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GetResponse Review

Before I get to my GetResponse review I have a few things I need to say. Last week I notified my subscribers that I would no longer be using MailChimp as my auto-responder of choice. I also included a link within the email for those who wanted to remain as one of my subscribers. A lot did but most didn’t. Not surprising when you consider that most subscribers never open an email. I suppose thats one of the reasons why they say you need a huge list to make money.

I could have imported all their names into GetResponse but that’s not how I roll.  :smoke_tb: I only want subscribers who want to be subscribed to me and maybe they won’t want to be because I’ve changed auto-responders. That may be stupid of me but I want to give them a choice. Now on to the GetResponse review.

GetResponse Review My New Auto-Responder

I’ve gone for the basic package which is $15 per month for 1000 subscribers. You may well ask why I’ve gone to GetRespone when MailChimp offers 1000 subscribers for free? Honestly, the main reason is because I finally decided to place my Quality Header Package with JVZoo. In order to do that I had to choose one of their auto-responders and I went with GetResponse.

 GetResponse Review Ease Of Use: When joining an auto-responder you want to join one that is user friendly and as far as web forms go GetResponse is a cinch. This is because they have 170 professionally designed templates that you can choose from. Each of the templates can also be easily edited so that you can personalise them. You can see to examples on this blog, one in the sidebar and one at the bottom of the post. You can even see the one I’m using in the email I sent my Subscribers. You’ll notice I embedded an image into the web form that you’re very familiar with :wink_ee:

I’m assuming that their email creator will be just as easy to use. I’ve had a quick look around and I can design my own or use one of their many, once again, professionally designed templates. A lot of the features are of a drag and drop nature. There are also over 1000 iStock images that you can use. Images can also be resized or cropped as you’re designing your email. The same goes for your newsletters.

GetResponse Review Special Feature: They say timing is everything and that you get the best response when you email your subscribers at a particular time of the day. How do you do that when subscribers live all over the world. GetResponse has a feature that enables your emails to reach the recipients at the same local time all over the world. You set the time and GetResponse does the rest.

GetResponse Review Analytics: In marketing it’s always good to be able to analyse your stats so that you can work out which method work best. While I sure GetResponse covers this aspect more than adequately, I’ll find out later, I especially like the way they allow you to analyse your web form stats. Check out the image below. You can see how often my individual web forms are viewed, which campaign they’re linked to as well as how often people have used them to subscribe.

 GetResponse ReviewIf you’re interested you can try GetResponse a free. I’m pretty sure that if you decide to become a paying customer by clicking that link you’ll actually receive a thirty dollar credit! Too bad someone didn’t offer me that choice.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

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  1. We love that feature of being able to program marketing at the time the client wants it. Very clever idea. Hope that GetResponse does all that you want it to, and we are looking forward to further bulletins.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure it will be a great boon to the internet marketer.
      Sire recently posted…GetResponse ReviewMy Profile

  2. Hello, Getresponse is very nice & less expensive email marketing software. I am using it for my blog and truly become fan of it.. Good choice bro…

    1. Good to know Himanshu. I’m sure I’m going to like it just as much as you.
      Sire recently posted…Neteller PromotionMy Profile

  3. Well I must say, Sire it is a good move.
    Getresponse is better and far more engaging than mailchimp.
    As email marketing is an important factor for engaging your subscribers with fresh content and binding them as your loyal readers.

  4. It is an awesome Email marketing software for those who manage with high number of Email subscribers. It is of less use for marketers with less than 100 fans in subscription list.
    Ajay recently posted…How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.4.2 ?My Profile

    1. True but that’s probably only because they wouldn’t make enough from the emails to pay the costs of subscribing to GetResponse.

      Then again, there are many, like myself, who don’t mind paying for a service that gives the customer a more professional end product.
      Sire recently posted…The Birth A New Blog EZ eSporstBetting.comMy Profile

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