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Educational Games To Play With Your Kids

5 Educational Games to Play With Kids

The period of childhood is a very strategic and specific one. Children do not remain children forever, and the activities they engage in as kids help them build up

educational games

 life skills. It is important to include playtime in the routine of kids. The activities engaged in during playtime can also be tailored to enhance strategic thinking, problem-solving and emotional skills. Here are some educational games to play with kids. These games were selected based on their ability to develop essential skills in children.

Kids learn fast and soak up activities from their environment really quickly. So, educational games, puzzles and hard riddles that challenge them should be aimed at teaching them essential skills in a fun and relaxing way. Everyone from teachers to babysitters to parents will find the following games enlightening for kids.


Although this is an old and traditional game for kids, it is still very much relevant in helping them to build essential life skills. Here’s what a child learns from hide-and-seek. When you hide and tell the child to find you, they begin to engage their minds in exploring possible hiding places. As they engage their minds, they also are building up critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Also, as kids hide, they analyze the environment and hide in most suitable places engaging their minds and building up analytical skills. Hide-and-seek is also so much fun, so you get to build these skills while having fun.

Simon says

This game is ideal for toddlers, as it helps them build communication skills and develop a healthy respect for authority. In Simon Says, the adult or older person is Simon, and the child must obey will Simon’s instructions. Simon says also improves the listening abilities of kids, as the adult can twist it up by giving instructions without adding the “Simon says” prefix, which means students must listen intently. This game is also a lot of fun as weird instructions could be incorporated.

Puzzles and Riddles

Puzzles and riddles are both traditional and effective games for building essential skills in kids. There are also several age-appropriate puzzles for toddlers. Puzzles can build different skills in children, from critical thinking skills to problem-solving skills. Puzzles can also build emotional skills and team spirit in children. Riddles are always a fun and exciting challenge for both young and old. Most children thrive on challenges and riddles are a great tool for this. Simply collect some good riddles with answers and tell the kids that you want to see if they are able to win the game of correctly figuring out the answer. Riddles help children learn higher order thinking and reasoning skills.

Odd one out

Odd one out is tailored to help children identify distinctions. These distinctions could be in colors or other characteristics. This is a good game to play with a child that is struggling with identifying colors.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are great for developing cognitive skills. Scavenger hunts could also be modified to help kids with counting and identifying colors and items. If a child has an issue with telling two things apart, scavenger hunts are ways of helping them through it. Scavenger hunts can also be themed. Find me two pairs of purple socks and a blue napkin, for example, teaches the child colors, the meaning of pairs and what a napkin is.

The games highlighted above are both fun and education. They will be even more fun if you attach rewards to them.


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  1. Hii,
    I read your article and I’m very much impressed by your opinion. Interactive games are essential for child’s mental development. Your article is very helpful for a beginner parents. Keep sharing such kind of informative articles.
    Hardeep Singh recently posted…Best Free Games for PC in 2018 : PC GamesMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Hardeep, not only are these games good for the Kids they’re a great way to interact with the parents.

  2. Twitter:
    Puzzles and Riddles are certainly the most fun and cool games that you can play with your kid indoor. On the outdoor, the scavenger hunt or anything that makes them interested (and tired, so they can sleep faster :) ) works.

    At least at young age, kids don’t really focus on a certain thing for a lot of time, so if you want to still have energy at the end of the day, I’ll encourage you to make him move a lot.

    I am curious, since you haven’t mentioned: is there a certain puzzle or riddle game that you would recommend ?
    JMarius recently posted…Variante de ocolire DN 68A (Margina – Ilia) – 2018My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      None that come to mind. I think it really depends on the child as to what riddle or puzzle is best suited.

      I think getting the kids outdoors is also a great idea.

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