact is that I don’t mind the ads because I’m always entertained when I read your posts. You find funny and interesting things and are always open about how you truly feel about things. That’s what makes a good blogger.
    I’m glad you listened to a woman though because #womenruleandyouknowit … hee hee :o)
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay recently posted…Frog baby shower decorationsMy Profile

    1. You would think that when God made woman from man he would have improved on the original now wouldn’t you Eren? :innocent1_tb:

  14. Twitter:
    Well, first I have to say that I went to read the review, and it was fairly kind, other than that “clutter” part. Truthfully, I think most of us keep coming back and don’t even notice any of the ads at this juncture. The question of ads is always a tricky one.

    But the content part; well dude, you are engaging. Of course, when she talked about early comments from friends, obviously she was talking about me, since we were hanging around before you started this blog. Good stuff, and of course, it had to be a woman who made you change. But you didn’t change just because she was a woman, but a woman who made a lot of sense. Yeah, I’m a tea-totaler, but I’ll drink with you to that! :drunk_tb:

  15. I haven’t been here as much lately but I really don’t notice any difference.

    I’m with Mitch, I don’t find them distracting because I am focused on the content. I wonder if you had significantly fewer ads if they would be more productive and give you a net gain.
    Ned Carey recently posted…Tax Sale Redemptions- Have You started Getting YoursMy Profile

    1. Hey Ned, one of the commentators left a link to an older post via Google’s cache and it shows that I removed a total of 9 banners, that’s over 50%. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Saving Money So You Can Host Your Own BlogMy Profile

      1. OK I see now. I guess there is a reason for Google Cache, Never used it before – pretty cool.

        1. They reckon it comes in handy for retrieving old posts that get lost when things go wrong. Personally I’ve never used it either and I hope I never have to.

  16. Thank goodness. Had I not previously told you they looked like clutter. If I hadn’t.. I should have. lol Now if only the bar at the bottom would go. :-P

    I still read you though Sire.

    1. Rose, if the bar bothers you all you need do is minimize it by clicking on on the far right. A guy would have worked that out on his own. Ask Mitch :tongue_wink_ee:

      1. Wow that wasn’t a nice reply. :( Thanks for the tip.

        1. Heck Rose, I wasn’t trying to be mean, I’m just being a bloke having a dig at a lady and I thought I did it in a nice way.

          1. Sorry sire! I spent 14 hours at a hospital. I’m a tad moody today. lol

            1. Sorry to hear that Rose. I do hope everything is OK.

  17. You really had me with that title, Sire. lol.. so again, huh? It does look ‘cleaner’ but as I said before, so far I’m quite okay with your site and how you arrange them to your likings. Maybe it’s due to I’m used to your blog and know where to focus. :) Oh wait, a new welcome message at the footer… catchy.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    1. yeah, not much SEO value in the title but it is catchy isn’t it? :laugh_tb:

  18. Hi there Sire,
    I am here at your blog for the first time, and yep I did read the post. I really do not know how the “clutter” looked like before but I think people/readers are more importantly interested in the content rather than the adverts so I think it does not make much difference even if you have a lot of ads. Still since you have made some mends and reduced the number of adverts, must commend you on that


  19. I love the layout of this blog (not quite sure about the previous one cux this is my first time)
    Very catchy sort of look, should be attracting a lot of female followers lol.

    Anyways Im interested in working with you, please email me ;)

    1. Cool, because I would just love a whole lot of female followers. :drunk_tb:

  20. The blog looks great now. Ive seen some sites lose many viewers due to over cluttered ads.

    1. Craig, I always figured people returned to my blog because of my content. As you can see from the comments my regulars don’t even notice the ads, and the ads aren’t meant for them, they’re meant for search engine visitors who do notice and click on them, otherwise I would have removed them all a long time ago.
      Sire recently posted…Have You Ever Thought “It Should Have Been Me”My Profile

  21. Lol I too am curious about what the “Christmas Tree” looked like. Up at the top of your post, the text takes up about 1/5 of the width of the page while ads take up the other 4/5! I can’t imagine cramming even more ads in there, but I’m glad you found some to take out. Are all these ads really bringing in a decent amount of money?

    1. Reckon you’re talking about my Adsense ad Jake, and I reckon most blogs at least have Adsense. True you can’t cram anymore in that area but a blog can have a lot of ‘real estate’ and there are many other places one can place ads.
      Sire recently posted…Have You Ever Thought “It Should Have Been Me”My Profile

  22. I agree with Kim.. Having too much ads all over your blog make it look like a mess. You made the right choice by clearing some of it off your blog.

    1. Now that would depend on how you ads were placed. I feel I did a pretty good job with mine which is why I left them the way they were for so long, even with all the criticism.

  23. Congrats on the change, I like your site so the ads weren’t turning me off. Then again, I do read your site via my RSS feed reader so I imagine I wasn’t seeing all the ads. :)

    1. Thanks Moondancer, man I love that name, you’re a real gem.

      1. Thanks Sire, I like the name too. I’ve used this name for quite a few years, gaming, jewelry making. I don’t think I used it on websites until this year. Moondancer makes me think of a long haired hippie chick flitting through life, hanging out in nature, doing her own thing, and in my case it’s fairly accurate. I do have long hair, but it’s in locs.

        I’ve actually been thinking about using my real name Opal on my newest site; however, I really do like using Moondancer, so I’m thinking I’ll just toss my real name on the about page.

  24. “Woman” and “Evil” are synonymous, I think. ;) Kidding!

    Don’t mix professional and personal. It never ends well, sadly, at least that I’ve heard of.

    The best dame I had I am still with. ;)

    1. Yeah, you only took it back because I have a lot of women commenting :laugh_tb:

      I agree, mixing business with pleasure is not a smart move.

  25. Sire let me tell you something.

    You cannot mix business with pleasure it is a sure way to procrastinate 1000000000 times.

    This is a real example!

    I am starting an flier marketing with a lady friend of mine. She is a graphic designer. We are trying to help out a local hair cutting salon.

    Well lets just say I make deadlines and we are missing them. We will still get this project done but I wanted to do the first round of promotion 2 weeks ago.

    Looks like it will take me 1 more week to finalize the prototype.

    I say stay away from women when working in business!
    Brian P recently posted…Online Promotional Giveaway Free For Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Reckon you may have hooked up with the wrong one Brian. I know many women who I wouldn’t mind working with and it has nothing to do with pleasure, they just know how to get the job done.

      Honestly mate, you could have picked some bloke and come up with the same result. Not a total loss, at least you can scratch he off the list so you never use her again.
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

  26. I love your site. Well I still think it’s a little cluttered and recognized flexsqueeze right away, but I love what you are writing about. I’m new to all this and I’m always wondering how to do this and that and all the forums are over my head but you are writing in easy to understand language. Thanks for that and I’m bookmarking you.

    1. I’m glad you like it and I make things simple because that’s how I like it.

  27. OMG, just scrolled up to see the woman and evil being the same remark. Are you single and if not can I tell your wife what you said?

    1. You lost me! Can you tell my wife what?

  28. Twitter:
    I hear ya man, I have had a couple of people tell me I have to many ads in my sidebars. I have slowly been getting rid of most of them. I am opting to keep my adsense though because I actually do earn from it.

    Personally I didn’t mind your ads.

    1. Yep, adsense will stay. I don’t see it as being a problem, and almost everyone else uses it anyway.

      I’ve never minded ads on other blogs Larry, but there are some who have no idea on placement and it can make the blog look rather tacky.

  29. Hey Sire, Jacqueline Gates told me to check out your site, and specifically this article So here I am . I will be back just for the content! What a hoot!! I personally think that your site is busy, but if it works, so be it. If I hadn’t been recommended to this site I may just well have moved right on by as the busy for me is too distracting. The busy scare away some potential readers, but again that is my opinion as I am quite new at this whole thing and busy to me just doesn’t work. Can’t imagine what the Christmas tree looked like!

    1. Hey Holly, you got to love the Goddess, she’s a great gal.

      You know though, for me it’s the content that matters and as long as the content is good I don’t think people notice the ads.

      I look at the ads as a public service for those readers who may be interested in what I am offering. They click if they’re interested and ignore them if they’re not.
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

  30. Thanks for the info on OIOPublisher plugin, I think I will give it a try. I love the spread of ads on your site, wish I could acquire as much.

  31. Hi there sire,

    I was really intrigue by title of this blog. I thought it was something else. lol! but I thing your blog looks great even with ads. Cheers!

      1. Hi there again sire,

        Can I be a guest poster here? I would really love to post my blogs here? Thanks in advance. Best luck!

        1. Now, that would depend on your blog and what you were going to post.

          1. Hi Sire,

            Mostly I do blogs about Florida Traffic Tickets or similar topics like DUI’s etc..

  32. Thanks for the info on OIOPublisher plugin, I think I will give it a try. I love the spread of ads on your site, wish I could acquire as much.

    1. It may be slow at first, but once your blog gains momentum and readership, showing advertisers that there is potential, it should start paying for itself.

  33. Hey, Sire. This is my first time posting on your blog, and I’ve gotta say that your blog doesn’t look nearly as bad as some of the others that I’ve seen. In fact, I think that what you’ve been doing is a great way of sharing the wealth with other blogs and advertisers– minus the few that lost their worthiness.

    I’ll be checking out that woman’s blog to see what was so awe-inspiring about it that it moved you!

  34. What a turn around… and all because of one woman. Soon we shall take over the internet!

    If only, right?

    That was a great blog, Sire. Looking forward to reading more of your entertaining turnabouts!

  35. Yes I agree what you posted. Because I’m also a woman I can tackle just about anything.I work full-time while being pregnant and I still come home after an eight to ten hour work day and have dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed by 7pm. There are some things that my husband salute in me.

  36. I accept that If i decide to purchase the plugin then your suggest that you create some sort of Advertise Here page where i explain to potential advertisers why they should purchase a spot from you.Thanks for this info.

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