Dating can be stressful, but sometimes it can also be quite amusing. Todays Friday Funnies is about a couple of funny dating episodes. The first of the funny dating episodes started off well but the upcoming second date was ruined, and it was all Googles fault.

Funny Dating Episodes Googles Fault

A man takes a lady out to dinner for the first time. Later they go on to a show. The evening is a huge success, and as he drops her at her door, he says ‘I have had a lovely time. You looked so beautiful, you remind me of a beautiful climbing rose. May I call on you tomorrow?’

She agrees, and a date is made.

The next night he knocks on her door and when she opens it she slaps him hard across the face. He is stunned. ‘What was that for?’ he asked.

She said… I looked up “beautiful climbing rose” on Google last night and it said…..”Best suited for rooting against a brick wall or fence, no good in an open bed.”

Yep. It’s time like these that Google sucks!  :cool:

funny dating episodes

Funny Dating Episodes #2 Meeting In The Park

A man and a woman have a chance meet in a park and decide to meet up that night for a meal.
Going so well after the meal they go for a drive in his car to a romantic cliff top.

There’s not a cloud in the night sky. All the stars are shining brightly, and they both jump in the back seat.

While having fun, the woman stops and says “I’m really sorry about this and should have told you earlier, but I do this for a living and if you want to go all the way it will cost you £50”.

“WHAT!, you’re telling me this now when I’m all up for it knowing that of course, I’ll pay you.”

The man pays and to be fair had a fantastic time.

Afterwards, they both get in the front seats and just sit there, hearing only some crickets in the background the woman said, “shall we get a move on then?”

The man said, “I’m really sorry I should have told you earlier, I’m actually a cabbie it’s going to cost you £55 to get home”.

I have a funny feeling That I may have posted the last of the funny dating episodes before, but who cares. It’s so funny I don’t think anybody will mind if it’s resurrected.

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