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Headers Making Your Blog Stand Out

Awhile back I did a post on my Quality Header Update which linked to my Blog Header Sales Page. Even though I haven’t been promoting it that much I’ve had a few sales but only one of them has actually contacted me to tell me how much he loves my headers. He also mentioned that he thought I was giving them away. I suppose I am when you consider you get all that for a low $7.50.

So far, as far as I know he’s used the header on his Plant To Garden Blog. He’s also used one of the 32 unique call to action buttons, which you get for free I might add, in his Satisfying Flowers Pictures post. Seeing as how he’s used one of the headers means he’s still got 200 more to choose from  :cheesey:  The beauty of owning all these headers means that not only can he use it on any site that he owns, he can also use it on any client sites that he happens to set up.

Check Out My Headers

I even made a HD video which I uploaded to YouTube so that potential buyers could see exactly what they’re getting.

So, if you’re one of my happy header customers and you would like a bit of exposure to your blog just use my contact form to send me the details and I’ll make sure to use it in one of my future posts. I usually charge $25 for a review so this only adds to the value of my Quality Header package.

Don’t forget you also get the call to action buttons as a bonus as well as 201 banners that you can use.

header bonus call to action buttons


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  1. Cool headers! I am very appreciative of e-commerce websites with quality headers. Those really are a great deal!

  2. Thanks for pointing out the importance of headers. I think headers are only one aspect of the whole website design. Some things that go for headers go for pictures, too. Especially when the pictures are about meals, for example. Using photoshop can make the pictures more “shiny”, and I guess this goes for headers too, right?

  3. thank u for sharing your knowledge Cool headers! I am very appreciative of websites with quality headers. Those really are a good deal!

  4. Twitter:
    This is so true. No doubt a very good heading can get get you a lot of traffic from Google even when you are at fifth or sixth place in search rankings.

  5. Couldn’t agree any more, having a quality looking header on a blog really improves the look and feel, giving it that more professional look than every other wordpress or blogger that’s out there. For $7.50 its very well priced and I will be sure to be purchasing a few in the near future!

  6. Honestly I was unaware about the importance of a header in a website or blog. While making a website, I used to see header as a normal part. But from now on, I will give extra importance to the header. It Thanks for the video and the article.

  7. I’m glad the headers thing has worked out for you Sire; way better than the way you’re playing chess lately. lol I have to say that the header he’s using is a good one; I always love the plant life. And folks, watch the video if you’re thinking about headers because he shows them all!

    Also, because this is what we do, you might want to take another look at that 2nd to last line in the first paragraph. ;-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Should You Purchase Store Warranties?My Profile

    1. Actually, I believe I’m holding my own in chess Mitch. Too bad I can’t say that for my typos. :wallbash_tb: Good thing I have you around to point out my mistakes. :laugh_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Link Removal Requests How I Handle ThemMy Profile

  8. Very true.. Whenever I get on a website, the first thing that captures me (or should capture me) is the header. I believe that a decent header makes your website/blog look very good. Also, ease of navigation on the header is very important!

  9. Your theme is simple and this it is good for SEO. I like such theme. Headers are no doubt good!

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