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Funny Side To Aussie Slang Friday Funnies #205

As an Aussie I’ve noticed that Aussie slang seems to be dying and I think that’s a shame. It’s a shame because I feel it’s an important part of Aussie culture. There’s also a funny side to Aussie slang.

I’ve written a few posts that has Aussie slang in it. One was way back in 2009 called Duncan and Norm’s Big Night Out Another one in 2009 was an Interview With Sire And The John Chow Confrontation. There are probably other posts that have Aussie slang in it but I reckon those two give you a pretty good idea of the funny side to Aussie Slang.

I got this email today which inspired me to do another post about the funny side to Aussie slang and this is it. Actually, it’s not really about Aussie slang, although it does have some Aussie slang in it, can you pick them out? It’s more about broadband in the Australian Bush.

Aussie Slang Broadband In The Aussie Bush

LOGON: Adding wood to make the barbie hotter

LOG OFF: Not adding any more wood to the barbie.

MONITOR: Keeping an eye on the barbie.

DOWNLOAD: Getting the firewood off the ute.

HARD DRIVE: Making the trip back home without any cold tinnies.

KEYBOARD: Where you hang the ute keys.

WINDOWS: What you shut when the weather’s cold.

SCREEN: What you shut in the mozzie season..

BYTE: What mozzies do

MEGABYTE: What Townsville mozzies do.

CHIP: A pub snack.

MICROCHIP: What’s left in the bag after you’ve eaten the chips.

MODEM: What you did to the lawns.

LAPTOP: Where the cat sleeps.

SOFTWARE: Plastic knives and forks you get at Red Rooster.

HARDWARE: Stainless steel knives and forks – from K-Mart.

MOUSE: The small rodent that eats the grain in the shed.

MAINFRAME: What holds the shed up.

WEB: What spiders make.

WEBSITE: Usually in the shed or under the veranda.

SEARCH ENGINE: What you do when the ute won’t go.

CURSOR: What you say when the ute won’t go.

YAHOO: What you say when the ute does go.

UPGRADE: A steep hill.

SERVER: The person at the pub who brings out the counter lunch.

MAIL SERVER: The bloke at the pub who brings out the counter lunch.

USER: The neighbour who keeps borrowing things.

NETWORK:What you do when you need to repair the fishing net.

INTERNET: Where you want the fish to go.

NETSCAPE: What the fish do when they discover a hole in the net.

ONLINE: Where you hang the washing.

OFFLINE: Where the washing ends up when the pegs aren’t strong enough.

Here’s a bit more Aussie humour.

Aussie Slang Post at Wassupblog

That’s it for this weeks Friday Funnies. I hope you enjoyed it enough to want to share it with your mates.


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  1. hahahaha this is brilliant! Its like an IT version of Australian slang – I’ve been looking for something like this for ages! One of my friends is originally from Australia and i’m always taking the mick out of the accent hahaha (don’t worry, he returns the favour).

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