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In case you’re wondering why you should even bother buying a US Powerball ticket it’s because it’s currently worth US$1.3 BILLION! That’s right, the current jackpot for the US Powerball is a phenomenal US$1.3 Billion. I’m sure that is the biggest jackpot every.

I’ve already purchased 200 lines in this weeks Powerball. Normally that would cost you about a thousand bucks but I did it for only US$13.64. Then reason I got it so cheaply is because I joined a syndicate. I did all this through theLotter! You can see the first 9 of 200 lines in the image below.

Powerball Syndicate Increase Chance Of Winning

Powerball Syndicate ticket

My actual outlay was US$27.28 because I bought two shares. Being part of a syndicate means that you share the winnings with all syndicate members. That means if we won we would have to share the winnings with 200 members. So we would each receive US$6.5 million dollars! Because I bought to shares in the US Powerball I would win US$13 million. I reckon I could live with that.

As you know I’ve been promoting online lotteries for years now. I’ve lost count of the amount of people telling me that you can’t trust online lottery agents. They reckon that even if you were lucky enough to win the US Powerball you would never see the money. I can tell you it’s pretty hard to convince those people that it is safe to buy your lottery tickets online. Now I finally have proof.

I wrote about that proof in my post the Biggest Online Lottery Winner. That link will take you to one of my lottery sites. Because of the huge US Powerball my lottery sites are getting a whole lot of traffic. Traffic which are creating a whole lot of sales. If you took my advice and joined those lottery affiliates I recommended you will be seeing some of that cash yourself. :drunk_tb:

The question now is are you just going to sit there wondering what it would be like to have all that  money or are you going to do something about making your dreams come true by buying a lottery ticket online.


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