Having a Gravatar is another benchmark that I use when judging comments.

Good comments have always been important to me. That’s why I have a Comment Policy. I’ve even written a post trying to educate folk as to the proper way to comment. Unfortunately most folk just don’t get it. They think they can just drop in, leave a crappy comment and then rush off. To think that a lot of these comments are left by people who are paid to leave comments. If only the poor saps who are paying for them knew what they were getting. Then again some of them do know which is why I get so many emails asking to remove comments because they’re hurting their Google rankings. I wrote about that in Google Updates And The Disavow Tool.

Only Good Comments Are Important

As important as comments are to me they’re not that important that I’ll accept just any comment. In actual fact I’ve even been deleting comments from commenters that don’t have an Gravatar. Naturally, if it’s an exceptional comment I’ll make an exception. :smoke_tb:

As a rule, people you don’t have a Gravatars usually leave pretty poor comments. Take the following for example.


While this guy has an Gravatar he has made two fatal flaws, poor grammar and a little off topic to boot.


Looking at the above two comments you’ll notice that they’re of pretty poor quality.


Finally we have another comment from someone who has an Gravatar, but not the kind that I approve of. This guy thinks all he has to do is tell me what a great post it is and I’ll approve his comment. Nope, I’m afraid it doesn’t work out that way on this blog. :thumbup_tb:

What Sort Of Gravatar Should You Have

Personally I believe that you Gravatar should be an image of yourself. That way people know who they’re talking to. That’s you’re an actual person and not just some bot leaving random messages. Or someone getting paid to leave crappy comments.

I also believe that if you use and actual Gravatar of yourself you’ll try harder to leave good comments because those comments are now associated with you.

How Important Are Comments To You As A Blogger

Really, how important are comments to you? Are they important enough that you will accept nearly every comment that people leave on your blog. If the answer to that is yes then you’re probably doing more harm than good.

Bad comments do not add any value to your blog. If anything they’ll detract from a post’s quality. Imagine reading a really good post and then being flooded with a whole heap of poor comments. As far as I’m concerned those poor comments mean the post’s author has no real confidence in himself or his abilities. If that’s the case why would I want to have any business dealings with him/her?

Good comments on the other hand add to a post. Not only that, I’m sure it will also have a good effect SEO wise.

Are you prepared to delete crappy comments on your blog?

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