Get Your Exquisite White Painted Furniture Online

One of the many good things about the Internet is that, sometimes with a little bit of effort, you can find almost anything you’re looking for. Just say for example you were a little tired of some of your furniture, because you felt it no longer suited your decor. I mean we’ve all been to other people’s homes and have seen furniture that just didn’t fit. Maybe it’s the style, or perhaps it’s just the color.

What if you like quality wooden furniture but you don’t like the natural timber colors because it just doesn’t fit in. Do you give up? Nope, you go to the Internet and you do a search, let’s say for White Painted Furniture.

OK, we forget about the first two results because they’re paid adverts, and the next one is useless to us because we don’t want to paint what we have, we want new quality furniture. That leaves us with, so we click on that link and where does it take us?

We land on a professionally designed website professing to offer their potential customers an exclusive range of white painted wood furniture. Exactly what we were looking for but this stuff is inspired by New England and designed in West Sussex, UK. Sounds even better doesn’t it.

So you do a little exploring and you find they do actually have some exquisite pieces of furniture, everything from white living room furniture to white tables. They even have traditional oak furniture. So you start to get a little excited until you find out that it’s based in England, and you figure damn, I don’t think they’re going to ship it to Australia. Oh well, there’s one consolation I suppose, at least those Yanks are going to miss out as well. :tongue_laugh_ee:

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  1. Yes you certainly can find all sorts of things on the internet.

  2. Hi Sire

    Good to know that it wasn’t only the Aussies who missed out lol We’ve got more important things to regain…..the Ashes!!!

    Glad I opted for smaller things to sell in my online store. Cos I have my American readers who are already talking about doing their Christmas shopping with me…yay :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. That is true, taking a look for furniture first online would give you better idea and interest before buying the actual one. Web search is one way you can find your specific thing you want like furniture. There are also sites offering online shopping.

  4. I think that white furniture is so beautiful for a home with a white colored theme. The color white makes everything in your home elegant and relaxed. The only thing is that it can get really dirty.

  5. White and cream walls goes with any interior in any setting, but white furniture can’t be recommended for families with small kids. My wife will agree on that..

    1. Really? Why is that?

  6. Totally agree with Thomas: White furniture is great (and I love it) but having a cat .. perhaps later, when I will have a aquarium …

    1. In regards to the cat, I assume you’re referring to the cat scratching the furniture? If that’s the case then wouldn’t you say the scratches would show up more on dark furniture?

  7. Twitter:
    Wow, that furniture looks pretty good I must admit. I don’t think I’d have ever thought about paying to have any of my furniture painted white; then again, my wife would hate it so it’s probably best.
    Mitch recently posted…Loyal Blue Not So LoyalMy Profile

    1. Actually this mob don’t paint old furniture they supply new ones. So I reckon you would only use them if you were thinking of updating.

  8. I just mentioned to my wife Lisa the other day how sick and tired of our brown leather couches and dumb looking darker wood coffee tables we have in our one living room. We have all light tile in that room I bet beautiful white painted wood furniture would look great in our living room.
    Extreme John recently posted…10 Reasons RockMelt Browser Rocks and 2 Reasons it Doesn’tMy Profile

    1. Even though this link is an English one John, I’m sure that someone over there in the States would have something that is comparable.
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

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