Maintaining Your Home Heating and AC System

Working from home provides a lot of opportunities, like having more quality time with the family and gaining the ability to set your own hours. Another bonus is the chance to get things done around the house that you may not have time for with a traditional 9 – 5 occupation. Big things can still be left to professionals if you lack the skills or the equipment. However, small things like home maintenance and repairs are easier and quicker than you think, and they rarely require specialized knowledge.

One important chore is making sure that your home heating and cooling systems are running the way they should. Cleaning and big repairs should be left to a professional, but seasonal inspections and regular filter changes will help keep major problems to a minimum. Here’s a handy checklist of things you can due to ensure that everything’s in order. These apply to both forced-air systems, which are mainly electrical and heat and cool through a series of ducts and vents, and hydronic systems, which are radiant heat systems that are mostly powered by oil or gas.

– Do a spot-check for leaks, a buildup of debris and things like frayed wiring twice a year, at mid-Fall and mid-Spring.

– Before the beginning of each season, you should also check your thermostat by turning it to the highest setting. If you hear the furnace or heat pump kick on, and it stays running, it’s working properly. If it doesn’t turn on at all or it shuts down after a few minutes, it your system may need service.

– Filters should be changed every month in order to keep your air quality high and avoid clogs that can overwork your system.

– Inspect and clean all vents, blowers and housing. Duct work should be cleaned by a professional every three years at minimum, and yearly if you have pets, live in an environment with a lot of dust or pollen or if you or a family member has respiratory problems.

Donaldson Filters dealers and similar companies carry a range of filters for industrial and residential use. Your filters for your heating and cooling, water and car should be changed on a regular schedule to keep them running at optimal performance. DIY home and vehicle maintenance are great ways to gain a sense of accomplishment while saving money.

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