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FlexSqueeze Latest Update Absolutely Rocks

I’ve been waiting for this update for quite awhile now so you can imagine how exited I was to receive an email saying it was available to download. Man, I doubt that anyone has ever seen me move so fast :laugh_tb: Yes, this blog is now running on the latest FlexSqueeze and I must say that the improvements Ryan’s made has made it even easier to customize than before.

He’s even added a few things that were missing in the last version, mainly drop down menus and you now can have multiple squeeze pages on the same blog, one of the suggestions that I think I may have made on his forum.

Seeing as how there are so many changes, more than I could possibly include in this post without boring the crap out of you, I thought I would put together a little video using my Total Screen Recorder Gold. The video will highlight some of the main changes and will also show you how easy it is to customize your blog.

I have to admit that after installing the latest update I found that the color picker wasn’t working. I immediately went onto Ryan’s forum, yes he does give support, and after giving him access to my admin area he found out it was conflicting with one of my plugins, Digiprove, which I spoke about in the post telling you how all my posts were copyright protected. Once he tracked down the problem he had a solution for me that very night.

Now I know some of you are thinking that you’re not ready to pay for a theme and that you’re happy with the free theme you’re currently using. That’s fine but I ask you, how much money is you free theme making for you? Not a cent right? Well apart from the fact that this is probably the easiest most versatile WordPress theme you will ever come across, being a FlexSqueeze Theme owner will make you money. I got my money back within the first two months and since then it’s all profit. I can honestly say that it is my best affiliate to date as well as being the most reliable performer.

Imagine, you will finally have something that you can promote and sell on your blog, and unlike all those bloggers who are promoting a theme they’re not even using, you will be promoting one that you use and others seeing how excited you are about your theme will be more likely to buy it.

Note: After viewing the YouTube video I was shocked to see the poor quality of the reproduction.They’ve obviously downgraded the quality as when looking at it on my computer it was perfect.

Edit:Since this post there has been another update. You can check out some of the unique features at this post.

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  1. I think that if you are looking to make money from your blog you should think about the investment behind a decent theme. And other tools too.

    If your site was a bricks and mortar place, you’d invest in signage, refurbishing, advertising and so on, so why should a money making blog be any different?

    1. That’s so true Ray, in any business one would expect to outlay some sort of money in order to make money.

      When I purchased this Theme, after deciding Thesis just didn’t make the grade, making money from it was the last thing I had in mind. Once I tried it I fell in love with it and decided it would be the perfect affiliate to promote. I was right.
      Sire recently posted…The Importance Of Honesty In BloggingMy Profile

  2. Dude, when did this email come in??

      1. I’ll have to find the update download I guess.

  3. Sire, not that I want to disturb the happy “updated theme” celebration, but in Firefox I see a big empty gray space in the top right corner, just above the ad banners and roughly the same size as that area. Basically everything there in the sidebar above the Google search is empty ;-( Thought you might want to know, SY

    1. That is reserved for adsense and I see it fine. I’m also using Firefox. I assume that perhaps Google wasn’t sending me an ad or something at that particular time?

      1. It is still not sending anything for me to see, and no, I don’t have any ad blocker installed. SY

        1. That’s weird. I checked it in IE, Chrome as well and it seems to be working. I put the code in the text area of the adsense sextion, maybe that will work for you.

          1. Funny, now it displays a big, fat hostgator ad from Google to me. You might want to check your ad settings / impressions etc, I am sure I was not the only one that happened to. And if your ads are not shown to everybody, they are somehow less effective, SY

            1. That means it’s working then because it’s supposed to display an Adsense ad. I don’t have any settings as far as Adsense goes, I just paste the code and that’s it.
              Sire recently posted…The Importance Of Honesty In BloggingMy Profile

  4. That’s great to hear man. !! Those are some great updates :).

    1. Yep, as good as it was it’s nice to know that Ryan’s still trying to find ways to make it even better.

      1. Yes the commitment level of the programmer/designer adds a lot of value to a theme. I like how he was able to look into your problem and fix it that very night.

  5. Flexsqueeze looks really good! I have been browsing many sites with free WordPress themes, but I think it really pays off to be as flexible and have so many options. Hmmm, I really have to think about getting it… Thanks for showing us how easy it is to use!
    Petra recently posted…The “Getting Organized” Of Internet MarketingMy Profile

    1. I wish I could have shown you more Petra but it would have taken up way too much time. Still, I hope I gave you a general look at what it can do.
      Sire recently posted…How Would You Like To Win An Apple iPad?My Profile

  6. Great to here that you are very happy with FlexSqueeze. Although I am not using it, I will seriously consider this theme in the future should I decide to look for another one to use on some of my other blogs, like TwittNotes which has been running on a free theme and really not performing that well. At the very least, I have a reliable testimonial to link to if I decide to promote the theme as well :)
    DiTesco recently posted…New Google AdSense For Search AdsMy Profile

  7. If it helps the pro bloggers, it must be a good thing. Keep on blogging!


    1. Actually I don’t think any of the Pro Bloggers, at least none that I’m familiar with, actually use this, so they don’t know what they’re missing.

  8. Sire,
    Thanks again for the update on this and stopping by my site. Greatly appreciate you as a reader.


    1. No worries Brandon, I’ll drop in when I can.

    1. Everyone has their own preference Ray, but as someone who owns both themes I can safely say that Flexsqueeze is the better of the two.

      1. It’s kinda funny you say that as there is a massive Thesis Google Ad right up top of your page. Not sure if you’ve thought about trying to fix that.

        WooThemes is my go to theme company. Great guys, and really care about design. WooThemes Canvas is a powerhouse. Beats Thesis and I admit that I never even bothered to check out this flex theme. No doubt it’s pretty decent but I feel that I’d probably be spending forever changing the look.

        1. Hey Scott, I’m not at all familiar with WooThemes, but to be completely honest with you, as long as FlexSqueeze meets my every requirement I have no desire to find out.

          As to the Adsense, I reckon it must have picked up on Thesis as a keyword and displayed that ad.

  9. They have great themes, but in my opinion they could optimize the adsense positions better. For example, adding Adsense above the title and make the headers somewhat smaller as standard.

    1. I reckon if someone made that suggestion Ryan would easily make that option available, but personally I don’t find positioning Adsense above the header a desirable position.

      As to the headers themselves it’s easy enough to make your own.

  10. When it comes to profiting online I have leveraged WordPress since 2004, it is a tool that I know very well inside and out and when it comes to using WordPress Themes I have tested, tweaked and hacked my way through dozens if not hundreds of themes but they have always left me looking for something that was “missing” for an affiliate or internet marketer.

    1. I’ve hacked and tweaked my fair share too Todd, but I am totally satisfied with this one, especially it’s Squeeze page option, something I have yet to fully utilize.

  11. The only problem with this theme is, it broke when I used Ad Block Plus and give me only text result. That is good as site speed dramatically increase but user interface dramatically fail to impress.

    1. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that one Arafat, but then I’m not sure if I want people using Ad Block Plus to view my blog, especially if I was interested in making money via the ads.

  12. That was a great video tutorial (despite the lower quality), and has definitely made me reconsider paying for themes on my blog. I think it’s important to maintain individuality, and have a theme that really represents what it is that you’re writing about. Thanks!

    1. Well, if that’s the case you should seriously consider Flexsqueeze because with that theme you can make your blog look as individual as you want it to.
      Sire recently posted…In Search Of The Right SEO CompanyMy Profile

  13. I need to change theme on my blog but I really don’t know which one to choose, I though that thesis it’s the best choise but now I am comfused since FlexSqueeze seems really good but most other bloggers use thesis

    1. Well I’ve used both and as far as I’m concerned FlexSqueeze kills Thesis. As for those bloggers who swear by Thesis, I bet they have never used FlexSqueeze.

  14. Hi,

    How good is flexsqueeze compared with thesis?


    1. In my opinion it is heaps better.

      1. Thanks Sire. I haven’t made myself clear. I would like to know how good is flexsqueeze in terms of SEO compared with Thesis. Everyones says that Thesis is the best one on SEO, so I am really in doubt which one I chose.

        1. It is true that Thesis has a lot of SEO functions built into the Theme but I find them too confusing. Even though I use Thesis on another blog I still use the SEO Platinum plugin.

          FlexSqueeze does not have those fuctions built into the theme but that has never bothered me because I use the SEO plugin.

          1. Hi,

            Ijust bought through your link. I hope it attends my expectations.

            Thanks for your support.

            1. You’re going to love it! Once you get it up and running I would love for you to come back with some feedback of your experience with it.

  15. Free themes are nice but to really stand out you need something with a more professional look. Personally I don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a really nice paid theme for WordPress.

    1. To really stand out you need something that stands out from the rest and most free themes all look alike.

  16. I agree with you. If you want a professional site, you can’t rely on free themes. You have to buy a premium theme for sure. The best thing about premium themes are, you can get support when you go to customize it, or there any problem to set it up. I think every one should give their theme a unique touch of their own by customizing it. And that is truely possible when you are using a premium theme only.
    Raw Hasan recently posted…Dhaka Tourism – Best trips inside and around Dhaka City in BangladeshMy Profile

      1. Support is the greatest thing indeed you can have with a premium theme! :)

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