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Getting More Traffic To Your Sites

I’ve always said that too many people concentrate too much on getting a better PR when what they should be concentrating on is ways to increase their traffic. Getting more traffic is more important because you can earn more from getting more people to your blog than you can from a great PR. That is of course unless you’re selling ad spots on your site or if you’re getting payed to do posts. My last two gigs got me $100 each for about 300 words per post. Trouble is that is a rarity and a great traffic base has more potential for a recurring income.

Idea To Getting More Traffic

There are a lot of different ways of increasing your site’s traffic and one that I’ve spoken of in the past is blog commenting. Blog commenting alone has gotten my Alexa ranking to around 60,000. Hoever, once I cut back on that because it was just too time consuming I noticed traffic dropping off and my Alexa ranking increasing. The question was what do I do about it?

That was when I came up with my Friday Funnies series. I thought if I could get people interested in a particular regular post then I could at least secure a regular source of traffic. That alone would guarantee bring me more traffic on a regular basis. Is it working? The answer is yes. My Alexa is currently at 63000 and fairly stable. I checked Google analytic and wasn’t at all surprised to see the following.

Google Search Engine Queries

getting more trafficAs you can see the majority of queries relate to my Friday Funnies post. So in essence it proves they’re doing their job. I’ve even made some sales from the Amazon products I’ve tagged on at the end of some of those posts.

In my last Friday Funnies I introduced my readers to Sexy Sal, her debut so to speak. I’m hoping that in time she will be as popular as Aunt Acid. I never would have attempted this if it wasn’t for the Logo Creator software that I purchased recently. I used it to create this little banner that will appear on all Sexy Sal cartoons.

Sexy Sal Banner

I’m hoping that in time Sexy Sal will be an integral part of getting more traffic to WassupBlog. Heck, if she gets shared around like Aunt Acid I won’t know what hit me.  :drunk_tb:


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  1. Twitter:
    From what i saw in your report, i can tell that “sex” is still a major traffic keywords and it seems that you got some impressions.

      1. Twitter:
        I know it was on the bottom of your list but i was just stating that it still has the power to draw some traffic.

  2. There may be good way to increase traffic but you comment should be appropriate. If we made a comment that “Good Article” and we drop a link with this then what is this? There may be considered as spam for this type of commenting.

  3. Google webmaster search queries are very important that every webmaster must take care about it. They all are those keywords on which our site can rank. We just need to put little efforts to improve those keywords ranking in search results then our blog traffic will increase as a skyrocket. Thanks a lot dear for this trick. :)
    Ankit recently posted…Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  4. I like the idea of a regular feature in attracting regular traffic. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to keep myself that punctual with posts. Also, great job on the Alexa ranking. I think I’m not at 2.3 million but was at 7.5 million a few months ago. I know, that’s terrible. But at least it’s going up, right?
    Brian recently posted…A Bad Pizza Delivery Gets WorseMy Profile

    1. I know how you feel Brian, I’m pretty much the same way. Calling the series Friday Funnies pretty much forces me to a weekly post. I admit it’s not always easy but its well worth the effort.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sal’s Blonde Joke & Irish Humor FF #62My Profile

  5. Different bloggers use different tricks to increase their blog traffic. Its time to generate a new to drive more traffic to my blog.

  6. Twitter:
    Yeah, blog commenting usually can give a huge spike in Alexa traffic rank, but this doesn’t always mean “real” increase in traffic. I personally doesn’t look this metric at all, but mostly concentrate on conversion improvement, even with the same traffic. Jump in traffic happen rarely and doubling the traffic that isn’t organic usually just lead to higher bounce rates and not much better conversion.
    Carl recently posted…Why Use An RRS Feed?My Profile

    1. Blog commenting is so much more than just bringing traffic. It helps to build your brand by showing people you know what your talking about. It introduces them to you and your blog and if you do all the right things it helps to build your readership.
      Sire recently posted…Become A Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

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