They say that picture image is worth a thousand words. This weeks Friday Funnies is going to have some really funny images in it.

Take this first one for example. I got it in an email with the following text. I found this old school picture
I am not sure of the year exactly and I don’t know who everyone is, but I am about 99% sure that   you are in the back row on the right.

Funny Images

Perhaps you know someone you can prank with that photo? :tongue_laugh_ee:

Then there is this one that I put together with the help of the Creator.

funny images cowboy

Which brings to mind this joke I knew back in my school days.

It started with this young bloke, barely in his teens, who had to buy some condoms. He goes up to the cashier and says, “Excuse me miss, but I need a packet of f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f, I really need some f-f-f-f-f-straws! Yes, that’s it I need a packet of straws.

The cashier sells him the straws and then writes something in her notebook.

Only minutes later this guy comes back in again. “Excuse me miss, I really need some f-f-f-f-, could I have some f-f-f-f-f..tweezers please. Yep, I really need some tweezers.

The cashier sells him some tweezers and again writes something in her notebook.

Meanwhile the kid is outside trying to drum up his final shreds of courage. He strides back in, goes right up to the sexy cashier and tries for the final time. “Excuse me miss, I would like a packet of f-f-f-f–, shit! I really would like a packet of FRANGERS! Yes, that’s it, I need a packet of frangers.

The cashier sells him the condoms and then writes condoms in the list she was making. She looks at the list, scratches her head and says, “Poor guy, he doesn’t know if he wants to suck it, pluck it or f@#%K it.”

And for our final image, which isn’t funny in itself but as a meme…

online shopping

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