I thought it was only the other day that I wrote about checking your links when in actual fact it was close to a year ago. Oh, how time flies. That post was called Google Tip, Check For Broken Links. It was an important post because broken links can be very harmful to your blog or website. I mentioned a couple of free broken link checkers in that post. In this post I’m going to go one better.

Before I get to that though I want to bring back SEO Sam to reinforce the importance of checking for broken links.

Free Broken link checker
You see, broken links are the weak link in all your SEO efforts to get noticed by Google. In essence broken links tell Google you don’t care. This in turn turns Google off your site.

The reason for this post is to introduce you to a new tool that has been brought to my attention. It’s been awhile since I’ve linked to another blog, which just goes to show how much I liked this post. And no, it had nothing to do with the fact that the blog owner, Barb Brady, is a pretty blonde.  :cheesey:

Free Broken Link Checker Site

That blog post is called Check For Broken Blog Links, Something People Forget. And yes, I forgot it was a year ago since I checked for broken links. Once I discovered that I thought now would be a good time to give Barb’s free broken link checker a whirl.

I suppose Barbara’s search for this particular free broken link checker was because she wanted one that wasn’t a plugin. After all, too many plugins saps the blogs energy, does it not. That and the fact they won’t work on a normal website. Which is what makes this Broken Link Checker so useful.

Once the site has done it’s job you simply check Internal and External Errors for the results. 404 errors are particularly harmful and should be resolved ASAP. Most of mine were in the comment section, but I did find a couple in my posts.

broken link checker

I’ve just been made aware of another site that will let you check for broken links. It’s allowed me to find some broken links that the other tools missed.  :drunk_tb:

Luckily for me I use the Ajax Edit Comments Plugin which made the process of fixing broken links a lot simpler. You can see it in action in the image above. At first I just clicked the De-Link option. The problem it removed the link in the url, but not in the CommentLuv. The way around it was to click on the moderate option. This put all the affected comments into moderation where I could remove both the url and the CommentLuv links.

Would you like a list of HTTP error codes? You would? Too easy, just head over to Wikipedia’s List of HTTP Status Codes.

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