Embracing The Difference In Fellow Bloggers

This morning I’ve had the pleasure of reading a post by Jordon of NotAProBlog. As is his want Jordon precludes the post with a good video on the subject which in this case is Allyn’s extremely funny post, When A-List Turns To A-Hole.  Well it seems that Allyn has removed that particular video because all the f-bombs pissed off some people who withdrew their consulting deals. Let that be a lesson to some of you, there are people who take what you say and do too literally at times and this can bite you in the ass at a later date.

It was obvious to me that Jordon didn’t like the way Allyn handled himself in the video and so he brought all his 13 years as a professional stand up comedian into play to show others the error of his ways. Truth be told it was all rather convincing, on the surface.

Jordan says of the video;

It’s horribly unfunny. It has virtually no wit whatsoever

Now that is obviously his opinion, and he has a right to it. Personally I found it to be bloody hilarious as did the majority of his commentators thus far, including David Risley himself!

Where Jordon lost me was when he took something that Allyn said out of context.

…building a business means building customers. REALIZE THIS: someone who takes time to comment on your “social” blog is giving you what we call a “buying sign” …meaning they are on the verge of making a purchase, all you have to do is add in a feature and a benefit (like replying to a comment on the blog) and then CLOSE!
– Allyn Hane

Naturally the first place to look was at Allyn’s posts. I can just imagine his disappointment to find that Allyn, just as I do, actually interacts with his commentators by replying to comments.

Like a tabloid news hound he’s off trying to dig some dirt on another blogger who was only expressing a personal view. Naturally, if you dig long enough you are bound to find something that you can manipulate to your own personal benefit. Jordan found just what he was looking for by trawling Allyn’s Tweets. He comes up with this;

Nearly 1500 followers @allynpaul has got there. I’m sure it would be highly beneficial to connect with these potential customers, but apparently Allyn has failed to do so. Only one @reply this past month and it’s pretty much based around a hashtag seemingly created to self-promote his beer business. The rest of Allyn’s messages are mostly self-centered in nature – either to push a new piece of content or just to talk about himself.

Thanks for that Jordan, I am now following Allyn. So, let’s talk about Twitter. To compare your Twitter followers to your commentators is pretty far fetched. People come to your blog because they want to read or like what you have to say. The majority of people who follow you on Twitter don’t know who you are and don’t give a shit about what you have to say. Unless it’s someone you know, I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that the only reason they’re following you is in the hope that you follow back.

As to him promoting himself by Tweeting relevant articles, so what, so does the  majority of other Twitterers, which is not at all surprising considering all the blog posts out there telling you how to use Twitter to market yourself and your products. I’ve only got about 300 followers, last I looked, but of those, thanks to Tweetdeck, I only follow Tweets left by those I know. I do however respond to all my commentators as I believe them to be two completely different and unrelated entities.

Now, I’m not saying that the argument Jordan uses in his blog is wrong, as I believe it shows a lot of merit, only that the way he uses it against Allyn is somewhat misplaced.

As we head 0ff into the new year, I think it would be nice if we could all remember that every blogger is different, and rather than finding ways of forcing our own beliefs on how one should behave whilst on their blog, we should accept them for who they are and respect that whatever they do, they have their own audience who they are performing for. If you don’t like the show, leave, no-one is asking you to stay.

In closing, Allyn and Jordan are two entirely different bloggers with their own personalities and it would be unfair to expect either of them to change the way they post on their relevant blogs. Jordan has his followers who admire him for who he is and Allyn has his followers who do the same, and I lay you 10/1 odds that if Allyn changed the way he posts, he would lose many of his followers, as they love him for who he is.

OK, that was a little heavy, I’m off to watch Allyn’s video again so that I can lighten the mood a little.

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  1. yeah I have seen both sides of the arguement too, as you know Sire you have commented on the post I did about this.

    I think although these guys are never gonna see eye to eye, although to be fair to Allyn he is really supportive and speaks very highly of Jordan, the really winners are both of them!

    Both received a huge amount of traffic and new readers and as you say David Risley didn’t get offended at all so kudos to him.

    I think Allyn’s style is really great, totally unique as is Jordan, you just have to let people do there thing and don’t be too up tight about who said what!

    Good post, re-tweeting it now
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Is your blogging sincere? Authentic bloggers win every time – Guest Post =-.

    1. Yeah, I knew Jordon had something brewing, he tweeted me something about it, I just had to wait to see what it was about.

      It’s like you said in your Good or Bad, Be Unique, people have to embrace their own unique qualities and go with it.

  2. First off Sire, I have to commend you on an extremely well-written post and a non-biased account of the issue. Big thumbs up!

    I agree with you that commentators are different than Twitter followers and that my breakdown of Allyn’s interaction on these types of platforms was a bit off-topic to the main point of the post. As I said, I think he actually responds extremely well to comments on his own blog… and his quote was trying to make a point that those who actively come to you are actionable “customers”.

    As a counterpoint though, I believe any platform is what you make of it. Just because a majority of people engage in the “auto-follow” methodology, doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be the case. If that’s how *YOU* are using it, then it’s understandable that blog commenters are more of the focus of your community. I just prefer to see Twitter, Facebook, etc. as an equal extension of a blog in this regard – hence using it as an example in Allyn’s “case study”. If you don’t agree with this, that doesn’t make me wrong or you right since there’s no definitive answer since every blogger is different in their approach.

    Just like James (@TheInfoPreneur) has said, Allyn & I are different and will never likely see eye to eye – but I think we both respect what each other has to say. Allyn has already visited and commented on my blog even before my post. I’ve already subscribed to his RSS feed, watched about 6-7 of his past videos and *agree* with a lot of his opinions.

    I just would love to see Allyn tone down his use of what I perceive as immature humor & then I think he can have something special with what he does & his personality. But he obviously has made a connection with many out there that don’t view it as I do and that’s great for him. It’s not my cup of tea though.

    Once again Sire, I enjoyed your take on the matter and how you were able to offer your opinion in a smart and well-educated way.
    .-= Jordan Cooper´s last blog ..Defining Status of Targets In Your Blog Editorials: A Case Study of Allyn Hane =-.

    1. Thanks Jordan, it’s great when we can get together and discuss these sort of things in a mature way without going over the deep end. Everyone has an opinion and they’re not always going to agree with our own. That’s life, and it would be pretty boring if it was any other way. The thing is not to get upset about it, and to accept things for what they are. I reckon we’ve done very well in that regard. :thumbup_tb:

      In regards to Twitter. When you look at some of those followers who are following thousands and have thousands following in return, you would have to agree that it has to be one of two things.

      1: They’re trying to inflate their egos by showing off how many followers they have
      2: Their only interest is that they’re hoping to push some of their wares onto their followers

      I’m sorry, maybe I’m just some dumb Aussie hick but I can’t see the sense in following that many people. There is no way that you could ever keep up with that many Tweets without going bonkers.

      Anyway, it’s been a good discussion and thank you for giving me the opportunity to come up with these posts.

      To all you bloggers out their who are struggling to find something to post about, all you have to do is mingle with your blogger mates until you find something that piques your interest.

  3. I hope in 2010, all of us bloggers can look for ways to build each other up more and encourage one another. I know it’s popular to call someone out for the sake of creating a shitstorm and some traffic, but I think it’s too “Simon Cowell” to be overly critical.

    In regard to Twitter, I don’t think it’s wrong to have huge followings or even follow many. I use Twitter lists to find people in related niches through the new lists features. If I find myself wanting to take a relationship deeper I move it over to email or Facebook. I find the 140 character too limiting for me to communicate comfortably.

    As usual a good post, Sire. Keep it up, mate! :)
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Look, Mom! My Blog’s Sprouting Pubes! =-.

    1. That sure would be good wouldn’t it Gordie. Who knows, if enough of us get behind it we could make it happen.

      As to Twitter, I never said there was anything wrong with it, I was just making an observation.

  4. Happy New Year, Sire! Gotta run my cable will be turned off any moment!!! “See” ya next year!!! Louise
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  5. Sire,
    I already read Jordans blog and am off the look at Allyn’s now, I am glad to see that even if we (bloggers) disagree, we can still respect each other too. Sometimes the readers may take sides (as we saw in your post about commenting on A-List blogs), but we need to stick together as a community.
    .-= Keith @Need Information´s last blog ..Do you Use Disqus Or Other Comment Sign In App? =-.

    1. Yep, we’re all adults, so we should be acting accordingly. Let me know what you think of Allyn’s video.

  6. You know Sire you got me thinking if Twitter is the best way to get my posts out there. For the most part I use Twitter to tweet my posts. I dont ever go on there to look at what people are tweeting. There is just so much being tweeted. So really is this the best platform for getting my posts out there. Well maybe not, but it is easy.

    I believe commentators on my blog are the most important. It is the best way to interact with my readers and they inspire me to keep going :)
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Passionate WordPress Blog Bread =-.

    1. Jim, if you have a band of close followers I think it’s great. If not, it’s just a hit and miss affair. Of course that’s only my opinion and there are probably a lot of people who would disagree with me.

      If I had to choose between spending time with my Twitter followers and my commentators, my commentators would win every time.

      1. Definately commentators all the way. I think I am going to check out the Tweetdeck that you mentioned. It seems everytime I go on to twitter there are new followers. Now I know some of them are legitimite, but some are not if you know what I mean.
        .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Passionate WordPress Blog Bread =-.

  7. Imagine how boring it would be if we were all the same. What works for one person may not work for another.

    I have 611 followers and only 4 of them cared that I spent 5 1/2 hours in emergency last night. You’re right “The majority of people who follow you on Twitter don’t know who you are and don’t give a shit about what you have to say.”
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Bickering in the Blogosphere- Drama =-.

    1. Rose, that’s awful, I certainly hope you are alright. I can assure you that I did not see the Tweet. That has to be Twitter’s greatest flaw, that it’s impossible to keep track of all the Tweets unless it’s a direct message or a mention via Tweetdeck.

      1. Oh Sire my comment was not in regards to you. No need to explain & thanks for asking. :)

        1. I knew that Rose. Being the oaf that I am I probably phrased that all wrong.

  8. Here I am just leaving a comment over at Extreme John about how I don’t comment on every post since not all are relevant for me to comment and now look at me. Seriously, I was checking out the Comment Luv plug-in and it isn’t working for me anywhere this fine morning. {sigh}

    Now, back to your post. I agree that not all styles work for all people. I love some bloggers who curse and carry on, but others because they don’t. Not to mention all the different topics and how they are presented. Although I did read something where it said to take a side as people will not trust you if you are always in the middle. But what if I really don’t care all that much? Since I generally don’t. Not to mention I subscribe to the opinion theory ~ they’re like a-holes, everyone’s got one. :blink_tb:

    1. Anne, commentluv has been known to have it’s moments, depending on the amount of traffic it’s servers have to handle.

      As to the post, let’s all just give each other a big hug and promise that we will treat each other with respect. All women to the left please! What? My mom always said women first. :innocent1_tb:

  9. Twitter:
    Another good post, Sire; you’re really on a roll these days.

    There’s something to be said about all the different styles, and I’m glad of that because the blogosphere would be a boring place without it.

    That being said, look at all the trouble you caused by your one post. It’s germinating and spreading all around the world, and it’s bounced your blog into the top 100,000; sneak! Now I have to work even harder to catch you as we head into the new year. Good job! :drunk_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How Can You Prosper Through Publicity? =-.

    1. Yeah, I was going to say that I’ve been pretty lucky as far as blog posts go, but truthfully these didn’t just fall in my lap. I’ve had to go out there, reading other peoples blogs looking for topics that I could use.

      Hey, that post didn’t cause any trouble, just a lot of healthy interaction.

      1. Twitter:
        Trouble, healthy interaction… potato, potaaatooo… hmmm, maybe I’m sick this evening. lol In any case, you’re in the big leagues now; glad to see it.
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..My 10 Favorite Blog Posts Of 2009 =-.

        1. Far from it Mitch, but I don’t care as long as I have my mates around me :drunk_tb:

  10. I saw Jordan’s post and watched Allyn’s video.
    I agree with Jordan’s take on the humor.

    Like you pointed out some people would find Allyn’s type of humor funny. Not me. But lots of others..

    Fortunately we don’t have to go to sites we don’t enjoy so it isn’t really a problem..

    1. No worries Glen, that just goes to show that everyone is different, and if we were all going to focus our blogs on a one particular way of doing things, imagine the opportunities we would be missing?

      That and the world would be pretty damn boring.

      Happy New Year!

  11. Hey Sire, I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks, and I regret it heavily. It looks like I missed out on some truly amazing events, such as you getting the attention of a few A-List bloggers with your boycott.

    I agree with you about embracing the differences in bloggers. We’re seeing the blogosphere evolve right now, and it’s changing into something new. The A-Listers are being criticized by the mid level bloggers, and the “trendiness” of blogging is fading away, so there’s fewer people jumping into it half assed like there was one or two years ago.

    And with these changes, the blogosphere is going through a few growing pains, and I’ve seen several rivalries pop up. There’s not really any need for this, in my opinion. We all need to learn to live and let live. And evolve or die.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Anti-Social: The Album… Coming March 20, 2010! =-.

    1. Sure I may have unintentionally got their attention Trey, but I’m sure they don’t care one way or the other if I comment on their blogs or not. That post does show though that I’m not the only one that thinks that way.

      I don’t see anything wrong with comparing how a person conducts their blog, as wrong as it’s done in such a way that the post is constructive rather than destructive.

  12. It was sure a lot of fun watching this take place from the sidelines as I have been a friend of Allyn for a while. Perhaps if I wasn’t on vacation I would have jumped in. If I had I would have approached it much the same as you Sire. I realize that everyone has a voice and how they use it will attract a different group of people.

    I don’t fault Jordan for using Allyn as an example but I think he stretched a bit to make a point. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are all tools. Some people love pliers and use them for everything where as another will use a socket for projects that require them. Is there a right or wrong way? I don’t think so. To each their own.

    I think Jordan could have made a better example out of the situation than to point faults. Perhaps, this is how I do things different from ____ and here is why _____. I think the conversation could have been more productive then. The way it played out seems to have bordered flame war and drama doesn’t ever seem to end with people learning and growing. Just my .02.
    .-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..I’m In the Business of Helping =-.

    1. I think he had his heart in the right place but he let emotions get in his way. When he saw Allyn’s video he disliked it so much he had to show others all that was wrong with it. The problem was he couldn’t find anything to substantiate his argument and so had to look further to find it.

      People do much the same thing when they quote statistics. They manipulate them to prove a point.

  13. so how it is that I missed this brilliant post? Just this AM I got the pingback.
    anyway, now that a couple weeks have passed, I have found that the entire little brew-ha-ha has actually netted me some new “friends” “followers” and “viewers” so all-in-all we could say “it’s all good”
    I will say, however, that my wife wants me to tone down too, so that may have some merit, LOL
    .-= Allyn´s last blog ..$30K Part 2, Finding A Topic, Not A Passion, And Beating The Big Companies With Your Small Blog =-.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one getting those delayed pingbacks Allyn, and who was it that said, better late than never? Why is it that women don’t like that old saying? :innocent1_tb:

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