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External Links And Why We Should Link To Other Bloggers

External links are very important for many reasons, SEO not being the least of them. Something I don’t do nearly enough is link to other bloggers. I know I should but I don’t because I don’t have the time to do it properly. There are many really good reasons why we as bloggers should link to not only our fellow bloggers but to any relevant site that adds value to our post. 

The Importance Of External Links

Even though this fact has been out since February of this year I’ve only just come about it today. It was a video of Matt Cutts answers the following question.

Hi Matt, does the big G have a version of the search engine that totally excludes any backlink relevance? I’m wondering what search would look like and am curious to try it out.

Matt Cutts And External Links

We don’t have a version like that that is exposed to the public, but we have run experiments like that internally, and the quality looks much, much worse, It turns out backlinks, even though there’s some noise, and certainly a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results.”

“We’ve played around with the idea of turning off back link relevance, and at least for now, backlink relevance still really helps in terms of making sure we return the best, most relevant, most topical set of search results.

Now I know Matt is talking about backlinks but as far as I’m concerned backlinks and external links are the same thing. They’re both pointing from one site to another. Without external links search engines would find it extremely difficult to find relevant information for  it’s myriad of users.  Google is trying to find a way of doing it but so far is failing.

external links

That is why linking to other bloggers, especially if it adds value to your blog is a great for SEO. Google needs and wants to know what you think is important and relevant because if it’s important to you it’s probably important to others as well.

That’s also why Google hates paid posts. Links within paid posts have little or no value, especially if the link has nothing to do with your post and is only there to fool the search engines.

That’s also why Google now looks less favourably on guest posts as it once used to. There are too many people out there writing guest posts for the sole reason to get links back to a particular site.

Remember how at the beginning of the post I said the reason I don’t link to other bloggers is because I don’t have the time to do it properly? This means that it takes time to find relevant sites to link to. You can’t just link to any site. As far as Google is concerned that is a waste of it’s time. If it’s going to follow a link then it should be adding something to the post not just sending it off on and irrelevant tangent.

Are you taking the time to make sure your external links are relevant to your post?

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  1. Twitter:
    What do ya’ll think of what I see people doing like “My Friends Friday” where every Friday a blogger publishes a post with four or five snippets of other blogger’s posts and links to those posts.
    What do ya’ll think of that huh?

    1. Twitter:
      I suppose it’s OK in that it’s rewarding bloggers that they know and appreciate. But as far as adding information to enhance a post I think it’s somewhat lacking. Unless readers are specifically looking for other blogs to read I can’t see as there being much value in that post.

      As to what Google thinks? Who the hell really knows what Google thinks. :smoke_tb:
      Peter recently posted…Irish Humour Friday Funnies #117My Profile

  2. Agree on the point you shared. External links are REAL important for one-to-many reason but the one which really make sense in addition of such links to prove what you are saying i.e. using them as reference external links.
    Karan Chopra recently posted…The Best Of Animation ExamplesMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Finally here! You know that I do both internal links and external links all the time, especially when other bloggers write something that sparks my imagination, or when I feel like mentioning them as part of my post, as I’ve highlighted you often over the years.

    I think it’s really important to do as well, but these days we also have to be ready for those times when someone contacts us and asks us to remove their links. I still think that’s one of the stupidest things in the world, but it seems to only be happening, as far as penalties go, to companies that paid someone to spread their links far and wide in the first place instead of doing it the natural way.

    By the way, you should look at the first sentence under the image with the clipboard; you’ll see it. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Why We Must Create ContentMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Yep, looks like I threw in one ‘a’ too many. Trust you to pick it up :tongue2_tb:

      I agree with you that it’s stupid for them to ask you to remove a natural occurring link from a post. That’s the sort of links that Google likes.

      I’m still getting those requests and I’m still asking them to cough up to pay for their mistakes.
      Peter recently posted…The Irish Cop Friday Funnies #118My Profile

  4. Great article. What do you think about some of the automated products to build backlinks

  5. Twitter:
    Hey Peter,

    I was researching backlinking earlier this year and found Matt’s video. I was wanting more clarity of the importance that backlinks still held.

    I also know that with the serious slap with guest posting people are freaking out about backlinking to anyone or whether or not they should have dofollow on their blogs.

    Here is my opinion on that. Matt has been saying for years now that if you’re linking to anyone for the sole purpose of getting backlinks then Google will eventually catch up with you and you’ll be punished. If you’re doing it to add value then you should be just fine. I do it to add value and I still have guest posts on my blog. But they are by invitation only and I know the bloggers are quality top notch people.

    Link out when it’s relevant and can benefit your readers. That’s all we all really want anyway.

    Great share Peter, thanks for clarifying that.


    1. Twitter:
      That’s exactly right Adrienne. It’s important to Google that their users get a good experience when using its search engine. Therefore Google prefers to send them to sites that will answer their query. So if an article links to another site which enhances it’s post then Google sees that as a positive.

      What Google hates is paid links because they believe these to give a false reading.
      Peter recently posted…World Cup Fever Is Upon UsMy Profile

  6. Hi Peter Great post as always,
    It covers very valuable information for me as I’m in the beginning of an SEO career and love to read all such advice. One question though. Can i simply add a link to my site without permission from the site I am linking too? For example i work for a Web Design and Online Marketing agency and was thinking of linking to an industry news website, would i need their permission first or can i simply add the link?

  7. The way to look at external links is will it produce more business/traffic for you? Building links for SEO will eventually disappear and all links will have to be earned I think. Wassupblog has 387,000 links to it – I bet you didn’t build them all!!! So finding the time to build a few links isn’t going to affect your SEO very much but may drive more traffic

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Peter
    I am visit your first time your blog and get nice information about backlink.My thought is backlink give high pagerank on google.And internal linking is also benefit for blog.I think external link also incrase google page and domain authority and get rank higher.And higher ranking is giving more traffic.thanks for share this nice guide about external linking.

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