In my last post, Big Brother Google Opts For Interest-Based Advertising, I talked about how Google is introducing a new form of ads, one that is supposed to target a user’s previous actions displayed while they go along their merry way visiting various sites. The way they are able to do this is by dropping cookies into people’s browsers in order to keep track of their surfing habits.

Now, whilst Google isn’t the only one to do this it has never bothered me before because I was never  in the procedure. This new endeavour of theirs will now directly affect ever person who displays AdSense and I have decided, just like John Dillbeck, that I will not take part in their latest venture and so I have just opted out of their mischievous program.

I feel that if enough people take this stance then Google will have no choice but to listed to the majority and put an end to this latest money making ploy of theirs. I’ve added a poll to this post so that we can get a quick view of how the rest of you feel towards this so called Interest-Based Advertising.

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