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Having Troubles Downloading Large Files

I’m writing this post in the likelihood that someone else is having the same problem that I came up against the other week. It all came about when I was trying to download a free graphics package as part of my freebies for purchasing Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. Speaking of which I’ve written a couple of posts praising it’s unique properties, one a review of the plugin and the other was a post about increasing sales which used it’s properties to place certain graphics with rich keywords embedded into them, great for getting the readers attention as well as for the search engines.

But I digress, this post is not about how great Andy’s plugin is, it’s about why I couldn’t download a file that was a little over 40 MB in size. Not a huge file by any means but for some reason it wouldn’t download.

Why I Can’t Download A Large File

Frustration for DummiesAs I usually do  with files that take longer than a few seconds I walked away from the computer so that I could do something else. When I came back to the computer and tried to open the file it told me it couldn’t because it was corrupt.  :ponder: I figured something just went wrong with the download so I deleted the file and tried again. Nope, same result. I emailed Andy telling him of the situation and after checking the file and getting someone else to download it he told me it was fine on his end and so the problem was caused by something on my end.  :wallbash_tb: I hate that.

OK, now I had the crappy task of trying to work out why it would download a simple file. The first thing I did was to make sure I had enough room on the hard drive. Yep, I had about 6 gigs left but just in case I deleted none essential files to free up more space and tried again. Nope, same problem!

I deleted that file and tried once again, but this time I sat in front of the monitor and watched the whole process. Like I said, it was only a little over 40 MB but for some reason it was going to take up to 20 minutes which I thought was a little slow. Anyway, after getting about half way through the download it finished the remaining 20 odd MB in a second. That was weird  :noway: Upon checking the file I wasn’t at all surprised to find out it also was corrupted. Because of the way it downloaded the last half of the file so quickly I checked the size of the file and discovered it was only about 20 MB which told me that it only downloaded half the file.

By now I was getting a little frustrated.  :hairout_tb: For the life of me I couldn’t understand what was causing the problem. It was late and I decided to go to bed, it was either that or I was going to drop kick the computer. I figured maybe it would work better once we all had a break.

I discovered the next morning that it still wasn’t working. But being the first thing in the morning and having a good nights sleep behind me I was able to think of trying something new. I don’t know why but I decided to change browsers from FireFox to Googles Chrome. The first thing I noticed while downloading the file was that Chrome was doing it in less than half the time and not only that but the download itself worked perfectly.  :thumbup_tb:

So, if you ever come across this problem, just try changing your browser to see if it makes any difference. Perhaps you’ve had this problem yourself and found another solution? If so I would love to hear about what you did to fix it.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the hassles Sire. I’ve had that problem in the past with an unreliable internet connection. Back then my solution was to use a downloading manager called GetRight. Is your firefox completely updated?
    Jeremy recently posted…Buying A Pet – Investing In HappinessMy Profile

    1. That’s OK Jeremy, these things happen, and its not like I’m not used to computer problems :laugh_tb:

      Even though I didn’t mention it in the post, as I thought it was dragging on a little as it was, I did update FireFox and it didn’t make any difference.

      1. Hmm, I guess it’s probably either an unstable internet connection or possible some kind of firefox extension conflict. I’m surprised that firefox would not have fixed something like this. By the way, this is the same Jeremy that used to comment here on behalf of some of my previous employers. I like the changes that you’ve made with your blog since then.
        Jeremy recently posted…Buying A Pet – Investing In HappinessMy Profile

        1. Definitely now an internet connection Jeremy as it wasn’t dropping out at all. Firefox extension conflict, that could be an issue for sure.

  2. I used to have this problem a lot with Internet Explorer. Like you, Chrome did the trick. I use Firefox as my primary browser and haven’t had any trouble downloading files (yet) but haven’t tried any big ones.

    Thanks for the reminder – I’m getting old, we sometimes forget stuff.

    1. Strangely enough when I was having a problem with Safari I downloaded Chrome on my Mac and it worked fine. Now I keep Chrome as a backup browser.

      As for getting older and needing reminders, I know where you’re coming from :wink_ee:

  3. Hey Peter,

    I don’t know if this may answer what really happened here but sometimes browsers put temporary files (including downloads) in temporary folders.

    I am thinking maybe you got an interruption of some kind in the middle of the file and even though you kept deleting the file and downloading it again, you’d only get half the file, because in the ‘eyes’ of your browser, that was the full file (from looking at its previous temporary files) makes sense?

    I’m thinking that if you clear your browser’s cache and try to get the same file again, you won’t get any problems (but don’t do that or you’ll lose all of your already cached pages)

    I have Internet Explorer (never use it) Firefox (developing), Chrome (main browser), Opera (troubleshooting).

    For MacOS systems I highly recommend Firefox, hope that helps and glad that you already have your download with you mate!

    Should we expect any new, fancier graphic work here in the upcoming posts? ;-)


    1. That does make sense Sergio and I’ll have to remember that for next time.

      I didn’t know you can get FireFox for the Mac. Something to keep in mind if I ever come across a problem that Safari and Chrome can’t handle.

      Thanks for the great comment mate. :thumbup_ee:

  4. Twitter:
    Not had that problem yet sire thanks for the info anyway, if the problem ever comes about you have saved me and a few more bloggers a load of head scratching.
    all best

    1. Only if my solution works for them antjon :wink_ee:

  5. Sometimes files are too large to send as attachments with your email program. I use Pando to send large files over the Internet. You can send huge movie files and other heavy files with Pando. It?s free and very user-friendly.

    1. That’s true Jillian but email wasn’t involved so it wasn’t part of the problem

  6. When I have such problems I call my internet providers and I ask them: “why the h… do I pay them so much money if I can’t even download an average-sized file?!”. By the way, next time try Opera: have you noticed that when you have a slow connection there’s a message that says it’s the best browser for such situations?
    Tony recently posted…Discovering Color & Using Paint Zoom SprayerMy Profile

    1. It wasn’t the internet providers fault though Tony so there was no point bitching to them. I’ve never tried Opera but I’ll keep that in mind if the other browsers fail.

        1. If that’s the case then I don’t blame you for bitching :guns_tb:

  7. I haven’t installed Chrome yet on my laptop, but I’ve installed it at the office just to check how it works. As to your new found solution, I also do that albeit only between FF and IE. When things go awry with FF(main browser), I switch to IE(backup browser), and it usually does the trick.

    I also think Sergio’s suggestions are probably good. I’ll remember yours and Sergio’s should I met this problem any time.

    1. Yeah, I think the next time it happens I will take Sergios advice and clear the cache just to see if it does work.

  8. Large Files always provide trouble, especially in India where the internet connections are not the best, we do not have anything like Wiimax or LTE, its sad.

    1. I can see that being frustrating Gautham

    1. I agree Gera. Also works with computers :wink:

  9. Many people are reluctant to accept the fact that they download videos and songs online rather than choose to buy CDs. But I do that and find it a task to successfully download them with large file downloads being a big problem. This share seems really nice. I am looking forward to being able to use it and benefit by being able to download bigger files with ease.
    Marc Derikx recently posted…Thinking About Resale ValueMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure if it would help everyone having download problems Marc but as long as it helps a few.

    1. Me neither Suraj, and yet it worked.

  10. I have come up against this before and in fact I find myself regularly switching between browsers for one issue or another.

    1. It was the first time for me Matt and I wish I thought about changing browsers first off as it would have saved me so much time. Still, at least I got there in the end.

  11. I encountered almost the same problem also. I downloaded lastpass and installed them using firefox . It was a successful attempt but then, when I try to use them, the icons in the upper part are not working; I couldn’t click them. Finally, I decided to uninstall them on firefox and installed on Google chrome—-and that’s it, I can use them properly and all my anxieties were gone.

  12. We are on the same story Sire, sometimes I was not able completely download large files and then I found out the internet connection in our area were very slow but when I try downloaded it later again I was able to download it. Maybe it depends how fast is you internet connection.
    Shameka Hennagir recently posted…Timber DoorsMy Profile

    1. It seems to me that different people may be having the same problem but for different reasons.

  13. Twitter:
    How strange Sire. Any time I’ve had that problem it turned out to be the file. Then again I’m on cable, so a 40MB file would only take seconds to download so I’d have known about the problem sooner. The idea about clearing the temp cache sounds like a good one.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Gera Agency ScamMy Profile

    1. That was a pretty good idea wasn’t it? Just goes to show that although we may have the same problem sometimes there are different solutions to those problems.

  14. I guess many have said it by now, The best solution is to install a download manager. Free download manager is and excellent piece of software that i use. after installing the program associate the various types of files you like to download to the list it has. That is it. The next time you click on a save / or save as link in you browser it starts to download all the way on its own.Most files have resume support which helps you to continue downloading even in the case of a Network error.Cheers.

    1. That’s certainly an option John.

    1. Firefox is becoming more and more of a problematic browser. I use to really like it but not so much anymore. I think they are really screwing the browser up. It takes forever to do things with Firefox and I do NOT download files using the browser. About the only thing I use it for is the SEO tool which are great….but I have lost some love for the browser in recent time. I hope they figure out a way to REALLY make it better.

      1. Firefox is my preferred browser when using the PC Michael and Safari when using my MacBook Air although I also tend to use Chrome on the Mac as well

        1. You know….I haven’t really explored driving around Firefox on a PC recently mainly because I have been a 99.9% Mac user the last 4 years. I just got a lap top the other day though that is a PC, so maybe will put it to the test and see. It’s so much slower for me on my mac…..and I am an impatient kind of man.

          1. Never used it on a Mac Michael. I’m quite happy with Safari although I have installed Chrome so because it had some accessories that were not available on Safari.

    2. I’m not sure if speed had anything to do with it Jim but I suppose it could have been an issue.

  15. I agree chrome is good to download, but for browsing are common problems. for now I often use firefox and chrome. are also due to auto update feature of a particular software without us knowing our slow download speeds

    1. Whereas I use Safari and Firefox, depending on the computer I’m using, and Chrome as a backup.

  16. Firefox with the DownloadThemAll extension is the solution to all your problems. I played around with hundreds stand alone download managers and have yet to find anything as seamless and easy as Firefox with DownloadThemAll. Large downloads, multipart downloading, resume downloads – this extension has it all.

    1. Thanks Alex, that’s a great idea. :thumbup_ee:

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