Good Old Hooters Friday Funnies #367

Love Good Old Hooters

Old Hooters Joke

Why a post about good old hooters? Because it’s funny, that’s why.

Two guys grow up together and are the best of friends. After college, one moves to Maryland and the other to Texas. They agree to meet every ten years in Vero Beach, Florida, to play golf and catch up with each other.

At age 32, they meet, finish their round of golf and head for lunch.

“Where you wanna go?” asks one. “Hooters,” replies the other.

“Why, Hooters?”

“They have those broads with the big racks, the tight shorts and the gorgeous legs.”

“You’re on.”

At age 42, they meet and play golf again.

“Where you wanna go for lunch?” “Hooters.”

“Again? Why?”

“They have, cold beer, big-screen TVs, and side action on the games.”


At age 52, they meet and play again. “So where you wanna go for lunch?”



“The food is pretty good, and there’s plenty of parking.”


At age 62, they meet again.

After a round of golf, one says, “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.”


“Wings are half price and the food isn’t too spicy.”

“Good choice.”

At age 72, they meet again.

Once again, after a round of golf, one says, “Where shall we go for lunch?”



“They have six accessible parking spaces right by the door, and they have senior discounts.”

“Great choice.”

At age 82, they meet and play again. “Where should we go for lunch?”



“Because we’ve never been there before.”


You didn’t expect that, did you? I know I didn’t.

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