Well, my loyal readers, it is time to stir your emotions with another of my poems. This one is pretty different from the poems I normally come up with both in style and in content. I hope you enjoy it.

Serenity, warmth, a heartbeat,
Time passes.

Sudden movement, pain,
Pain subsides, increases and then,
Brightness, noises, blurred images,
Confusion, then warmth, nourishment.
Time passes.

Learning begins, emotions evolve
Touching, tasting and exploring
Laughter, cuddles and joy
Life is good.
Time passes

Learning continues, senses throb
Images invade, world’s troubles implode
A shout, you bad boy stabs self
Feelings hurting, confusion strikes
Must withdraw for contemplation
Time passes

World is different, many changes
Life is shared, family grows
Must provide, stress multiplies
Crosses to carry, more than can bear
Much to carry, a man does not cry
Book is read, much knowledge and parables
Must assimilate
Time passes

Life’s troubles, always there
Must learn not to cope alone
Troubles grow, shout of anguish
Voice within, calming, ‘Trust in Me’
What? Who said that? Pain!
Voice within, calming, ‘Believe in Me’
Must listen to voice, the Spirit within
But life intrudes with worldly woes
Voice within, calming, ‘I died for you”
Yes! Realization, Dawn erupts
Accept the voice
Time Passes

World in trouble, peace dissolving
Bombs exploding, children screaming
Thousands dying, for no reason
The Word is there, no-one listening
The time is now, no turning back
Must spread the Word, people must listen
Without the Word all is lost
Accept the Word, will bring deliverance
Always there for those who seek
As in the beginning so also in the end
The Word is Jesus

I hope that the poem inspires you to leave a comment.

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