Googles Attitude?

Yes indeed Googles attitude exists and we all know it. At one time or another I’m sure everyone of you have had something to complain about Google. Whether it’s because of all it’s ‘animal’ updates, the latest being the Penguin update. It’s almost like they’re running a zoo instead of a search engine. The problem is every time they come up with an update someone out there suffers because of it. That someone could have been you.

Perhaps you lost your PR or perhaps your traffic numbers went down considerably. Google also has other ways of torturing us. As publishers many of us use Adsense ads on their blogs or websites. I’m sure many of you have read of instances were Google has banned sites from using Adsense or even closed down publishers accounts without any warning. Perhaps you’ve been affected by this type of action. I know I have, specifically my Sexual Aids site and my Load Of Bullshit site.

Heck, I know of people, like my mate Mitch for example, who lost adsense on his blog because of a post he did on cleavage! Speaking of cleavage I did a post called Cleavage Is Bullshit, which I’m sure all the guys out there will appreciate. As I’ve said, I’ve already lost Adsense on that blog so I don’t have to worry about offending Google. That’s the whole problem, you never know whether or not something you’ve written in total innocence will piss Google off enough for them to cancel Adsense on your blog.

Yep, Googles attitude exist and perhaps in a way I can even understand why they do it. They believe they owe it to their advertisers and perhaps some of them would be upset if their ads were displayed on our sites when we publish these depraved posts! Heaven forbid if one of their ads appeared on a post discussing women wearing a low cut dress or something. Sort of makes you wonder though how Google can place an ad such as this one on our site!

Google's Attitude sucks

Yeah, not bad huh? Not only is she showing some cleavage but you have to admit the image is very provocative, wouldn’t you? Well, how about Google offending my readers? They don’t seem to care about us at all do they? That’s Googles attitude for you.

You know, maybe we’re the ones that should be pissed!

Google now I'm pissed

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Think about it for a minute! Where would Google Adsense be if they didn’t have any publishers willing to display their ads? They’d be looking for another avenue to make money, that’s for sure. I don’t know about you but lately Google has been acting a little like Scrooge as far as Adsense is concerned. There have been occasions where I’ve generated  10 – 20 clicks and earned under 10 cents. That’s pretty pathetic! Heck, if that keeps up I reckon I won’t have to worry about them deleting my Adsense account because I’ll be giving them the flick first.

If you have anything to say on the subject just leave a comment, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


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