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Global Helping Hand For Bloggers Day

It’s a pretty well known fact that many bloggers exist today because they want to share their acquired knowledge with others, and this is indeed a very good thing that they do. Wouldn’t it be great though if they could go beyond merely sharing their experience in  a well thought out post.

There are many ways that we can help other bloggers, some of which I would like to outline below.

  1. Comment on their blog. This is a win win situation, as you are building their morale as well as helping to build your presence on the Net.
  2. Reply to comments left on your blog. Not everybody does this, and that’s a shame. Stand out from the crowd by showing your readers you appreciate their comment by replying to them wherever possible. Does not mean that you have to reply to every single comment.
  3. Share some link luv. Again, a win win situation as this will inform others of great content that you’ve found and may well earn some brownie points with the one getting the link luv. If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it because it’s always better to give than it is to receive.
  4. Promoting Blogger Projects: Let’s face it, most of us are pretty green when it comes to marketing, but imagine how much help it would be if we were to help when we come across a blogger who has a special talent but is finding it hard to market their products. It could be an eBook, arts and craft, a forum or whatever. Wouldn’t it be great if we could give them a little boost.
  5. Affiliate products: Almost every blogger is promoting one affiliate or another, but when we’re in the market for purchasing a product, do we remember to support one of our blogger mates?

These are just a few ideas that I’ve come up with, and I was hoping that you guys could contribute to this small list. As to what day we should use for the Global Helping Hand For Bloggers Day, I reckon it shouldn’t be limited to a single day. It should be left open, for we never know when you come across someone that you can give a helping hand.

OK, just to get the ball rolling I would like to mention a few sites. Sheryl has been a loyal reader of this blog and she seems to have a liking, probably helped by her talented daughter Cait,  for those cute fluffy animals. Well, they’ve decided to turn their love of fluffies into an online store called Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals! These cute fluffy toys would be great for any special occasion, especially Christmas.

Just today I’ve happen to come across a talented artist called Jay Zuck, who is displaying some of his artwork on his blog.  Honestly, you should hop on ever and check them out. While there why not enter his contest to win one of his great works of art.

Then there’s Holly, another talented blogger that I’ve only just met. Not only a blogger, Holly is an author and you could win an autographed copy of her A Guppy Not A Puppy children’s book.

Finally, I’ve been having a little problem with the software that scans my email for spam and shit, as it’s allowing way too many spam emails through. I’ve decided it was time to update, and low and behold Mitch just happened to do a post on Mailwasher.  Just yesterday I decided to take the trial offer, but honestly I was so thrilled by it that I’m going to buy it from Mitch’s post, all the while hoping he will make something from it.

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  1. you have a choose different title for the link love which made me attracted to the boring round up or link parties.. I have subscribed to your blog.. hope i ll be sported in your helping hand articles.. :D
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..Download or Upgrade Firefox 3.5.6 =-.

    1. And I hope you will not regret subscribing. Thanks for the comment.

  2. You never cease to amaze me , Sire. Great article. I try to always support the bloggers sites that I frequent and almost ALWAYS atleast click on one ad. I know these bloggers put a lot of time/thought/effort into providing quality information and if I can pitch in a little by clicking an ad, then I do.

    Also, I do try to think of my “friends” if I am in the market for something and I remember seeing it on one of there sites.

    Thanks for the reminder to all of us!
    .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..New Fence Products =-.

    1. The fact that I amaze anyone is amazing :wink_ee:

      I think it’s great that we support our friends, but I pretty sure I didn’t suggest we click on ads just for the sake of it, as Google would be pretty pissed at anyone who made such a suggestion.

      1. Just to clarify on that because I wouldn’t want to come off as implying that either. I click on ads when they interest me, regardless of where I am.

        I may pay more attention to the ads and affiliate links on blog sites I frequent often and there is usually one that sparks my interest and I try to remember products that are promoted so if I am in the market I can return to that ad.
        .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..New Fence Products =-.

        1. Cool, that makes a whole lot more sense. Thanks for clearing that up Keith.

  3. I follow the first 4 recommendation but I don’t follow the fifth one because I’m not a good buyer. I think blogger are more friendly with other than anyone living with other profession.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Checkout ASUS P7H55-M Pro Motherboard Leaked Information =-.

    1. Not a problem, one should only follow the fifth when they absolutely have to. :tongue_wink_ee:

  4. Maybe we should help each other by tweeting each others blog posts a lot. I am going to start with this one and then a few more from this site.

    Thanks for the post :)
    .-= Bloggeri´s last blog ..The Silver Bullet for Blogging Success =-.

    1. Excellent Bloggeri, that is a great suggestion.

  5. I just started the blogging thing and it really amazes me the sense of community I see among bloggers. I will try to do my part as I become more involved.

    1. No worries Matt. If you’ve only just started, it’s best to keep in mind that it takes time to build a successful blog, so do not expect great things to happen all at once.

  6. Twitter:
    Well all right! First, thanks for the love; second, thanks for the purchase. Third, I’d already seen and commented on Jay’s blog, I have been to Sheryl’s blog, so it was only fitting that I head to Holly’s blog, which is what I’ll be doing as soon as I hit “submit”.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Limit Login Attempts =-.

    1. No worries Mitch,I’ve always found it’s best to lead by example.

  7. I’ll be back when I write my ebook and put up my forum. ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Pick My New Domain Names With A chance To Win $10! =-.

    1. Well now, that I have to see.

      1. Oh they’re both comin’ ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Pick My New Domain Names With A chance To Win $10! =-.

  8. Sire,
    Thanks again for reminding me to remember those who have helped me along the way, and to stay viligent in helping those folks be successful when I get the chance. All the best to you and happy holidays!
    .-= The Almost Millionaire´s last blog ..Email links – the devil is in the detail! =-.

    1. Hey TAM, long time no see. Reckon you must have been a little busy. I hope all is well with you.

  9. I especially like the one about Promoting Blogger Projects. My new consulting adventure Payson Web is a blog project where I could sure use some help from my blogging friends. The blog itself is used as a live demo of bloggers helping bloggers with comments, link love, guest posting, voting, re-tweeting and more.

    The comments have been slow in coming and I think my concept of reviewing a bloggers post then linking to it may have scared some people off. I need constructive comments about how I’m doing with this thing.
    .-= Dick´s last blog ..10 Easy Blog Post Ideas =-.

    1. I find the site a little confusing Dick. It looks like a website, but you can interact like a blog. Perhaps if you had some sort of menu or something to make it easier to navigate.

      If people don’t land on your home page they won’t know what you are trying to achieve, so an about page etc. would be ideal.

  10. I know I really feel more appreciated when I see a blog owner replying to comments. They don’t have to reply to all of my comments, but once in awhile really shows me they value me as a reader [I really don’t like clicks].

    And I do all of the above when the mood or right project strikes me. :drunk_tb:
    .-= Anne@AnneOnLife´s last blog ..1-800-Flowers + Toys for Tots = Warm Fuzzies All Around =-.

    1. I’m sure that those who know you value you for a lot more than just that.

        1. Anne, I must have admit that had me scratching my head for awhile, but I just figured I missed the meaning because I was an Aussie.

          1. Yeah, when I saw your reply I was a bit confused myself. Lesson learned – always make sure you proofread before you hit submit. :blink_tb:

  11. Where would we be without our loyal commenters.

    I’ll check out some of the blogs you mentioned as soon as I get time. Been busy entertaining a child so if I don’t make it by here at your blog know I’m still around.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Where did santa get all those elves =-.

    1. It sure would be a lot quieter wouldn’t it Rose. Whenever you have the time, this is a stress free blog.

  12. This short list is just about everything that is required to extend a helping hand to any blogger. They could be simple but yet very effective and unfortunately neglected by many. It is so simple that I do not understand why there are people who fail to follow them. All these are the reasons why I have some loyal readers on my blog. I know it would not have been possible if I did not interact with my readers. This is probably one of the most important aspects to blogging these days. Thumbs up
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Simple Method To Selling Direct Ads Or Services =-.

    1. Thanks DiTesco. Imagine if it went further than blogging? The world would certainly be a better place.

  13. i think we should also look out for other ways to help fellow bloggers and make each other’s blog stronger in various other ways, and i apreciate all your efforts in building up a community, not just on your blog but in the blogosphere as a whole :)

    1. That is a sentiment that is true in life as well as online.

    1. And right back at you Peter. Hope all is well in NZ.

  14. Were you in my head when you wrote this Sire? I see so many blogs that the bloggers never respond to comments, lost chances at building a community.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Weekly Link Dump #3 =-.

    1. I’m always in your head John, that’s the only way I have a chance in hell of seeing all those hot sheilas that are constantly around you. :devil_tb:

  15. Hi Sire,

    About number 4, I’m getting an idea about this but I thought it’s not allowed or what. Maybe I’ll this strategy in the coming days or month with my blog.

    Jp Manching
    .-= Jp Manching @ Beginners Blogging Guide´s last blog ..Blog Priorities 3: Whom to Blog =-.

    1. Whatever that idea is JP, I hope it works out for you.

  16. GREAT tips Sire. So great as a matter of fact, I “borrowed” this link to include in a post I did today.

    Boy, I sure do have a plethora of new places to visit. Thanks!
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Silver & Gold: Silver =-.

    1. Well thanks Louise, it’s always nice to know that a post inspired someone enough that they would include a link to it.

  17. Awesome post, great point about link luv, I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic and comments since I started using the plug in.

    What I think everyone can take your lead from on this is that by replying to the comments left on your site, it encourages others to get involved.

    Top post brother
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..My 100th Post =-.

    1. Thanks man, but I hope they get a little more out of it than that, like helping other bloggers whenever they can.

  18. Speaking about CommentLuv. It really attracts traffic to your website. I’ve got a scheduled post about it, so I’m going to cover the topic in some time :)

    Your current post is not just a regular post. You’ve gathered so many info about your surroundings, that I should say – keep it up, because poeple appreciate that care about them.

    Did I say “care about them”? Yes.. Exactly. No need to guess why, because again.. you’ve mentioned, that some people just need some support from the stronger ones. So this very post is about it.

    I hope, that someday I’ll be in the list of something similar :)
    .-= iWoodpecker´s last blog ..Insane List of 140 Do Follow & Nofollow Blogs with CommentLuv 2010 =-.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alan. I took the liberty of changing your url so that it conforms with the current comment policy.

      1. My name spells like Allan :) Where could I read your comment policy?
        .-= iWoodpecker´s last blog ..Insane List of 140 Do Follow & Nofollow Blogs with CommentLuv 2010 =-.

        1. Just click on the appropriate tab at the top of the blog. There is also a very abbreviated version above the comment box as well as an example on how to use the keyword plugin below the box.

          It is important that you leave your name so that I know who I am talking to.

  19. I agree, Comment, comment comment. Link, Link and link. without those you might as well not blog. Comment so that the discussion/debate can continue, link to show your support and do unto others as you would like to have done to you.

    A great article indeed, good Sir. :D

    1. You put that so eloquently….must have something to do with being a muse :smile1_ee:

      1. hehehe, albeit being a shackled one :D

        I wish all my blog posts could be described as eloquent! :blush_tb:
        .-= The Shackled Muse | Cheryl-Anne Roelofsz´s last blog ..Proudly South African =-.

  20. I think replying to comments is a must if you want to maintain relationship. It is very important to build relationship because you can’t succeed alone!
    .-= Kai@seo blog´s last blog ..Keywords That Sell =-.

    1. relationships are always important and keeping a good relationship normally requires some work.

  21. First 2 points in your list are in my opinion the most important, while also the easiest to do and it is the very least every blogger should do. Commenting generates relationships and works both ways for both bloggers involved. It’s a win win situation.
    .-= Marko´s last blog ..Friday Link Juice: Cool Blogging Tips =-.

  22. Commenting is indeed the most important thing, in fact I believe comments are the lifeblood of a blog, and without them it would stagnate and die. You may as well have an inanimate website.

  23. Great tips! I’ve often wondered about using comments on other blogs to attract more readers to my own blogs (both my personal blog, which is an indirect marketing tool for my creative writing; and the corporate blog I’m going to be setting up as part of my day job), but I’ve never really given it a try.

    1. Well don’t hesitate now Sam. As you can see from the amount of comments I get on my blog it does actually work.

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