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Eviltron The Best Ever Gadget For The Jokester

Eviltron The Best Ever Gadget For The Jokester

For todays gift suggestion I’m going to suggest something a little different. Although it can still be classed in the technology category it’s not something that you can, use other than to play practical jokes on family, friends and work mates that is.  :devil_tb: Now, you guys know how much I love my remote control TV watch and how I use it to play jokes on people because I wrote about it when reviewing the Casio Remote TV watch. Well, the Eviltron is an electronic gadget that will drive people crazy and you into fits of laughter. Will probable make for some great YouTube videos :wink_ee:

What you’re going to love about the Eviltron is that it’s small, a bit bigger than a quarter, and has a nice strong magnet attached to it making it easier to hide. From the reviews I’ve read on it the majority of people love it. It sells for less than $10 and is the perfect size for those Xmas stockings. Better yet, buy one for yourself so you can start fooling people making them believe their hearing things.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Check out what they have to say about it on Amazon…..


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  1. Cool! Need to buy that one. I have encounter that thing when I am shopping on amazon.

      1. Sure. I’ll update you Sire immediately.

  2. Great electronic gadget, I must say, especially for person like me who likes screwing people and play around pranks! Haha! The best thing I like about this device is it is being offered at a very cheap rate and it really drives people crazy. I just wished it had slightly more realistic sounds, some of them definitely sound like recordings. Otherwise, it is a complete evil device. Great one Sire!
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    1. From most of the reviews people have a lot of fun with it and I’m sure you will too.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  3. True.. It is good for playing prank on someone but I use it for security purpose and it is very helpful. I actually purchased this item to spook possible late night prowlers near the fences of my home. I am using the “hey, can you hear me” sound. Although not loud, at night it can be heard from approx 15 feet away or so just enough to spook someone thinking that a person is hiding and lurking behind my fence. Thanks Sire for bringing up this post!

  4. It seems like a really cool gadget. I love playing pranks on people and I think my next gadget target will be this one. Thanks Sire for publishing this post!

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