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Googles Attitude Towards Publishers

Googles Attitude?

Yes indeed Googles attitude exists and we all know it. At one time or another I’m sure everyone of you have had something to complain about Google. Whether it’s because of all it’s ‘animal’ updates, the latest being the Penguin update. It’s almost like they’re running a zoo instead of a search engine. The problem is every time they come up with an update someone out there suffers because of it. That someone could have been you.

Perhaps you lost your PR or perhaps your traffic numbers went down considerably. Google also has other ways of torturing us. As publishers many of us use Adsense ads on their blogs or websites. I’m sure many of you have read of instances were Google has banned sites from using Adsense or even closed down publishers accounts without any warning. Perhaps you’ve been affected by this type of action. I know I have, specifically my Sexual Aids site and my Load Of Bullshit site.

Heck, I know of people, like my mate Mitch for example, who lost adsense on his blog because of a post he did on cleavage! Speaking of cleavage I did a post called Cleavage Is Bullshit, which I’m sure all the guys out there will appreciate. As I’ve said, I’ve already lost Adsense on that blog so I don’t have to worry about offending Google. That’s the whole problem, you never know whether or not something you’ve written in total innocence will piss Google off enough for them to cancel Adsense on your blog.

Yep, Googles attitude exist and perhaps in a way I can even understand why they do it. They believe they owe it to their advertisers and perhaps some of them would be upset if their ads were displayed on our sites when we publish these depraved posts! Heaven forbid if one of their ads appeared on a post discussing women wearing a low cut dress or something. Sort of makes you wonder though how Google can place an ad such as this one on our site!

Google's Attitude sucks

Yeah, not bad huh? Not only is she showing some cleavage but you have to admit the image is very provocative, wouldn’t you? Well, how about Google offending my readers? They don’t seem to care about us at all do they? That’s Googles attitude for you.

You know, maybe we’re the ones that should be pissed!

Google now I'm pissed

Image created with help from the Logo Creator

Think about it for a minute! Where would Google Adsense be if they didn’t have any publishers willing to display their ads? They’d be looking for another avenue to make money, that’s for sure. I don’t know about you but lately Google has been acting a little like Scrooge as far as Adsense is concerned. There have been occasions where I’ve generated  10 – 20 clicks and earned under 10 cents. That’s pretty pathetic! Heck, if that keeps up I reckon I won’t have to worry about them deleting my Adsense account because I’ll be giving them the flick first.

If you have anything to say on the subject just leave a comment, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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  1. Twitter:
    Google has been harassed and marred by it’s tough stance on who publishes what, but I feel like there is a reason for that and it is to decrease pollution on the Internet.

    1. How does giving publishers more for displaying their ads decreasing the pollution on the internet? And why are we not allowed to post a lovely picture of a woman, such as the ones on my BS site, and yet they can display crap on ours? Sorry, that’s just doesn’t seem fair.
      Sire recently posted…Choices? Should You Give Customers More ChoicesMy Profile

  2. “I loved reading your post it makes you think a little”

    I work with Google Adsense and i fear the day i get that dreadful email. I look at Google as a big dog feed it enough (Adwords) and it will love you forever. Stop feeding it and that’s when i think Google shows its true colors simply because Google favors advertisers (who pay) rather than publishers (who get paid).

  3. Twitter:
    Yeah, Google is doing many things often. In my SEO career I have seen few major shifts – tolerating small websites, tolerating big websites, tolerating blogs, etc. Well, Google took most SERP benefits for WordPress based blogs for a good reason, but I personally don’t have an explanation why AdSense earnings are dropping down every next month.

    1. You’ve noticed it too Carl? All I can say is that if it continues to be a bad performer I’m going to give them the flick and look elsewhere for supplementing my income.
      Sire recently posted…Getting More Traffic To Your SitesMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I think the first one that reported that was our friend Mitch, it took a bit longer for me to notice it and I think it was slight moving niche related reduction. Sure, you are many years in this business and there are alternatives. I am also about de-googalization in marketing and income terms.

  4. Google is playing very smart these days with publishers. If found something wrong with your adsense account activity. You may soon receive a dreadful email :razz_wp:

  5. Yes Google is definitely a beast that sets its own rules. On the one hand they want to ensure the high quality of their search results yet then they display adverts such as the one you showed in your post! I think sometimes they take decisions lightly, when it is hard-working people’s livelihoods and the ability to put food on the table that is affected whenever they make any algo update and push sites down the rankings for various reasons.
    Chris recently posted…Peugeot 7 Seater – The 5008 MPVMy Profile

    1. What get’s me about Google is the way they make a decision and there isn’t all that much you can do about it. At least that is the impression I get from reading posts from people who have been affected from their decision in one way or another.
      Sire recently posted…Google Tip Check For Broken LinksMy Profile

  6. Hi Sire, you’re right Google’s decision making process is pretty much a one-way process – you take the hand you’re dealt from Google and try and make the best of it. Don’t try and argue with higher powers ;) otherwise they’ll penalise you further!
    John recently posted…Cheap Double 2 Seater Sofa BedsMy Profile

  7. With last year’s Panda release, and the more recent Penguin release, Google is going to flip SEO on its head. If Old SEO enabled some to fool a crawler into indexing borderline junk content to get high rankings, New SEO looks likely to take any notion of fooling anyone out of the equation. :hi_:

    1. The problem is Daniel, and it will always be a problem, is that as soon as Google works in a new update people will find ways to work around it.
      Sire recently posted…Money Making Potential How I Improved ItMy Profile

  8. I haven’t crossed the Google monster yet, but it seems like every time I hear of someone doing so the story is the same. One day out of the blue their account is suspended and when they inquire as to why the answer is something along the lines of “You violated one of the terms or conditions or something, whatever go away and stop bothering us.”. It makes me wonder how long they can play it so fast and loose before it starts affecting their bottom line.
    Clyde recently posted…Common Problems And Solutions For Freshwater AquariumsMy Profile

    1. I reckon for about as long as it takes someone to put a comparable product on the market. ONce that happens people will swing over and Google will wonder what the hell hit them.
      Sire recently posted…Getting More Traffic To Your SitesMy Profile

  9. Interesting to read this article and the comments, because so far I’ve been spared the wrath of Google regarding Adsense, although I do only have a few sites with it on.

    Mind you one of these sites has had several clicks and made like 2p for one click? I mean come on! Luckily it’s not the only source of income from the site.

  10. When I did my KW research for a site, adsense clicks we going for £14 each in a long tail version of this KW. By the time I’d got a site up, ranked and was receiving traffic, this had dropped off to a fraction of that amount – annoying.

    1. Tell me about it. There have been times when I received click for no income at all! Must be those community ads or Google is just ripping me off.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  11. Hi Sire & ‘P Gambini’, the CPC that you see when you’re doing your keyword research is the price that advertisers would pay to be at the top of the paid results in the search results. The CPC for the content network is typically a lot lower. You can get a bit of an indication using the ‘Contextual Targeting’ tool within Google Adwords, that will show you roughly what advertisers are paying on the content network.

    Hope that helps!
    Chris recently posted…The Economical & Affordable Volkswagen 4×4 TiguanMy Profile

    1. Hey Chris, thanks for that bit of information. Personally I don’t bother taking the research that far. I just pick the keywords that I hope will bring the traffic. I don’t even look at the CPC.
      Sire recently posted…Get Online Lottery TicketsMy Profile

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