It’s my opinion that writers do what they do because if they didn’t find an avenue to share their thoughts, whether it’s a poem, short story or what they basically had for dinner last night, enter Twitter, they would virtually explode. Those who have a natural talent to write become great authors and are well known for their works. Others may start up a blog to get their work out among the masses in the hope that someone may recognize their talent and offer them a job.

The problem is that you don’t really know how good your work is beyond those people who stop by and tell you what a great job your doing. Are they being honest or are they just looking for a link back to their own blog? You will never really know, but there is a site that will allow you to expose your writing talent to a community of writers as well as being rated amongst others writing in a specific category.

I’m talking about Helium, a site that goes beyond giving you a medium to express yourself, as it also offers you the opportunity to earn money. The amount you make is dependent on the quality of your articles as the higher they rate the more potential there is to earn. The potential to earn is increased with every article you submit.

In my time there I’ve come to realize how important it is to take the time to rate the articles of others, as this is second only to the articles themselves. Helium know this to be true and so they make it compulsory that members rate a minimum of 10 articles a month to be eligible for a share in the advertising pool, but if you become a member I urge you to go way beyond the minimum as this will earn you more stars which can once again increases your earning potential. The rating of articles is easy and painless. You are presented with two articles that sit side by side and under each article are three options you can choose from. They are; By far, More and Slightly More. Once you’ve read both articles you rate the one you think is better.

Helium have also started the $1 Empty Title Bonus which requires a writing star which is different from the rating star. Can’t tell you too much about this as I’ve yet to receive a writing star, but then I have’t really put that much effort into it, you know that old time factor excuse.

There’s a vast amount of areas in Helium that you can post to, and if you can’t find one that suits you can actually start your own. What you will need to keep in mind is that just like having a niche blog there are certain channels in Helium that offer you a greater potential to increase your earnings. Channels such as finance, medicine, health, computers and technology will generate more interest amongst advertisers and readers alike bringing more people to Helium, increasing their revenue and the revenue of the articles that brought them there, quite possibly yours. As bloggers you probably already have a huge amount of material that you could post on Helium, but before you do I suggest giving each article the once over to see what you can improve on as quality is very important to Helium, as it should be to you.

Helium is not all about earning money. It’s also about improving your writing skills and offering help to others. Helium is a community with it’s own forum where you can ask questions and generally soak up the intellectual atmosphere.

I wish I could tell you more, but honestly I am still learning. The thing is that I have 50 invites that I can use to invite others to join and so if you think that Helium is for you just use my contact page to send me your first name, last name, and email address so that I can send you the proper invitation. I can assure you the utmost privacy and that I will never, ever abuse the information you have entrusted to me.


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