Welcome to Wassup Blog, my latest blog. My blogging name is Sire and I am an Aussie who has been blogging for some time. I am not one who sticks to ‘niche’ blogging as I find these too restrictive and so Wassup Blog will cover many areas including, blogging tips, humor, news, blogging for money, SEO, affiliates and whatever I consider to be either interesting or important at the time.

Like all my blogs I encourage comments from my readers and to facilitate this I have incorporated such WordPress plugins as commentluv, and dofollow. If you do comment on one of my post you can be assured that I will in return comment on one of yours. Having said this, I would still like quality comments and I will delete those comments that are I consider spam. To encourage this I have installed a plugin that I have set to 15 words so any comment less than this will go to an error page that will require the user to increase their word count.

About quality comments, it’s for your benefit as much as it is mine as I have found that leaving comments with good content generally leads to visits from those who have read your comment, and getting people to visit your blog is what it is all about.

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