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Failure Is The Next Step On Your Journey To Success

In my last post, Ah, If Only All I Had To Do Was Blog, I spoke about some of the stuff I’ve been doing around the home the past few months. I thought that I would use this post to tell you guys how I came to be such a handyman. You see I really owe it all to my dad. Dad has always been the type of guy to tell us stories about the old days. He’s the sort of bloke who would be the first to offer others a helping hand when there was a major job going on. Sure he loved helping people but he also had the urge to learn.

He was born in 1931 in a small Italian village the last of 10 children. They were a poor family and e had it pretty tough, the war not helping any. He didn’t have much of an education and had to work from an early age tending sheep. Apparently he was a bit of ladies man, finding it extremely easy talking to the opposite sex; too bad that part of him didn’t rub off on me. :smile2_ee: Maybe it would have if we had that old talk about the birds and the bees.

Sugarcane cutterAnyway, he decided to come to Australia with the intention of earning enough money so that he could return to Italy with enough to set himself up. It didn’t turn out that way as he decided to stay here. It wasn’t easy for him being in a country where he didn’t understand the language. He lived in a type of concentration camp waiting with all the other immigrants for the work that was promised them. He told of extremely hard times and how he finally moved to Queensland and became a sugarcane cutter. The work was difficult and it made his hands bleed from the burst blisters, but with time the skin became like leather and he was turned out to be one of the best sugarcane cutters around. That was another lesson he taught me, always give 110% when working for someone else.

He later moved to Adelaide and took out a loan to buy a house. It was a huge move, one that caused him to lose his appetite with the worry of having to pay back a loan but he did it with the knowledge that he wanted to raise a family. He wrote to a friend in Italy asking about the young girl, my mom, that he had his eye on and whether or not she was still available. He gave explicit instructions that he wasn’t to tell her that he was inquiring. Instead his mate goes up to her and tells her dad is interested in her. She married dad by proxy and then came to her new home in Australia.

So here’s dad, in a strange country with a new wife and a debt up to his eyeballs. He knew he didn’t have the education to better himself but he also knew he had the strength and will to work hard and to learn new skills. If someone was laying a cement driveway dad would offer to help free of charge so that he could learn how it was done. If there was plumbing or electrical work to be done dad was there looking on trying to absorb all that he could. Carpentry, no sweat dad was always there learning and helping where he could.
Not wanting his sons to lack these necessary skills he made sure when there was work to be done he would take my brother and I to give him a hand, whether we wanted to or not. Most of the time we were unwilling but you just didn’t say no to my father, he was the boss of the house and he made sure everyone knew it. Even though we didn’t appreciate it at the time my brother and I learned a lot from dad and that knowledge has been a real money saver, saving us thousands and thousands of dollars.

The thing is that anyone can learn, you just need the will to want to learn something new. I remember buying the Commodore Vic 20 when computers first became available to the public. I knew stuff all about computers, as did almost everyone else who bought one, and where most used them just to play games I tried to go a little deeper learning the basics about the basic programme language.

It was the same when I first delved into the Internet, it was all mumbo jumbo but I was determined to learn the basics so that I could do as much of the work myself as possible. I also learned that having the right tools, whether you’re building a cabinet or designing a website, like Adobe Dreamweaver CS5[OLD VERSION]Professional Design Software), makes the job a whole lot easier. The same goes with blogging, again I knew nothing about what was involved but with time, the will to learn and with the help of the Flexsqueeze theme I’m not doing too badly at it.

Life, is after all a learning experience and when learning one has to accept that mistakes will be made. Making mistakes isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t let it get you down, instead learning from them and with that added knowledge becoming better at whatever it is you were doing when you made them. Imagine what it would be like if a toddler who upon making it’s first ever steps fell down on their behind and said, “shit man, that hurt, there’s no way I’m going to do that again!” Instead the child sees the possibilities of being able to work and keeps on trying until walking becomes a part of life and then he applies his efforts to the next hurdle.

As we get older many of us seem to lose that determination to succeed. They let fear of failure hold them back. Rather than fearing failure they should let the possibility of success dominate their life, never losing site of the goal they are trying to achieve. Keeping in mind that with every setback they are closer to their goal and with every failure they are learning a lesson that will strengthen their resolve to succeed.

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  1. You are so right Sire; life is a learning experience. Thanks for sharing this peek into your personal life. May we all just keep on learning!

  2. Twitter:
    We should all be so lucky to have a dad like yours – one who isn’t afraid to take a giant leap of faith and to learn something new along the way. I’ve always been the type to want to learn how to do what I can for myself. My theory is that you never know what the future holds, and there might just be a day when I need to use those skills. As a child, my dad used to tell me I didn’t need to do certain things because I was a girl. Now that I’m grown, my mom still fusses at me for doing things like fixing the plumbing or repairing the holes accidentally put in the walls by the kids when a toy goes flinging down the stairs. She thinks they are men’s jobs; I think I’m lucky to know how to save the money on doing these things myself.

    Kudos to your dad for making sure you knew how to do those things, even when you and your brother didn’t want to. :)

    1. You know Allie, I think it’s because dad was so tough on us that I was a little soft on my kids. Rather than force them to come with me I would ask, and what kid in their right mind would leave what they’re enjoying to do what looks likes manual labor. So, I’m afraid they’re not as handy as their old man.

      Still, not all is lost. They’ve seen all that I do and I’ve explained to them how it can save them money but how it’s more than that, it’s the satisfaction of doing something yourself. They still have time to learn, I only hope I will be around to show them when the time comes.
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  3. Sounds like you had a father that brought you up right Sire. That same heart and tenacity shows in the work you put into your blogs. I can definitely see that you got your story telling abilities from him!

    1. I sure did learn a lot from him Kimberly and I only hope that my kids have learned something of value from me. They’re great kids and I hope that when the time comes they can utilise what they’ve learned.
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  4. I would like to say that err is human and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But it is very important to analize mistakes you have made in online business and make correct conclusions. Acting in such a way you will manage to correct all mistakes made. Thus, working hard you will finally manage to achieve success.

    1. Yes, first one has to realise they’ve made a mistake, then they need to work out how it came about and then to find out how to rectify it. Do this and the quality of any online business will only improve.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging! Why The Hell Do We Do ItMy Profile

  5. I’ll never forget the answer I was told to the old statistic: 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first five years. Easy answer: be prepared to fail 9 times! Or more!

    Failure is nothing more than learning how NOT to do something. Learn that enough times and you can’t fail to succeed. The only true failure is giving up and stopping to try.

    1. A lot of people fail though because they do not take notice of the consequences of their mistake continuing to go on their merry way. Perhaps if they changed things more would still be operating today.
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  6. Great Post Sire, inspiring story – and ended beautifully.

    “Keeping in mind that with every setback they are closer to their goal and with every failure they are learning a lesson that will strengthen their resolve to succeed.”

    Reminds of one of my favourite quotes

    “Success is 99% failure”

    because it is so so true.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story dear Sire :)

  7. What an inspiring story. Hard times bring about strong and resilient people. I hope this story reaches out to those who only see failure as it is because they will surely learn a lot from your dad.

    1. Thanks Jill, glad you liked the post.

  8. That’s an inspiring story. We should never stop learning and take up new challenges.Only in this way we can truly enrich our life.

  9. Your dad sounds very much like my grandfather a great guy who could try his hand at pretty much anything and do a good job. He was also very keen to learn from people and would offer help picking up knowledge in return. He also went to Australia to work but when it came time for my Gran to move over there she didn’t want to emigrate, so he returned to Wales. It’s difficult to see the benefits of learning when you are a kid and work just seems like a chore but you are right It can save you a lot of money in years to come. Wish I had taken more time to learn more.
    khaled recently posted…What Are RhinestonesMy Profile

    1. It’s never too late to learn khaled, especially now because we have the Internet. There are many tasks that seem difficult but that’s only because of the unknown factor. Sometimes a simple search on the Internet will supply instructions on how to get the job done. The only thing I would stay clear of is electrical work as a mistake could be very costly.
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Photos Is Best Done With FlickrMy Profile

  10. Failure doesn’t mean that you need to STOP instead Push yourselves to the Limits. Success is the fruit of FAILURE. When one gives up, No one has the chance to reach for the GOLD. Spirits High all the time!….

  11. Hi sire

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have Italian blood in me too! They sure know about the work ethic. My Grandfather taught my Father many of his practical skills and my Father in turn has taught my brother. He has taught his son, so I just presumed all guys were practical but found out some are not!!!

    And like you, we were taught the importance of family and what good and precious lessons these have proven to be :-)

    Often in failing we learn more than when we succeed the first time round. And if we don’t give up, we can look back and realise how much we have learned from the experience.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s always appreciated. Don’t you find it amazing how Europeans seem to put so much more emphasis on families than some other nationalities? I wonder why that is so?

      Everyone makes mistakes the only difference is some let those mistakes hold them back while others learn from them and continue to move forward.

  12. What a wonderful story ~ and such a vivid example of the legacy we create for our children just by Living our Lives as best we know how.

    We took the same kind of leap by selling up our 5-bedroomed home in South Africa and moving to the US with two kids, eight suitcases and an unwavering belief in our power to create something better for ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing this ~ you’re a credit to your dad!

    the goddess known as Jacqui

    1. Hey Jaqueline, ‘a credit to my dad’ is high praise indeed. Something else my dad is big on is the importance of family. That is something that my kids have gotten from me.

  13. Hi Sire, there is a great lesson to be learned here, as what most people are afraid of is to fail. If people could just see a little deeper and beyond the negative vibe that the event of “failure” releases, the world would host a lot more happier individuals that have managed to create successful lives.

    It’s usually hard to keep on walking but everything starts within the mind, success and failure also.

    A person with “failure consciousness” will never move forward even if all the circumstances are on their side when on the contrary, someone that has a strong “success consciousness” will manage to succeed sooner or later even if all the circumstances are against him.

    The difference between the two types of people is that the later ones understand that they CREATE the circumstances and do not get disheartened with failures during their way to success.

    Cause that’s the only road to take if you are really in for something.

    Joanna Vaiou recently posted…Article Marketing Tips – Top Article Directories OnlineMy Profile

    1. You are so right! Failure is merely part of the learning curve and yet some people are so scared to fail they always take the easy path. Now let’s make one thing clear, no-one is saying that to succeed you must take unnecessary risks, that would be stupid, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new just because you’re afraid you won’t be any good at it.

  14. What amazing value there is in being mentored. It’s too easy to beat ourselves up for failures that happen along a path that we embark on alone. I think a good mentor – especially one that loves you – helps keep the ego in check and helps you progress naturally.

    1. Parents are usually very good mentors, the problem is that some kids are too stubborn to listen.

  15. Good to hear that your dad is so inspirational to you, mine is too. He’s 61 this month and he’s still doing building work, ripping out kitchens, carrying extremely heavy things and working 18 hour days with no signs of slowing down. Great post.

    1. That’s great! Good to see he’s still keeping himself busy.

  16. I really loved hearing the story of your father. I’m sure anyone who reads this post can tell how connected you feel to him and to your ancestry in general. It’s such a wonderful thing to be proud of where you came from. I know I am, too. My heritage is something that has been a major impetus in so many decisions that I have made in my life thus far and has really helped shape the person I’ve become.

    1. We’re actually a very close knit family Petra. My brother and I make a point of having lunch with my parents every Thursday. We try to get together every chance we get and if any family member needs a helping hand we’re all there to give it.

      One of my dreams is to go to Italy to get a true feeling of my ancestry. Hopefully that won’t be too far away.

  17. Twitter:
    Sire, that’s one of the best stories you’ve ever written here, and what a great picture of your dad. Of course, my dad was a military man, so he taught me other things. That means I still never learned how to do anything in the house, but I did get a true sense of ethics and responsibility and doing the right thing.

    Thanks for this story; great stuff!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Another Blogging Research Survey Following The HashtagMy Profile

    1. That’s nice of you to say so Mitch, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      It’s never too late to learn to do things around the house mate. :wink_ee:

  18. Wow, your dad is so great! It’s a very positive he’s got and his story is indeed really inspiring. :) Anyway, I was a little curious about your mom marrying your dad by proxy, how did that one go? :)

    1. It went really well, they’re still married :wink_ee:

  19. Hi,

    Really an inspiring story!! Your Dad is an example for Hardwork, humanity and love !! Learning from mistakes is what we all have to do instead making ourselves sick!!We should analyse the reason for our failure so that we will never repeat it!!


    1. Exactly, as long as we analyse our mistakes and learn form them they change from mistakes into a learning experience.

  20. Thank you for sharing a part of your life to us. Your father has thought you strong values in life.

    You always pass failure on your way to success.
    ~Mickey Rooney

    1. Than you for reading and taking the time to comment.

  21. That was a great story about your dad. Did he like it? I learned a ton from my dad too.

    The reason I read this was the title. I was hoping to read more about failure and it’s relationship to success. The toddler learning to walk is a great analogy. It makes me wonder, “how do we recognize when we are holding ourselves back by fear”
    Ned Carey recently posted…Today’s QuoteMy Profile

    1. I’m sure he would if he saw it Ned but mum and dad don’t use the Internet at all. I did tell him about it though and he was quite pleased.

      Regarding the toddler, what makes them different from the average person is they have no concept of failure, unfortunately that’s something we learn later on in life.

  22. The story of your dad really shows that no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got to keep going. You’re always going to make it if you work hard and don’t give up. Very encouraging story, thanks.

    1. Life can be tough but no matter what humans with the right attitude can handle all that life throws our way.

  23. Very moving and inspirational story. All of us should be so lucky to have parents with a view on the future. My folks are nothing like your dad.

    1. I’m not sure how far into the future dad was looking Joshua but I know where his priorities lay. Apart from the house dad would never buy anything unless he could afford it. To this day he has never owned a credit card. I have one but like dad I don’t put anything on it unless I can pay it off when it’s due.

    1. Nothing wrong with being philosophical Keith, but it sure would be nice if one hat the time to philosophise :cheese1_ee:

  24. Great post I really enjoyed it! Your father made some very bold moves. Its good to have that type of person in the family gene pool! I agree with you and your position regarding age and the urge not to take chances or change due to the fear of failure. For the most part though, I can truly say that I dont fit that mold. Failure is a good thing, as long as you learn from it! Thank you for this great read! Dave

    1. I’m glad you liked it Dave. I would however like to add that while fear of failure should be overcome Its still a good idea not to take unnecessary risks. One has to do the research before making their move.

  25. Hello Sire,
    Story of your Dad’s Struggle is very interesting and have many lessons in it. Life is full of struggles.
    Failure is first step of success.

    1. So glad you got something out of it nazimwarriach.

  26. Your dad is an optimist and a risk-taker…qualities which I dream of having. I still have not acquired these, so God gave me a wife who has them to some extent. Now, I tend to present situations and prospects to her before I make decisions. Too bad I can’t bring up to her my online business blogging plans as she utterly has no interest in anything online except her facebook account.

    1. Maybe if you could show her how her Facebook followers could make you guys some money :winkle:

      You watch, once she she’s how your online business makes you money she’ll’ change her views on things.

  27. Thanks for sharing the story. Your dad definitely was a very ambitious person. In my opinion the older you get the more ambitious you should become in achieving your goals.

  28. It is very important to believe in success. So, never give up and always go ahead. Don’t fail into despair when you fail in blogging. Thus, one day your blog will become popular and start giving you good revenue!

  29. Inspiring story! In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do next time. To bad my dad wasn’t around to teach me that.

    1. Actually you can succeed without failing but one should not be put off if things do not go their way sometimes.

  30. What a great post with such a unique human element. I agree, we all make mistakes, but we should not let that stop us from trying to achieve and succeed.

    1. Thanks Ana, glad you liked the post.

  31. That is very inspiring Sire!

    I as well think that sometimes, whatever you plan about your future, we are all bound to not achieve it, though the process of trying to reach those goals are the ones that’s really shaping us to succeed, whether on a different path or the same as what we have always been dreaming of.

    1. That’s true Lauren, our mistakes can shape the path to success.

  32. In a business sense, I think of Donald Trump for this example. He’s obviously a very successful businessman, but he has had his fair share of failed businesses in the process. It proves you have to be willing to stick it out through thick and thin in order to be successful.

    1. A great example Danielle.

  33. Hi there.Really inspiring story of your dad.The best thing is his quality of never letting his spirit down.I believe his mindset was always clear of what he had to do.

    1. That’s my dad alright.

  34. This is a seriously inspiring post, though i couldn’t find the failure in the post, i see only determination and hard work.

    I like the point you made about the computer, and how everyone used to play games and you tried to get more out of it. I remember when the rest of my friends used to waste hours at end on facebook and myspace while i spent time figuring out blogger and geocities… the determination of doing something constructive, with little stupid education and degrees, and more of learning enthusiasm, helps a lot at the end.
    Uttoran Sen recently posted…How to take your MedicineMy Profile

    1. Don’t go knocking a good education Uttoran because there’s nothing wrong with having a good education.

      1. Education and degree is not the same… i meant your dad got enough practical education which is better than some school degree, don’t you agree?
        Uttoran Sen recently posted…How to take your MedicineMy Profile

  35. Aloha Peter,

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your Dad’s story with all of us. It is amazing the lessons we learned from our parents and how much “tougher” things were “in their day”! I remember my Grandmother showing me how she washed clothes with a washing board, instead of just throwing the clothes in a washing machine, putting the soap in, and pressing the dial!! She thought my way of washing clothes was so easy!…and it really is. :lol_wp:

    And learning…oh, I didn’t enjoy learning in school, however, I sure started to love it after I became an entrepreneur. Now with the internet, I literally have to pull myself off every night to go to bed.

    Thank you for sharing your personal stories with us! It makes us feel like a part of your family! :biggrin_wp:

    Kellie :)

    1. Hi Kellie, I’m glad you liked the story and I want to thank you not only for taking the time to comment but also for giving it a Tweet which shows you really did like it. :clap_tb:

      I never really liked school all that much but as an adult I now realise I missed out on a lot of opportunities. Too bad we can’t relive our lives as I’m sure there would be many things we would do differently.

  36. Really agree with this post, thanks for sharing your Dad’s story. Its really easy to get upset when you fail, but amongst the sadness there is always some good lessons. Great post. Thanks.
    Jenny recently posted…Chris Moyles Likes Playing BingoMy Profile

  37. Twitter:
    That is so true. Long ago I learned to change my attitude towards failure and not see it as a pure setback. I started looking at it as a learning lessen.

    I can’t tell you how easier it got for me to deal with failure. And since the change, I truly do learn a thing or two anytime I fail.

    Failure paves the road to success!
    Satrap recently posted…53 Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    1. Life is a learning experience and failure is a part of life and so every failure has a lesson to be learned.

  38. Life is full of challenge. And your dad’s story inspired me a lot. I just resign with my engineering jobs and I want to start new and fresh by continue doing online marketing back. I hope I can put your dad’s story in my mind. Thank you for sharing!
    Julia recently posted…Trading in Forex – Tips 1My Profile

    1. I’m glad you found it inspiring and I wish you luck in your new endeavours.

  39. Read this post like 3 times and found this article so inspiring. I gave up on Internet Marketing so many times due to constant failures and lack of inspiration, but after reading this article I’m determined to NEVER EVER GIVE UP on my dreams and treat every difficulty as an opportunity. Thanks for this wonderful article and wish you all the best in your life.

    1. Internet marketing certainly isn’t the easiest thing to conquer John and there’s bound to be a lot of times when things don’t go the way you want them to. I’m glad the post inspired you to keep on trying.
      Sire recently posted…Venice Beach Full Of Character And CharactersMy Profile

  40. Many people have a serious misconception when it comes to “failure” because they put negative labels on people they deem to have failed. It’s important to understand that any time we fail at something, whether it’s large or small, we are one step closer to success. Nothing ends in failure, if you don’t let it, and your attitude is what will lead you into turning failure into success.

  41. A very inspiring story indeed. I always put the attitude “failure is not an option” in my life. However, I always appreciate the little things that Is happening in my life, from waking up to the cool breeze. I t makes me look at thing on new eyes, and remove negative energy that would pull me down.
    Debbie G. Love recently posted…LIME entertainers shineMy Profile

    1. Glad you liked it Debbie.

  42. You are 100% right, I totally agree with you. I failed a lot of times, but I never gave up and I’m still working for my dreams.
    Marion recently posted…Gem ManiaMy Profile

    1. Good on you Marion

  43. This is such an inspiration. A lot of us think that when we fail on certain things, we cannot stand up anymore. It is the end of everything. But failing doesn’t mean it’s over… it only means that you are on your way to your goal, you just gotta try harder. In overcoming failure, determination is one of the key factors that will lead us into the journey of success. Life is not perfect, we fall down at times, we get lost… but we have to find our way out in order to survive. Failures should inspire us to strive harder. It should motivate us more into reaching our goal.

    1. Exactly Sean, thanks for commenting.

  44. You’re father sounds like a great man, I think alot of us have great fathers that we all look up to. My father does inspire me alot!


    1. He is as I’m sure most dads are.

  45. While he is not popular at the moment I have to almost quote charlie sheen here. he recently said society sets peope up to fail with its try try try again attitude, what if you are a success 1st time, should you be ready for that and would getting people ready for that help with the overall success rate as a more positive mental attitude?

    1. Sorry Dave I’m not sure what you mean? Surely if you succeed the first time around it would build a positive mental attitude for the next task you take on.
      Sire recently posted…Will Google Penalise You For Using ZaparenaMy Profile

  46. Its quite motivational blog post for me as i am an extremist and recently quit my full time job to switch to I.M. you must be proud of your father and i wish you luck with your career and also heads up for sharing deep insights in this blog post.

    1. I sure am proud of my dad and I wish you good fortune with your new venture.

  47. Great personal anecdote as to why you’ve got to keep on going and going and going if you really want something. Everyone has goals and ambitions but very few are willing to step into that unexplored territory and take a leap of faith. You’ve got to accept failure as a part of the path but a lot of us just aren’t willing to because of fear, as you said.

  48. Inspiring story indeed, you’re lucky for having someone as strong-willed as your dad. As a blogger, your post came to remind me to persevere and to to think differently. I heard it said that in order to succeed you have to “fail fast.” That’s something I keep reminding myself because you’ll never know what will work until you actually did it.

  49. I love the whole story from the beginning to the end. Yes, I never regret my failures in life because I used it as a tool in moving forward- to my success. Yet sometimes we are feared that things may come all over again, well that’s life! We never reach the peak until we learned the right ways to reach there.

  50. Such a motivating story! You need a strong will power to reach the ladder of success. After reading this story I feel that your dad has achieved all that he wanted in his life. Such people are called true businessmen and of course very hard working. This story teaches us that nothing is impossible in this world even if you start from the scratch. It is always said that” God helps those who help themselves”. And this story has proven it right. Your dad is such an inspiration for all of us.

    1. Dad certainly is an inspiration and I think the thing that got him to where he is was his family as his main motivation for all that he did was to make sure that his family was well provided for.

  51. It’s not necessary that you always experience failure in whatever you do. Faith in yourself and god is more important than anything else in the world. Even if you fail in something don’t worry. Think that there is lot more to learn and move ahead in life. If you keep cribbing for failures in life you will never be able to forget everything and climb the ladder of success. Hard work is what is paid in the end. Don’t be dependent on anybody. Learn everything by yourself.

    1. Faith in God can indeed help you in life because that faith will keep you strong no matter how many times you fail. In the end the same faith will grant you anything that you need. This may not necessarily be what you want. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  52. You should always have the courage to fight against your failure. Running away from it will never be the solution. Instead of avoiding the things which you are not good at its better to face such situations because this is how you learn and grow. If you have a query in something just ask. Do not hesitate because if you ask once you will be fool for once if you do not ask you will be fool forever. Learning from our seniors is always good as they will share their own experiences with you.

    1. You are right Emily, running away from stuff never resolves anything, unless you’re being chased by a lion that is :wink_ee:

  53. A good post which really boosted my morale. Recently I faced a failure and was really upset. Reading this has helped me loads. I know that failures are stepping stones to success and one should never be discouraged with one’s failure. Life has its own twists and turns, we should live life to the fullest and face it courageously as it is said there is something good hidden behind everything happening…

    1. Thanks, glad that it was able to inspire you.

  54. Once I had failed in my semester exams. I was the only one in my group who flunked and all of my friends laughed on me. I felt so embarrassed and decided not to go to school thereafter. But then my mom explained me how important it is to face your failure with confidence and ensure that you improvise with your mistakes. You will not believe what happened! In the next semester I passed my exams with flying colors and surprisingly my hard work let me rank first in my group. I was very proud of myself and thanked mom for guiding me to the right path.

    1. Two things Hayden, the first being good on you for listening to your mum and not giving up. The second thing is I don’t consider people who laugh at your misfortune to be true friends. A true friend would have given you similar advice to your mums.

      Congratulations on not giving up and doing well.

  55. Do not be ashamed of your failure and regret to whatever happened. Enjoy your present and work hard for your future. Yes, make sure that you do not repeat the mistakes that you committed previously. My mom always says that you should always learn from your failure and improvise instead of cribbing over it and regretting. Think new, think positive.

  56. “Great words Terry! I must appreciate that even your mom has a very good way of explaining things. Her words are full of positivity, constant motivation and also so energetic that you will surely be able to get the best out of your failure next time and prove it that nothing is impossible for you. Accepting your mistake does not mean that you have given up. Try and slog till the end.

  57. I was a kind of person who never liked to accept failures. The word failure never existed in my dictionary. I know I sound very arrogant. But now I have accepted that its failures and successes are part and parcel of life. Now that I have accepted this rule of nature I have started learning a lot from my failures and always look forward to not making mistakes the next time I come across it.

    1. But to learn from failure doesn’t one first have to accept that they have failed?
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  58. Those who have a big heart and are practical in life will never waste time by regretting on their failures. They will just let go everything and will start with a new thing next day onwards. You should keep up the spirit and keep trying to achieve the desired goal. Achieving goals is not difficult till the time you are sincere towards your work.

  59. There may be many obstacles coming in your way. Tough times do not stay for long. Be courageous! You should possess the ability to cross hurdles smiling. Things that come your way should not matter to you. Focus on how to achieve the targets on time and how to get a good stand in your career. You will surely be able to make your failures turn to success.

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