After last weeks post which was so popular it went viral I was pretty hard pressed to find some jokes that would do as well. Truth be told I don’t really know what exactly made that particular post go viral and would love to get some feedback from you guys on it so I can repeat the process.  :day_dreaming:

For this weeks Friday Funnies I ‘m going to start off with a joke about a young horny kid who wants to marry his 10 year old sweetheart.

The Funny Side Of Young Love

Mikey and Jane are only ten years old, but they just knew that they were in love. One day they decide they want to get married, so Mikey goes to Jane’s father to ask him for her hand in marriage. Mikey bravely goes up to him and says, “Mr. Smith I love Jane, she loves me and so I want to ask for her hand in marriage.

Thinking this was the cutest thing, Mr. Smith replies, “well Mikey, you’re only ten, where are you going to live?”

Without taking a moment to think about it Mikey replies, “In Jane’s room. It’s bigger than mine and we can both fit there nicely.”

Still thinking this is just adorable, Jane’s father says with a huge grin, “OK then, how will you live? You’re not old enough to get a job. You’ll need to support Jane.”

Again Mikey instantly replies. We can live on our allowance. Jane makes $5 a week and I make $10 a week. Thats about $60 a month which will do us just fine.”

By this time Jane’s father is a little shocked that Mikey has put so much thought into this, So, he thinks for a moment, trying to come up with something that Mikey won’t have an answer for.

After a second Mr. Smith says, Well Mikey, it seems like you have everything worked out. I just have one more question for you. What will you do if the two of you should have little ones of your own?”

Mikey just shrugs his shoulders and says, “well, we’ve been lucky so far”

Seeing as we haven’t heard much from Aunty Acid of late I found one on her view about kids.

kids Aunty acid

Sexy Gals Video

Just in case it was the video that made last weeks post go viral, because of the sexy girl portrayed in it, this weeks funnies video is full of sexy girls.  :drunk_tb:

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