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Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips

/I think that ‘Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips‘ is a brilliant heading for this post. As a YouTube Creator, I’ve always wanted to know what made a video go viral. In order to satisfy my desire to produce viral videos, I researched YouTube to find out exactly what makes a video to go viral.

Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips

It’s a pretty impossible task considering how many videos are out there. While some of the viral video tips have been posted by Creators who have had a video go viral most of them are struggling Creators trying to make a name for themselves.

Viral Video Tips

Although it took me ages, I finally managed to put a video together which I called Why Does A Video Go Viral. In that video, I discussed the following points.

  • The importance of Thumbnails
  • Will ranking first on YouTube lead to a viral video?
  • The Snowball effect
  • Playing to people’s emotions
  • The length of viral videos

Best YouTube Tools

These are just some of the points I cover in my Viral Video Expose. You’ll also see in the video how I use TubeBuddy to help me rank better on YouTube.

Knowing the importance of Thumbnails I use The YouTube Graphics Creator. It helped me to design the thumbnail for my video on what makes a video go viral.

Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips

Why not hop over to YouTube and check out my Viral Video Exposed video. While there you should check out my Laughaholics. There are some hilarious videos there that I know you’ll get a kick out off. You’ll especially love my latest Funny Blonde jokes video. While you’re there why not join my growing YouTube Channel. As you know I’m always looking for new subscribers so why not consider subscribing to my My Bonzer Channel

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  1. Hmmm definitely when posting a video on Youtube, if it is for monetization purpose, everyone wants the video to go viral and be watched by many people. It is very hard though to know what makes a video viral and what can we do to drive the shares of our video in the platform.

    Thanks for the sharing, will take a note about it when marketing on Youtube platform to drive the views in my videos

  2. Nice Peter, I have Learned from you today, I will implement this in my work also, This is really helpful and informative, Thank you Peter once again!

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