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Google, Google Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Like most of you guys Google has occasionally dealt me the short end of the stick and overtime they’ve done that I’ve been inspired to write a post about it. There was the first time I was Google slapped when they stripped my blog of it’s PR and I wrote Ten Reasons Why Google Took My PR. That was about the time when I stopped worrying about PR and just wrote for the enjoyment factor of writing and interacting with those who took the time to comment.

There was also the post titled Bloody Google Just Doesn’t Care, another post dedicated to Googles lack of sensitivity and their love of stripping sites of their PR because they felt those sites had broken some golden rule or something. That post even inspired me to write a poem where I compared Google to a woman, sorry ladies. :devil_tb: I have to admit I kinda like that poem. :smoke_tb:

GoogleGodEnough of the past, let’s get stuck into the present. You all know about my latest blog, Buy Online Lotto Tickets, well that is one of two blogs where I actually try to rank highly in the search engines. This is because they were born for the sole purpose of earning me an online income That being the case I’ve been trying to do all the right things, using Market Samurai to research all the right keywords, posting what I believe to be good content and doing what I can to market them online.

At first everything was going really well. The keywords I was targeting was buy online lotto tickets, a logical choice as they were the same words that appeared in the domain name. In just under two weeks I went from not being listed at all to appearing on the second page of Google! I thought great, things are going swell and then all of a sudden those keywords disappeared off the radar, I stopped searching, with a fair bit of disgust, after page 30. WTF! :furious_tb: :guns_tb: :wallbash_tb:

OK! So what the hell is going on. I don’t do black hat SEO. I haven’t broken any of their so called golden rules, so I have to tell you guys I’m feeling a little slighted at the moment. I’ve been hitting the forums and googling all over the place but I haven’t been able to find a logical reason for it. Someone suggested that perhaps I fell victim to the latest Google Panda update, but if that’s true why pick on that particular blog? All my other blogs seem unaffected.


I’m hoping that by posting this someone can point me in the right direction so that I can rectify the situation. Just so you know I am on page one of Bing and Yahoo for that keyword phrase so the only one that is being obstinate is Google, but then thats no real surprise is it?


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  1. Twitter:
    Remember way back when they used to call that going into the Google sandbox. In essence, almost any site that shows fast growth within the first couple of weeks suddenly gets penalized and drops drastically as Google tries to figure out why that site jumped so high so fast and then figures out where it should probably be placed. Often within a week or two some folks find themselves back where they thought they should be, and others it takes a little longer.

    I haven’t heard anyone talking about it in a long while, though, but maybe look up that term to see if that might be the reason, and if Google’s still doing that.

    By the way, the image ads you have, the sexy stuff so to speak… does it ever change, or will it be this same stuff from this point on?
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…21 Of The Top Black Social Media InfluencersMy Profile

    1. Blasted sandbox! I prefer the old sandbox where the kids used to play in rather than the Internet one where Google shoves you as a type of purgatory where you have to wait until they’re ready to let you out.

      Man, as if it isn’t hard enough to get listed on the first page you even have to worry about how quickly you get there. :doh_tb:

      As for those images, they do change, not all at once though and probably not often enough.
      Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I was reading more about the sandbox thing and it seems they don’t like to use that term, but in essence that’s exactly what it is. And as I read about it the explanation seems to totally fit what happened to you.
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Stop Falling For ScamsMy Profile

          1. It is also know as the Google dance.
            It still happen and can actually be a good thing.
            What I have experienced is whenever you get stuck in the Google dance, you just keep doing what you were doing before, don’t stop because that is suspicious.
            If you just keep it up, you will come back and probably higher than before and stronger.
            At least that is my experience.

            With my last site I thought I got stuck in the Google dance, but I was not that lucky, it was the panda update that hit me. Too many affiliate links in contrast to the amount of text. Now have to wait 3 to 6 weeks till the next panda round to see if I’m allowed back in.
            Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

            1. I don’t know what it was that hit me Danny, but whatever it was it’s over now as I’m now on the first page.

    2. That was my first thought Mitch. Post an update in a couple of weeks to let us know what happens Sire.

      I get the distinct impression that Google has a bias against small online marketers.
      Ned Carey recently posted…Today’s QuoteMy Profile

  2. Peter lower your voice when you mention Google, and bow your head. LOL

    I’ve had temporary blips and hopefully that’s what is happening to you.
    Or perhaps Mitch is right about rising too quickly!

    This site does OK, pagerank 4.
    I appear to be stuck on pagerank 3 but I do have 8 sitelinks, which is pretty good.

    Let us know how things go and hope you soon start to appear high in the SERPS.

    BTW – “… I stopped searching, with a fair bit of disgust, after page 30.”
    Use the SERPS checker in Market Samurai.
    I check client sites for say 20 phrases over three search engines in a couple of minutes and then send the client a screenshot of the results.
    Great tool that Market Samurai.
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

    1. Yeah, Mitch has a tendency of being right. Sort of like my wife, which is why I don’t argue with him :innocent1_tb:

      Keith, I didn’t know Market Samurai had a SERPS checker! Thanks for that mate, that will make things a hell of a lot easier :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Las Vegas More Than Just CasinosMy Profile

  3. I have no answers for you, my friend, only commiseration; been there, done that – have the scars to prove it. Hopefully your site will bounce back once you’re out of the litter box – er, I mean sand box.

  4. Is it just me or is that an Amazon widget at the bottom?

    I am probably wrong, but I have been hearing horror stories with respect to Amazon affiliate links and getting shown Google love.

    It is just something I noticed.


  5. You are not the only one who got the effect.After Google panda update,I can see many complaints in digitalpoint this the end of Google? Bing/Yahoo must take this chance to destroy the kingdom of google:)

    1. No, I don’t think it’s the end of Google, just the beginning of many headaches for many a SEO expert. :tongue_wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…The Bellagio, The Jewel Of Las VegasMy Profile

  6. I also do not know the reason behind it. But I have certain keywords in my site that fluctuate like this. It will show on the first page result today and jump to nowhere on the next. Then it will go back to first page again if I continue building links using that keyword. Take note, it happens on one or two keywords only, the rest, they’re stable…

    1. I have written my experiences about this google fluke and I have long known that it happens to almost all new sites within its 3 months of existence (more or less). Before people started blaming the Panda update, this occurrence was just simply called the Google dance. I used to always worry whenever this happens to my sites, but I noticed that everytime it happened, my site always gets to rise above its previous position after the dance period (which may last 3 days to 2 weeks).

      1. Hey James, all I can say is I’m tired of the dance and I wish Google would leave well enough alone. As long as people aren’t using black SEO there shouldn’t be a problem. Still, I should know better than to complain about Google, especially as it doesn’t do any good.

  7. I can’t put my finger on it but almost every time one of my blogs places high on the first page of Bing and Yahoo for its main keyword, it suddenly drops out of Google’s first page and sometimes it drops out altogether. This has to be automated because it happens consistently and frequently.

    Also, from what I have heard, Google does have personnel that manually go into certain keyword listings and they can place your site anywhere they deem necessary for that specific keyword.

  8. Well, I really hates Google for doing this like this, I’ve been there too. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep :)

    The only advice I get when things like this happen is “Keep building those links man!”. Backlinking is a paint in the arse, just like Google. I guess we are all Google’s slaves.

    1. I’m nobody’s slave Mario, and backlinking doesn’t have to be a pain in the arse. I rather enjoy it as most of mine come from blog commenting.

  9. I don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about here but I came by to read your blog because you are connected to Mitch so I know you have to know what you’re talking about :) I know I could surely learn a thing or two or three…

    1. Beverly, I’m 52 years nod and I can still learn a thing or two or three… :wink_ee:

  10. The sandbox is generally believed to be a myth, but there is much evidence that new sites get a “grace period” where the new site will rank very well then drop down a good bit and stay there until the site “matures”. I didn’t take the time to check for links to the lotto site, but getting a few good ones (naturally by virtue of being cool, not buying them of course) should help.
    I have seen brand new, totally clean (no black hat, no ads, perfect code) sites that were completely unique and couldn’t rank for the company name, address or anything for almost a month. Its a patience thing.
    One thing that should be reassuring is that Bing and yahoo results tend to be a “leading indicator” meaning that is approximately where you will be in Google… eventually.
    Nick recently posted…How Long Does SEO Take? Is It Worth the Time?My Profile

    1. Being a lotto site I don’t expect to get too many people linking back to me, although I do try to write good informational posts in the hope that I may attract one or two.

      Oh well, I suppose if it’s just a matter of time I can wait it out. I have to say though that it’s not very nice of Google to tease us like that. :nono_tb:

  11. You may have been punished by Google with +30 filter for duplicate Content. It happened to one of my blogs, after some re-work, was everything normal again.

    1. There is one thing wrong with that theory, it’s a brand new blog and all the posts are original so there is no duplicate content.

  12. It’s infuriating when that happens!!

    Again, in agreement with a lot of the comments here about ‘sandboxing,’ being the potential issue.

    Keep on plugging with the link building again, I guess?

    Alternatively, we could all start a mass pro-Bing campaign ;-)
    Stacey Cavanagh recently posted…7 Ways to Get FREE Images for BlogsMy Profile

    1. Hi Stacey, yeah, I’m not worrying about it, just curious as to what was going on.

      Starting a pro-Bing campaign sods like a good idea though. :lol_ee:

  13. Hey Sire,
    Some call it a sandbox, I sort of call it the google dance. It happens once in awhile and has happened to me a few times where I would write a post, get a few backlinks and I am ranking really well, really fast. Then Bam, I am gone, not even in the top 1000 then a few weeks later I am back right around where I was originally.

    I would just keep doing what you are doing and I wouldn’t be surprised if your post came back in a few weeks. Keep us updated if you see it return.
    Damon recently posted…Credit Counseling RaleighMy Profile

    1. Wouldn’t you know it Damon, I hate dancing :lol_ee:

      I’m over it, I should know better than to let Google spoil my blogging experience.

  14. A lot of my traffic from my blogs come from the search engines. I’ve been monitoring rankings for quite some time and I can say that it sounds like the Google dance although I may be wrong. I would backlink a brand new domain – not too heavy though – and it would rank on the second, third page of Google and rise to about the first page. Then it would disappear for a week or two and come back in higher spots. I’m hoping this is the case for your site – that it comes back higher. There is a lot going on with Google right now so you never really know.
    meka recently posted…20+ Ways to Earn Money From HomeMy Profile

    1. Thanks meka, I’m sure it will come back sometime soon.

  15. Your right, Google is exactly like a woman! It always changes its mind on where my website should appear on the rankings.
    On a serious note, Google is always punishing sites for little things that you may be totally unaware of most of the time.

      1. It is annoying, my site dropped to page two yesterday, from poistion 6!

  16. I sometimes feel as though no matter what I do, or no matter how hard I try, I will never understand Google. I came into work this morning to find out that websites that I had been backlinking to non-stop for the past week and a half had actually gone down in the search results, whereas a page I have done little to no backlinking for over the past several months had moved onto the first page…HUH? Sometimes I feel like it’s all for naught; It’s hard to keep yourself from getting extremely, extremely frustrated. Sorry I don’t have any great advice to offer, but I feel your pain. I’m sure a lot of us do.
    Petra recently posted…VoIP Telefonie bei Vertriebsunternehmen auf dem VormarschMy Profile

    1. Petra, I didn’t used to bother too much about Google because worrying about it ruined my blogging experience. That changed when I started my latest blog because I wanted it to perform. Google being what it is I think I will go back to not worrying about it.

  17. Hi Sire

    If we could figure out what Google was thinking we would be the only ones lol they keep it to themselves and keep us on our toes.

    Congrats on the PR4 here :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia

  18. According to, there was another panda update released this week. That might be the cause of the sudden drop in rankings. My site has been bouncing around all this week as a result of it.

    1. I suppose that’s as good an excuse as any Jeff. :smile2_ee:

  19. I can relate to what you’re going through Sire, our website has been bouncing back and forth in the SERPS for a few of our keywords. Started out page on 2 then dropped all the way down to page 30!! Google is now playing ping-pong with our site, bouncing us back and forth every day, it used to be frustrating, now it’s just comical. From what I’ve read, it seems that affiliate sites have had the most casualties from the panda update, but even new sites like ours have been hit hard.  As Keith mentioned, the market samurai rank tracker certainly helps a lot to keep tabs on where your website is at for your keywords, it was actually the only reason I purchased it; huge time saver, you should check it out if you haven’t looked at it yet. Best of luck to you!

    1. Hey Kasey, it’s all part and parcel of being a blogger/webmaster I reckon.

      As for the Rank Checker in Market Samurai, you are so right it does save so much time. At least you still rank in the top 30, last I checked I don’t even rate in the top 100.
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  20. I was the same way in the past..trying to figure out Google is a fools errand so don’t bother. The only thing I care about now is writing to help my customers succeed and just let the chips fall where they may.
    Greg recently posted…Follow-up on your leads!My Profile

    1. That’s the best way to be Greg

  21. To figure out why Google behaves the way it does is beyond ones capacity. I have seen tons of single page xfactor sites still out there ranking for their keywords. I have also known of people getting their adsense a/c banned inspite of having solid content. Initially it was way too confusing for me to digest. Of late I have stopped caring.

    Doesn’t matter what Big G is doing right now or why it does, as long as we keep building sites with good content and back them up with backlinks, sooner or later it will show its affect.

    1. I reckon your a lot like me Amanda, you just put get the job done and don’t worry about things that are out of your control, like Google :cheese1_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  22. Same thing happened to me, got slapped by Google, I think indeed the Panda Update has alot to do with it. Just hope it gets better again, try to find some new ways, and get some more work done :-)

  23. Who knows what is in the mind of google. I have noticed the backlinks that google acknowledges on one of my sites goes up an down life the surf.
    The last update did nothing for my pagerank either, although I put little stock in that. I still have good ranking for keywords and that’s what is important.
    I guess in your case the ‘honeymoon period’ is over, and now they want you to prove yourself. Hang in there, and better times will eventually come for your new site.

    1. That’s just it Richard, no-one really knows what goes on with Google and that’s why I’m not worrying about it anymore.

  24. I really don’t understand also what’s happening here. Anyway, just improve everything about it. You have to try something else, something that Google would be happy. It is not the end of your world after all. Just continue what you’ve started.

  25. Google is known to be very strict. However, it’s annoying to the website owners because it has all the control and authority to rank page, unfortunately. Yahoo is slightly decreasing its popularity and Google is taking advantage of it.

    1. Yeah, well apart from the SERPs I’m not all that worried about them anymore.

  26. Ahh the dreaded sandbox! You can be in there for a month or for a year – depends on how Mr Google feels. You aren’t allowed to be unnaturally good at your job – they don’t like that!

    1. If I was ever in a sandbox I am happy to report I am now out of it. My latest post shows you how well the site is now doing.

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