Hey guys, changing my blog theme to represent the different holiday season, whether it be Christmas, Halloween, Easter or whatever is something that I always wanted to do but never did because it was all too damn hard. Not with the FlexSqueeze Theme, once I had picked the banner and background images it only took me five minutes.

The best thing is that I know I can restore the blog to it’s previous setup with the click of the mouse. The reason it is so simple is because the FlexSqueeze Theme admin page allows me to save my previous setup as a CSV file, which I called Wassupblog.csv, so when Easter is over I just import that file and the blog is restored to it’s original setting. Pretty neat huh? I can have a separate CSV file for absolutely any occasion, that I can tweak to my hearts content and incorporate as simple as 1,2,3.

Anyway, while I’ve got your attention, I may as well write about something that bloggers do when the need arises. Bloggers as a whole stick together and when we see a mate who is promoting something worthwhile, whether its a service or perhaps an easier more profitable way of doing things, we help them by letting others know what that service or need is. We do this by linking to their blog.

I know that there are many bloggers who for one reason or another are finding it hard to keep up with their posting regime. When you’ve worked hard to build up a decent readership base the last thing that you want is to lose it just because of some unsuspected circumstance that have taken you away from maintaining your normal posting routine.

It’s important to keep your blogs updated because the moment you start to slack off people become disappointed and begin to unsubscribe and you start to lose your hard fought for readership. Once lost it can become difficult to get them back.

Now I will get to the part on how I am going to help my mate Mitch who is offering a very important and useful service that will help bloggers in this situation. Mitch, for a very reasonable price will write original articles for anyone in need. Just by reading Mitch’s blog you will see what a proficient writer he is, and not making use of  his talent and letting your blog lose traction would be a terrible shame.

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