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Ellen DeGeneres What’s With All The Fuss?

Ellen DeGeneres What’s With All The Fuss?

Ellen Degeneres arrived in Australia the other day, to copy Oprah’s visit to do a show at Sydney’s Opera House. Not very original if you ask me. Personally I couldn’t care less where she goes because I have just as much interest in her show as I did in Oprah’s, zilch!

Nope what bothers me is the way all the demented Aussies are throwing themselves at her and Portia, speaking of which I feel she looked stunning with long hair but her present hair cut just doesn’t do her justice. But what do I know, I’m just a bloke. :tongue_laugh_ee:

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres (Photo credit: ronpaulrevolt2008)

I understand that Ellen has her following but she’s just a talk show host! She’s not a rock star. She hasn’t invented a cure for cancer or done some huge humanitarian deed or anything. She’s just another human being who I believe doesn’t deserve all the adulation. And yet Ellen fans line up for ages just to get a glimpse of her. Really. And then I saw this Aussie bloke who admitted to being close to tears upon meeting her. Really? All I can say is that guy must be an impostor posing as an Aussie because it’s always been my understanding that it takes a lot more than meeting a stray Yank to make us cry.

Still, Ellen is a tourist and as such she should be welcomed by us and treated to a great time while visiting our lovely country, but perhaps with a little less emotional onslaught. No screaming, no bursting in to tears and definitely no fainting at the sight of her. I reckon she would have a beter time in Australia if she could walk amongst us without having to be shepherded around by her security guards.


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  1. I watched the Youtube versions of Ellen Degeneres show, and they usually upload only those parts where she scares her guests with some pranks. Some really get scared to death while some act it out obligingly to please Ellen.

  2. I think it just goes to show how certain media marketing works to get the masses to buy into almost anything (or anyone). You hit the nail on the head with this one, she hasn’t done anything really amazing for humanity to deserve such hysterics yet the media and PR machine has worked to create it anyway.

    1. It sure has but looking at some of the fans a lot of them look to be young and impressionable. Perhaps not old enough to know better? :tongue_laugh_ee: As for the rest, perhaps they just want their two minutes of fame by getting themselves on the news.

      Who knows, I personally don’t get what all the excitement is about.
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  3. Twitter:
    Celebrity can indeed be puzzling. Almost like the royals, eh?

    Hopefully, Portia has a new style for her own enjoyment, not to impress us common folks. I am a gal and I liked it better longer, too.

  4. Twitter:
    In America people love Ellen, but I’ve never seen anyone cry over meeting her. She is a very positive person though, so it’s easy to see why people go wacko over her.

    Some people just radiate happiness, and Ellen seems to be one of those people. When I was younger, everyone used to say how I had a knack for lifting people’s spirits and making things fun. Now I’m just a tired, early-30s family man, but I think I could still out-dance Ellen. haha

      1. Twitter:
        I agree completely, but with that said, I’d probably go nuts if I came face to face with a famous person I liked a lot. I wouldn’t shed tears, but I’d probably annoy them to death with questions. The cast from Walking Dead is a good example.

        1. Really? If I ever met someone famous I’d be at a loss for words more than anything else. I certainly wouldn’t act like a loon :tongue_laugh_ee:
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  5. Twitter:
    See Sire, now you’re starting to sound like a curmudgeon. lol If you already don’t like Ellen, and you didn’t like Oprah, then writing kind of a review about it seems disingenuous. I remember reading a review years ago where the person said she hated the act that had come to town and going to the concert reinforced her view; that made no sense.

    Ellen is big here. She gives away millions of dollars a year to all types of charities and individuals who need it, including lots of schools. She’s built up a following because, unlike Rosie O’Donnell (someone else you probably didn’t like) she does turn out to be really nice and caring about others.

    I agree with you on Portia’s hair but disagree with you on Oprah as well; looks like you’re hating on successful women, which I know you’re not. Now, hate on Donald Trump because he’s a jerk to people, but anyone who works towards uplifting others… I’d never hate on them unless they gave me a reason.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…You Can’t Please Everyone So Start With Pleasing YourselfMy Profile

    1. Actually Mitch, the post wasn’t a review, nor do I believe I was picking on Ellen. I just can’t see why people are reacting the way they are over her being here. I’m a huge Elvis fan and if he was still alive today and he came he for a concert I certainly wouldn’t lose it.
      Sire recently posted…Dropbox And Why You Should Have OneMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I would because I’d say “Dude, you’ve been gone 37 years; maybe we can all come back!” lol

        Maybe you’re just not the idolization type but I am… to a degree. I’ve had my favorites, people that I’d have killed to go see: Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Roberto Clemente (I don’t expect you to have any idea who that last one is). When I had a chance to see Mariah Carey live I gushed like a little girl; could have cared less who knew. Saw the Dalai Lama live; even without knowing tons about him I knew that was something special and it was.

        In essence, even folks I don’t really care all that much for get lots of manic fans that I get that because I’m manic about who I’m manic about. I’m manic about my favorites, which includes my favorite sports teams and some of the athletes on those teams. If you ever care about anything whatsoever then it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how people can be manic about someone else.

        Just asking, but does that mean you don’t care about anything outside of your family to any degree?
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Ways Blogging Is Like Visiting A New StoreMy Profile

        1. You, gushing like a girl? Man. now that is something I would put on YouTube :smoke_tb:

          Nope, I haven’t heard of Roberto but I’m sure he is someone of note in the States.

          Still I expect you Yanks to be emotional but not us Aussies as we’re a tough lot. Maybe it’s all that exposure to those shows we import from the States that’s turning us in to wimps :wink_ee:
          Sire recently posted…Dropbox And Why You Should Have OneMy Profile

          1. Twitter:
            No, it’s just that y’all have figured out that you actually live on a big island in the middle of nowhere and can’t even use the middle of your island for nothing and thus you’re depressed all the time. Yeah, I said it! :lol_tb:
            Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Do You Need A Pretty Blog To Be Successful?My Profile

            1. Nope, we love the fact we’re on a big island and we’re saving the central part for when we need it :wink_ee:
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    1. All the better for building a superior set of people Mitch. Something akin to Dune :wink:
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