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Getting Close To The Surfers Paradise Meter Maids

Not all that long ago the family and I went to Queensland for a vacation, first one for a long time, and I did a post about our day at Australia Zoo. As I promised in that post I would be posting of other things that we did and saw while in Queensland, or more importantly, the Gold Coast.

As one would expect when walking down any beach-side resort the one thing you will see plenty of is pretty women and the Gold Coast was no exception. Naturally you all know how I feel about pretty women but it’s pretty damn hard getting a photo next to one when you’re dragging your wife behind you. Sure I could have sneaked one when she and Nadia were off gallivanting in any of the multitude of stores, but I didn’t feel right about doing that.  What to do, what to do?

It was while Frank and I were walking down Surfers Paradise that we spotted this simply gorgeous Meter Maid. Her name was Pernilla, she was a beautiful blond and how could Anna deny me this fine memento of Surfers Paradise? Obviously she couldn’t, especially when I brought Frank into the picture. So, while Frank and I posed next to this beautiful piece of womanhood, Nadia snapped several photos.


As you can see from the photo, there is no way you could wipe the grin from my face. Strangely, even though I’ve seen this photo more than once it’s the first time I noticed Frank had his arm around her. Way to go Frank. :thumbup_tb:

In case you were wondering, there was a time in the 60’s when the local council decided to introduce parking meters along the Gold Coast. Naturally there were those who thought this would drive tourists away and so some bright spark thought of Meter Maids. These were pretty women who would put coins into expired parking meters so that people wouldn’t get a ticket.  As you would imagine it was a great hit and Meter Maids are, lucky for Frank and I, patrolling the streets of Surfer’s Paradise.

These gals even have their own website, Surfers Paradise Metermaids, complete with photos and a short history. It seems though, because of the advent of the new ticket dispensing machines, that these beautiful women can no longer fulfill their purpose. Luckily for us the fact that they’re such a tourist attraction guarantees their survival.

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  1. I’ve heard that when good samaritans do this in some western cities, they can get fined. It definitely is a way to attract more tourists when employing beautiful women. I’m afraid I did not see any of these meter maids when I was in the area last year.

      1. Yes, looking like that with that kind of outfit, I’m sure they got plenty of attention, all positive. It makes me want to go back to Surfer’s Paradise anyway.

  2. I have to admit that Queensland knows how to attract tourists: beautiful girls and ticket free :)

  3. Wherever there’s beautiful girls, I follow ^_^ If they’re in the freezing tundaras of Antarctica, doesn’t matter how cold, I’ll still follow. I’ll stay an extra month if they’re Asian too =)

  4. Frank still got it, Sire. I think you should do this more often. You however need a different photographer, but with the same stable hand and remarkable sense of balance. :)

  5. I wouldn’t mind getting a picture with her! I wouldn’t mind her giving me a ticket either.

        1. Yep, but her purpose is to stop people from getting a ticket, not for handing them out, otherwise every bloke in Surfers would be hanging out for a ticket :laugh_tb:

  6. That is one hell of a way to attract more visitors to the Gold Coast. I am certain that a lot of people that I know would love to get close to her.

    1. Actually Gerri I think the idea was not to scare them off, but having said that I’m pretty sure that a lot of guys that come down to Surfers Paradise keep a lookout for the pretty meter maids.
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Look at that grin on your face! lol I’m sure your wife got kind of a kick out of it, but you were smart enough not to put your arm around her. As for those tickets, we now have those things as well; sneaky cusses. :confused_wp:
    Mitch recently posted…Easy Admin Color SchemesMy Profile

    1. You know Mitch, I reckon in this situation I could have gotten away with it. Oh well, a lost opportunity. :glurps_tb: :lol_ee:

  8. Hey Sire, look at you :) I bet your dentist would love to see you smiling so hard. That’s a great photo. She’s gorgeous so it’s no wonder you couldn’t resist the photo opp!

    1. Ileane, I reckon my dentist would just be happy to see me. The last time I showed up was a few years ago. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

    1. That’s probably because you’ve never been to Queensland before. :wink_ee:

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