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Finally, A Plugin That Improves The Quality Of Your Comments

It looks like Andy Bailey has been at it again. For those of you who are new to blogging Andy Bailey is the wonder behind the Commentluv plugin, a plugin that is so popular hundreds of thousands of bloggers use it. Something else you may not know is that Andy recently released the CommentLuv Premium version. Being a premium version Andy has filled it with heaps of extras to make it worth the price.

I’m not going to go through all of the plugin’s attributes because I’ve already listed them in my post CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream. What’s that, how can it add to your revenue stream? Quite simple really as it is a lot easier to sell something to your reader if they see that you’re actually using the product yourself.

CommentLuv Now Improving Your Comments

The thing with Andy is that he is never satisfied with the end product and he is always tinkering with it to make it better. When developing the premium version of the plugin he wanted to ensure that it rewarded the blogger as well as the commentator. With his latest update Andy’s revamped the GASP portion of the plugin.

For those of you who don’t know GASP helps reduce your comment spam as it virtually kills off all robot spam. With this latest update it

now also helps to reduce the human spam. Here is the plugin’s extra feature;

You had some more options added to GASP to allow more advanced heuristics. You can now specify the minimum amount of words

required in a comment and the minimum time a user has to be on the page before leaving a comment. You can also set GASP to warn the user why their comment is not being accepted. You will also have to enter your username and password again to activate this new version (for security reasons). You can also show icons next to the last blog post link if the user clicked any of the social enticement buttons. See the changelog to see details (on the main page sidebar) (this message will be expire after 60 seconds)

Phew, lucky I managed to copy all that before it self destructed :lol_ee:

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who do not use plugin because they’re afraid that it will attract too many spam comments to their blog as people try to get that extra link back to their sites. Well, that may be true for the original plugin, it’s definitely not true for the premium version, especially not now.

Think about it! What is the most common spam comment you get? It’s the nice post or some other generic comment that is quick and easy to leave and adds nothing of value to your post. I can now set the plugin so that they now have to sit and think about what they’re writing if they want their comment to be accepted.

The other common mistake that spammers make is not reading your post. They now have to spend a predetermined time on the post before their comment is accepted. Heck, if they have to do that they may as well read the post :wink_ee:

Of course there will be many who won’t want to take that extra time or put in the extra effort to leave a good comment and so they will just move on to the next blog, hopefully not a CommentLuv Premium blog :tongue2_tb: , but so what? You don’t want those sorts of comments and by moving on they’re just saving you the time of having to delete it or worse still, stressing over whether or not you should delete it.

So, there you have it, CommentLuv Premium can now improve the type of comments you get. :thumbup_tb:


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  1. Hey Sire,

    I still haven’t upgraded the CommentLuv version I have, I just received the e-mail from Andy today (man you’re fast!) and I just wanted to wait a little bit more just to know it is stable.

    As you’re already using it, I think I may go and download the newer version as well.

    Take care and hope you had a great time on New Year’s Eve! ;-)


    1. Sergio, its fine to go ahead and update. I have been on the beta copy even pre-release of this new update and it works just fine. You wont have any trouble.

      1. Hey Kimberly, the new features are great but I think 9 words isn’t enough for a really good comment so I’ve asked Andy to increase the amount we can choose from.

        1. I was going to ask you what option you selected Sire. At the moment I’m not personally really gung-ho over this particular setting. Sometimes, in some places, in a few posts, a short “Congratulations, love your stuff, much success in 2012!” really is all that’s needed … here’s the kicker… from a regular quality commentor. While I don’t believe it’s enough from a “stray”… the last thing I want to do is insult a regular when a post didn’t call for more insight. I may be hyper protective of the regulars and I’ve not sorted out what the right answer is here.

          1. An interesting viewpoint Kim. I’m not sure if they would consider it an insult though. I do however feel that they may reflect on whether or not they want to improve on their comment. If they do they will go back and edit it, if they don’t they will just move on.

            That’s just me though, others may feel insulted but in my opinion there isn’t any reason to feel this way

      2. @Kim thanks for the thumbs up, I forgot you love to test these things out! LOL

        @Sire I loved your saying AND your massive action taking on it! Haha all the best with it and good luck mate! ;-)

        1. Yup, ya know how it goes, new toys for me!

    2. You know the old saying Sergio, the early bird catches the worm? Well I just figured I’d get this post out before everybody else does :smoke_tb:

  2. Glad to hear about the great changes of Commentluv and it is now premium! With all of this, we must thank Andy Bailey for this wonderful creation by giving back a free backlinks to the commentators (like me). Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Yep and whats even better is the premium version, especially with this update, is now also rewarding the owner of the plugin.

      1. We can really just be inspired to write better blog comments, that are worth while for both the commentator, and the blog owner.
        I also found that commentluv recognizes how a personal got into the website, and if he is a known spammer or not, great algorithm.
        Aviran Z recently posted…בניית אתריםMy Profile

        1. Hey Aviran,

          The thing is that a blot of people are in a rush to leave a comment that sometime they forget about the quality of it and this new version will jog their memory a little :wink_ee:

  3. That was a really eye-catching post title, Sire! I think CommentLuv is just great in general, but these improvements that were made to the Premium version sound very powerful and helpful. I haven’t heard of a minimum time limit spent on the site before the comment is accepted, but it does sound reasonable and a very good improvement in the war against spammers.

    1. The first time I’ve seen a plugin with that feature too Emilia and a pretty good one it is too.

  4. hello
    yup fully agree with u commnet luv is one of the best plugin …i m using it on my blog and more on more people are comenting finally this is one of the best plugin for bloggers

    1. Yep, and the Premium version is even better. I don’t know of a single blogger who’s regretted buying it.

  5. I have enjoyed using CommentLuv for quite some time, so when you announced the Premium version was out I bought it and installed it per instructions. It seemed to go OK until Mitch notified me that when he hovers over the little heart thingie the list does not pop-up. Short version: I never could figure out what broke and rolled back to the old version. But that didn’t work now either, so I had to take that out too. (shrug)

    This tweak to GASP should seriously deter those fly-by comments, and that will help the SEO by raising the time on page numbers. Good job Andy, thanks for the heads-up Sire.

    1. Hey Allan, I was wondering why you wasn’t using it anymore but never thought to ask.

      Sounds to me like you should refer that problem to Andy. I’m sure he will find a solution for you. It really is too good a plugin to leave deactivated.

  6. We are going to use it on our blog also, very good tool to bring the comments to a higher level. Thanks for the informative post.

    1. What blog is that Misha?

  7. This is one of the reasons why I love this plugin and the guys behind it. They are tweaking it all the time to make it even better.

    1. That’s for sure Alan :thumbup_tb:

  8. hI
    Interesting article – shame their isn’t the equivalent for Movable Type which is what I used to create my blog. I launched my blog – which is my views on life, love, relationships etc at the end of August 2011. I am getting a lot of traffic but few comments – I wonder if you and your readers could take a look and give me an idea why? So far in just over 4 months my site has jumped more than 26m places in the world-wide rankings according to Alexa to being almost in the top 800,000 which is WOW! My traffic for December was up 30% on Nov, which in itself was a record month since I launched.

    I am trying to help people change their way of thinking and problem solving so they can challenge the status quo and “be FREE be ALIVE be Truly HAPPY.” My latest article is about New Year’s.

    Happy New Year and have a wonderful day.
    Isaac Sarayiah
    Isaac Sarayiah recently posted…Happy New Year – The Final Edition – My PostsMy Profile

    1. Hey Isaac,

      I removed the link from within the post because it really wasn’t necessary as you’re already linking to your blog via your url, not to mention the CommentLuv link :wink_ee:

      I went to check out your blog and you have some very interesting articles. The main reason that I can see for your lack of comments is that you’re requiring your readers to sign in before they can leave a comment. You want to make it as easy as possible to leave a comment and requiring them to sign in is one step more than most people are willing to take. There’s a post or two on this blog talking about that very subject.

      I don’t know how Movable Type blogs work, but if you can remove that option I’m sure you’ll get a lot more people leaving comments.

      1. Thank you for looking at my blog and your comments. What you say does make sense so maybe I will see if I can relax the comment registration requirement (initially anyway) to see the response then.

        I was wondering – as you liked my blog – if you would consider putting it on your blog role or sites you like/ to see etc. As I say I am trying to help people so the more people who spread the word the better it is for everyone :-).

        Have a wonderful day and thank you once again.
        Kindest regards
        Isaac Sarayiah recently posted…Happy New Year – The Final Edition – My PostsMy Profile

        1. Always willing to give friendly advice when someone asks for it Isaac.

  9. Twitter:
    Interesting update, Sire. If Andy did that with the original plugin, since I don’t have the premium version, I might set a limit myself, though it wouldn’t be a high limit. I saw Kimberly’s worry and I think adding something above the comment area gets one off the hook, even though we both know people haven’t been reading that stuff.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Things I Learned In 2011My Profile

    1. I doubt Andy will put it in the free version as he wants the premium one to stand out from the free one.

      At the moment the limit is set to 9 being the maximum and I think it’s too low. I’ve already approached Andy and he said he’ll raise the limit in the next update.

      The plugin will merely serve as a reminder for people to improve the quality of their comment.

      1. Twitter:
        I doubt it as well. Thing is, I wonder how many words are too few at this point. Just had to move 3 people to spam and all of them had more than 25 words in their comment.
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Engagement Or…My Profile

        1. It won’t stop spam Mitch, I’m just hoping it will improve the quality of comments by stopping those guys who insist on dropping those good post type comments.

  10. I like the new feature that you can make the comments Do Follow and Show More Comments if they click the social icon (+1 or tweet). It helps promote your blog posts.

    1. That was one of the reasons why I purchased the premium version. Another reason was because as a Premium member I also became an affiliate allowing me sell it to my readers. The plugin has now paid for itself many times over.

  11. I think that CommentLuv is a great tool. As we have known for a while, a Blogger looks to build a community. While there are a few well respected people with blogs, without the ability to interact you have a published article site, not a blog.

    1. It takes more than CommentLuv to build that community feeling Matt, a lot also falls on the blogger himself.

  12. I’ve noticed blogs with the most active comments sections all use CommentLuv. Don’t know how successful this new premium version will be, but one thing I already love about it is the ability to specify the minimum number of words and the minimum amount of time spent on the page before allowing the user to leave a comment. I also like the ability to preemptively warn the user that their comment will be rejected as spam – although I wonder how effective their spam detection algorithm will be in real time.

    1. It’s true that CommentLuv attracts a lot of comments Alex and in the past a lot of them could be classified as spam. This is because while people are willing to take the link love they are not prepared to put in the time to write a good comment.

      Andy has resolved this somewhat in the latest update of the premium version.He’s also made sure that there are many more benefits for the premium members as it rewards them in ways that the free version never did.

  13. It’s a good improvement for CommentLuv plugin.
    it will also helps to create useful comments and keep the conversation alive :)

    1. It certainly is Albert and I’m sure Andy has even more improvements as time goes on.

  14. Yes really Commentluv helps to interact with the blog readers and it can help to maintain good reader ship. I am also using the commentluv on my blog

    1. Yes, CommentLuv is a great plugin but CommentLuv Premium has features that actually helps to improve comments, something that the normal one hasn’t.
      Sire recently posted…Review Of The Covert Social Buzz PluginMy Profile

  15. Commentluv this one word has taken internet world by storm. Suddenly when nothing seems to work this is working like a magic to provide natural backlinks. Andy Bailey has done a good job by upgrading it to commentluv premium to improve this already great pluggin to make it more effective. All these new features will also help stop spamming to a great extent while rewarding genuine comments. Anyway Sire thanks for such a lovely post.
    Peter Anderson recently posted…personal injury lawyers in torontoMy Profile

    1. While that is true it’s also a great, as long as premium members set it up properly, to get your brand out there for everyone to see.
      Sire recently posted…WassupBlog Now Hosted On A VPS HostMy Profile

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