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Friday Funnies #58 Nuns & Animal Pranks

Friday Funnies #58 Nuns & Animal Pranks

Whereas my last post explained all the benefits I received by hosting this blog on InMotion Hosting I know this is the post that everyone is waiting for!  :tongue_laugh_ee: I know this because today is Friday and history has shown that my readers love coming here to read the latest Friday Funnies post. Even though comments are down because I’m requiring people to LIKE my Facebook fan page traffic is still up. This is helped along by my list members as shown by my MailChimp stats. So, before you leave a comment don’t forget you need to like my Facebook fan page or your comment will be deleted.  :smoke_tb:

Like Gifts Guru

Man, I love the Logo Creator because ever since purchasing it creating and adapting images for my posts has been as easy as pie. The one above only took me minutes.

OK, I know you’re hanging out for the Friday Funnies but I just had to get that out of the way. If I didn’t you would all be wondering why your comments were being deleted :wink_ee:

Friday Funnies Nuns At Their Best

This is the first time I’ve seen this joke and by the language I can only assume these nuns are Australian.  :drunk_tb:

Two nuns sat at traffic lights in their car when a car load of young lads pulls up alongside. Friday Funnies “Oi, get your tits out penguins!” shouts one of the lads. The Mother Superior turns to sister Imaculada, “I don’t think they know who we are, show them your cross”. So Sister Imaculada winds down her window and shouts, “F#%k off you little wankers, before I rip your bollocks off”! Now, that;s telling them sister Now, let’s have a look to see what words of wisdom Aunty Acid has to share with us. Auntie acid See, it’s not all bad, at least something still fits.  :laugh_tb: And finally, for todays funny video I give you…….

Animals Funniest Videos

We all know human can be bloody funny but this video shows that animal can make us laugh as well. Check out the orangutan and the sex craved dolphin  :lol_ee:

Want more laughs, check out some of the following. Above all else, have a great weekend.


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  1. Thank you once again for the Friday Funnies post! I loved the video. I gotta say that the monkey taunting the dog at the very beginning was my favorite, but some of the bird ones were right up there with it. The poor cockatoo looked like he was going to shake his head right off his body when he was head-banging! lol

  2. Sister Immaculada heard “show them you’re cross”. I wouldn’t want that kind of nun being cross.

  3. Twitter:
    Some crazy animals in that video sire. Friday Funnies are still funny!

  4. Hi
    There were some really funny clips,on the video I have seen the one with the dog on the skate board but still my favourite. The giraffes head butting each other though is really brutal.. I loved the nun joke though going to re tell that a few times today.

    So thanks lee

  5. Twitter:
    The story about the Australian nuns reminds me of a supposedly true tale that happened way back in the early 90s which I read about in a newsletter called the “News of the Weird”. Apparently there was a bingo game somewhere in Australia in which one of the nuns had a won 17 games in a row causing her to be beaten up by the other nuns who accused her of cheating. Don’t know if it’s true… but it makes a great story nonetheless!

    BTW, I “Liked” to Facebook page under the name Kenneth Kowalsky.

    1. Hey Ken, thanks so much for the like. As to that nun story, it’s not one that I’ve heard but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Having said that I personally don’t believe it. :wink:
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