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Honestly, Bullshit Isn’t Really A Dirty Word

Just in case there are some of you who may find that word offensive I implore you not to read any further because it is going to come up a hell of a lot of times throughout this post.

Some of us older Aussies may remember an Aussie band called Skyhooks. Well, way back in 1975 Skyhooks released their second album called “Ego Is Not A Dirty World.” I really liked that album, in fact I liked all their songs, from “Horror Movie” to “You Just Like Me ‘Cause I Am Good In Bed.” Every now and again I like to play around with a song’s lyrics and this time I thought I would have a bit of fun with “Ego Is Not A Dirty Word.” This will fit into my ‘Just For Fun Category’ as I thoroughly enjoyed making this up.

Bullshit Is Not A Dirty Word

If politicians did not bullshit the world would end
If politicians did not bullshit they would have a friend
If you did not bullshit you could be in strife
If you did not bullshit there’d be trouble with the wife

Bullshit is not a dirty word
Bullshit is not a dirty word
Don’t care what you’ve seen or you’ve heard
Bullshit is not a dirty word

You gotta be good at bullshit if you don’t want to be caught
If Clinton was good at bullshit his career would not be naught
If Hillary was good a bullshit she might have a chance
If Obama was good at bullshit you’d see his career advance

Bullshit is not a dirty word
Bullshit is not a dirty word
Don’t care what you’ve seen or you’ve heard
Bullshit is not a dirty word

People think that bullshit makes the world go around
When bullshit simply flows from town to town
The fact is we all bullshit
Even those who don’t admit it
We only differ in the amount
And quality really does count
So if bullshit you must
Then do it until you bust

Bullshit is not a dirty word
Bullshit is not a dirty word
Don’t care what you’ve seen or you’ve heard
Bullshit is not a dirty word (three times)

Some Classic Skyhooks

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  1. But it’s a natural product and it is so descriptive. Whatever happened to the land of the free? :wink_ee: Our radio stations would beep out real swear words like F and such but bullshit would get through OK.

    Oh well, I reckon if I come to America I will simply have to watch my P’s and Q’s which really sucks. I don’t know if I can survive on such a limited vocabulary.

    1. Twitter:
      Sure, you’d survive, Sire. You’d just speak as you would, and people who’d be offended would walk the other way. That happens here now. America is the land of the free, except on “free” airwaves. If you want to pay for language and nudity, then you can. But the government controls the rest.

      And I will say this. I’m a guy who’s never uttered a curse word in his entire life. If I had children, I wouldn’t want them hearing the word. You say it’s not a curse word, but you also know there are other words, “acceptable” words, for the same thing you’re talking about. Every negative utterance has another word that can be used instead of something else. It’s all in how people choose to express themselves, both in private and public.

      To me, if there are times when you wouldn’t use a certain word, then it’s a bad word. And you won’t hear it from me. ;-P

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Freelance Writing Woes

      1. Your a better man than me Mitch. There are certain words that I also won’t use in public, but BS is not one of them. Still, I’m pretty sure that if I know certain words would offend people I can safely say I would be able to refrain myself from using them. Unless I hit my thumb with a hammer or something that is.

  2. I couldn’t say what the UK stand is on the word bullshit, you hardly hear anyone over here putting the ‘bull’ in front of it, haha.

    America does have a BIG issue with naughty words though. I like the idea of bullshit, as I was very good at is as a child :P Don’t find myself bullshitting as much as back then though, don’t really have anything worth bullshitting about, haha!

    Dan´s Last blog post..How To Overcome Distractions

  3. Dan, in my philosophy in my younger days was, ‘if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit’, and I used to be bloody good at it. So good in fact, on occasions I even used to surprise myself.

  4. Hi Sire

    An interesting post very honest! For me personally, I would take honesty any day!

    @Mitch I think in every words there are 2 side of the meaning. The “letter” and the “spirit” side of the word.

    Bullshit is dirty in the “letter” of the word. But what Sire is saying here is more of the “spirit” of the word Bullshit. Which in this case it just mean lies.

    Giovanna Garcia

    Giovanna Garcia´s Last blog post..Don’t be a Social Network Donkey! How to make comments with etiquettes?

    1. Very good Giovanna, you have grasped one of the meanings for the word bullshit. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      1. I’d rather shovel stinky, “dirty” bullshit than wade through a stinking pile of lies.

        It’s only a dirty word because no one likes it when someone looks them in the eye and calls them on it. “Bullshit.”

        Used with the right inflection, most good “dirty” words are good, strong, consonant-laden words that can set just the right tone and convey just the right meaning. Used too often or too casually, in the wrong setting and context, they are simply vulgar, overused, and an indication that the speaker has simply overtaxed his brain and can’t think of anything more clever or meaningful.
        .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..Win an Autographed Copy of A Puppy, Not a Guppy =-.

        1. Holly I reckon I might have stretched the BS a little when I said this was a poem. As the original Ego Is Not A Dirty Word, was a song, I would love if someone could sing this to the same music. I would but my voice is pretty crappy.

          Like you I think any swear word can be overused, but in the right context they’r pretty good when trying to make a point.

  5. You’re just going to have to face certain face, Sire. At least here in America, something is considered a dirty word if it’s not allowed to be said on regular television. Your phrase isn’t allowed, and neither is its shorter derivation. The song lyrics you listed would never make it on regular radio either. That word is censored; matter of fact, if a TV station allows it to go through, in that it’s missed by a filter, they end up having to pay big fines to the federal government.

    Just how it is, my man.

  6. Sire,

    That’s a brilliant philosophy I think. As for America, remember that “the land of the free” was founded by prudes.

    As you can imagine, I find myself having to defend the word “Bitch” which actually does make it onto television with some set of content and/or time slot qualifications that I have yet to decode. I basically figure that if someone is offended by it, chances are they were going to be even more offended by something in a post and consequently aren’t really my target market.


    Jeremy´s Last blog post..Nicholas Alexander’s Law of Bros and General Douchebaggery

    1. Bitch is such a descriptive word and does not necessarily have to point at the character of a woman. It is the actual name of a female dog and can be used to describe a rant session. Personally I reckon you have a bitchin good blog.

      As for myself and this post, I figured that placing the BS word in the Title would be fair warning to the unsuspecting reading and they didn’t have to read it if they didn’t want to.

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