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Google +1 Showing Others Their Stamp Of Approval

Have you heard of Google’s latest internet invention, something very similar to FaceBooks Like button? Well, don’t be surprised if you haven’t because it only went live on the 1st. of June. I’m talking about Google’s +1 button, pronounced ‘plus one’. By displaying the +1 button on your site you allow your visitors the opportunity you give your site their stamp of approval. This is no different from them Tweeting your post or clicking on any of the other social media buttons that you’re displaying on it, except for one major difference, but before we get into that I’ll let Google introduce their +1 button.

Pretty cool huh? Now to the major difference, by placing the button on your blog you’re not only showing people who visit your blog how popular it is, it also shows up on Google’s search page.

As you can see the search results shows everyone how many people like your site. How cool is that? Whereas before a crappy site can be just in front of you because they’re better at SEO than you are, you can show others that yours is actually better simply because you have more plusses on yours. I’m sure it will also show Google this, which I’m sure will affect the SERPS as they continue to collect the data.

Can anyone use this new feature? Nope, you need a public Google profile so if someone who hasn’t got one clicks on the +1 icon they will get directed to Googles sign on page. Hopefully they liked it enough to join. Naturally there will be people who will try to game the system but I wouldn’t try it, because Google being Google I’m sure they’ve worked out a method to catch out cheats and I’m sure they will make them pay for their despicable efforts.

So how do you place the +1 icon on your blog? Simple, you go to your dashboard and use the ‘add new’ link in the plugins menu, enter Google +1 and install it. Once installed it will display it at the end of the post. I went one further though, I got the code from Google’s +1 page and I entered it in a widget in my sidebar. Not only does this give people another opportunity to give my blog a +1, it shows the value of whatever page their on. Now that is what I call really cool.

Did you like this post? Cool, the you know what to do, hit that +1!

You probably noticed from that image that the search results points to my online lottery ticket blog. In just over a week I am now on page three of Google which shows that the tactics I outlined in my last post is working.

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  1. Hey Sire,

    Amazing how fast do you test new things out and I also believe that this is going to change the SEO game in the results page.

    Going to click on that and see what happens (first timer) ;)

    1. I had all intention of posting this yesterday Sergio but as usual something came up. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. I’ve seen from some comments that there are those who aren’t all that thrilled with it, but then Google does as they see fit regardless of what others think.
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  2. It sounds like a great idea from google. However we have to keep in mind that Google Wave also sounded like a great idea.

    The thing is, it may work if google is learning with their mistakes. Those mistakes started when they let Orkut decline, they have to start thinking more social and less engineered.

  3. Seriously, Google is taking over the world slowly – one click at a time. I swear that this is preparing us for something bigger – it is too similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ buttons…. down the line there will be another reason for this. It’s Google… there’s bound to be one.

    1. Oh, they have something big in mind and if you ask me it has a nothing to do with social media.

  4. I’m glad you’re right on top of this, Sire. I just tried it out… had to log into the Google account, but I assume it won’t make me do that every time I click a button once the profile has been set-up. Off now to check out the plug-in.

    1. It only does it the first time you click a +1 Allan, after that it registers your click automatically.

      1. It registers your click automatically, but only so long as you’re signed into your that what you mean?

    1. Hey Ktoddy, that’s an interesting article but I got to tell you, I’ve never heard of Klout and I don’t think Googles going to be too concerned that they’ve introduced a +k button.
      Sire recently posted…How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery NicheMy Profile

            1. Yep, and I still not interested :smile2_ee:

  5. I heard about this a little while ago I still think it is too early to see if it will or hurt search listings.

  6. I am still down on the concept, I get it but I just don’t think it will catch on. It would make sense if Google owned Facebook then I could totally see it working out.


    1. Why, it has nothing to do with FaceBook.

  7. I hope Google +1 doesn’t effects the overall change in rankings!
    This could prove to be a major setback for newcomers in about every niche.

    1. I’m sure it will Karan and I’m also sure a lot of people aren’t going to be too happy about it.

  8. Hi Sire,

    Surely this will grow quickly because everyone loves to see their names in searches – and the idea that Google might be ahead of the gamers for a short time is too serious to ignore.

    I just clicked my first +1 for you. Hope it’ll make a huge difference to your numbers!

    Julia Hayes recently posted…Photography Course in PerthMy Profile

  9. I wonder how much will this influence SERPs and I also wonder if we will see people selling 1000 +1 for 25$, the way they do now with facebook likes or fans.

    The idea seems cool, to be able to see what other of your friends, connections liked but I hope they wont use this info to change the serps to much (especially if people start to sell +1’s).
    Alex recently posted…Jocuri marioMy Profile

    1. Alex if I know Google it’s going to affect the SERPs a whole lot and that’s what has so many people worried.

      As to people selling +1’s I’m sure Google is aware of the practice and will have a plan in place to deter or punish people who take this route.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging Playing Second Fiddle To Home MaintenanceMy Profile

  10. Hi Sire. +1 has been in the buzz this week and everywhere I go I see it :). So much buzz that I have also installed it, just to take it for a test drive. However, I am still not quite sure what benefit it will bring in the future as this can also be abused :) Just like Wave and Buzz, this is another attempt perhaps for Google to enter the social arena? We’ll see. And BTW, visited you online lottery site, looks good. Good luck, LOL
    DiTesco recently posted…How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites And Increase Earning PotentialMy Profile

    1. I do try Keith, and yes it is different, although the accounts can be linked. I’ve got all my Google accounts linked so I don’t have to remember a whole lot of different passwords.

        1. Thanks Keith, I really appreciate mate.

            1. Your profile will show you what you clicked Keith and that’s about it. However Google knows all and it’s why those who think they can game the system should be very careful because the consequences could be costly.

  11. I’m kind of down on google right now. Has anyone been affected by the new Google Panda algorithm? Funny thing about my sit. I get page 1 rankings on Yahoo/Bing for my keywords but now I’m nowhere to be found on google. If anyone has any suggestions on regaining top search results in google, I’m all ears.

    1. I’ve never heard of Google Panda Mike but I do know from experience that it’s a lot harder to rank with Google than it is with some of the other search engines.

  12. I like this – yes, it is great for branding. Some people are against it and some for it, but I’m for it…. I have add the +1 button, so in a way though, maybe Google is preparing us for something bigger that they may be working on? Who knows…. its too similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button – makes one think what is up. Google is always behind something new all the time.

    1. I’m sure there is a lot more to it than just mimicking Facebook’s like button Lennart and I’m currently working on a post that will tell you some of the things that I believe is really behind the +1 button.

      1. I’m really looking forward for your post, because I have trying to found out what are Google real meaning with or behind the +1 button?

        1. Never let it be said I let one of my readers down, the post is now up. :thumbup_tb:

    1. No worries Peter

  13. I think this is brilliant but I’m also wondering if some sites will produce (I don’t know how) “fake” +1 clicks (‘cheats’ as what you’ve said) just to raise their standing and increase traffic. Well, Google can still outsmart them.

    1. I think you may like my next post Tina.

  14. This Google +1 is great for sites that are very interesting but needs to build up “repupation” or let’s say, popularity. Sites will be categorized by SEO through this. So that readers will be the one to judge or give you the points if they find your blog site very interesting. But there might be a little setbacks to this though. Like what Tina said, this Google can be faked just to get more + points. But I hope Google is aware of that. But I firmly believe that Google +1 isn’t mimicking facebook’s like button. since this Google +1 is being used for SEO purposes too.

    1. You should read my next post Lucian.

  15. Been out of the loop for some time. I’ve heard about it earlier but had no clue what it was. I think I’ll check this thing out and see if I can put it in my blog too. There, this post is my first +1 ever. :)

    1. Better late than never James and it can’t hurt to places the button on your blog.

  16. No offense, but I doubt Google would use such a simplistic factor in their complex rankings algorithm. It would be far too easy to artificially boost a site’s +1 rating. Either you could use automated software behind proxy servers or you could pay people in less developed countries extremely low prices to click the +1 button. If there really was a way for Google to use such ratings in their algorithm, they would’ve done so a long time ago when sites like digg were first getting popular.

    And yes it is a blatant ripoff of the facebook like button. The only difference is where that ‘like/+1’ gets displayed to others.

    1. No offense taken Jeremy. I’m not sure if automated software would do the trick as I’m sure Google would pick this up straight away. First people running the software would have to have an account and once they set that up and went merrily around clicking on buttons I’m sure having all these clicks popping up at once would set alarms off at Google.

      Yes you could also pay people peanuts in less developed countries but again I’m sure Google would get suspicious if a site got heaps of clicks all at once and would inspect the site in question. If they decided the site didn’t warrant all the clicks it could be disastrous for the ones trying to game the system.

      If you think about it, it’s no different from paying someone to click on your adsense ads

  17. I hope it doesn’t effect our overall search rankings because then newcomers with absolutely negligible fan following will never be able to get their content out ranking.

  18. Yeah I think along with facebook likes and plus 1 you can really draw some social buzz, the type that the search engines like, as it’s seems that this is the direction that not just Google is moving in, but also Thanks for the heads up I may add this to my websites, plus 1 done.

  19. The idea seems cool, but what if you accidently +1d a site you don’t want your friends to see, can you -1d it?

    1. Yes you can

  20. Hello Sire. I saw the video. Its nice that Google is giving more importance to the users like and dislikes. Great writing you have done. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep, looks like Google is still thinking of it’s users and that is a good thing.

  21. Thanks Sire, I just installed it on my site.

    I am not sure I like the idea though. I think it gives an advantage to those most adept at social marketing.

    I also wonder if it could have a negative impact on your site because you are not getting as many +1 as Google would expect given the other factors they use to rate you.
    Ned Carey recently posted…Excited But TiredMy Profile

    1. Its hard to say exactly how Google will work it into it’s algorithm Ned but I’m sure they will work it in somewhere and I’m also pretty sure it will force more people into working on providing good content rather than concentrating on other factors. Only time will tell.
      Sire recently posted…The Bellagio- The Jewel Of Las VegasMy Profile

      1. Like you said above, Google is smart. They will find a way to use it effectively.

        I notice that you only use the 1+ button on the individual post page not on the home page. You might want to add it there too.

        It is interesting that you have a LOT more commenters than 1+ on this post. You would think since it is a lot easier to click a button than write a comment you ought to have more 1+ especially for a post that talks about 1+.
        Ned Carey recently posted…Excited But TiredMy Profile

        1. I have actually placed it in the side bar Ned so it shows up no matter what page the user lands on giving the +1 value of that particular page.

          I could have it on top as well but I prefer it on the bottom, which like you said it’s where the user ends up anyway. :cheese1_ee:
          Sire recently posted…The Bellagio- The Jewel Of Las VegasMy Profile

  22. Interesting. This is slowly turning google in a big social network. Also it seems that google will now have access to even more information about our websites. If we put the button they can in theory know how much visits has any page :).
    I still have not decided if I want to use this button though. I will be reading more about it and thinking about it.

    1. Yep, it’s like I’ve said since I’ve first heard of the +1 button, its more than just a social media tool.

    1. I agree with you Robin, all it needs is a little more time.

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