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Easter, It’s More Than Just A Public Holiday

Today is Good Friday and for those who believe in the religious meaning of Easter it is the day that Jesus died for us. He died so that our sins could be forgiven and so that all who believe in Him would be saved. What I find remarkable is not that he died for us, but that He endured so much for us. He was literally on death row but unlike criminals who have it forced on them He did it by choice. Even though He could have walked away from it anytime He wanted to, He chose not to.

Although they spat on Him, ridiculed Him, tormented Him and told all manner of lies just so He could be falsely accused, He bore it all, silently and with great humility. Surely His words while on the cross, “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me!” must show the desperation He must have felt, and yet He never strayed from making the ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus On A Cross

There are many forms of self sacrifice
Most of them coming at a price
There is nothing a mother won’t give
So a better life her children would live

A soldier in the middle of a fight
Sees his comrade in a dire plight
Without a moments thought, a decision made
He throws himself onto a hand grenade

What better sacrifice in this world exists
Than to give ones life so another isn’t missed
There was a time when a man with a choice
Chose not to defend himself with his voice

One of his own, with a kiss was he betrayed
Though His soul tortured, His path was not swayed
To the high priest was He taken
Denied three time, ones faith was shaken

Upon a cross was He crucified
Suffering for all had this man died
What greater sacrifice can a man give
So that those who believe in Him may live

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead
Some did not believe until they saw where He bled
The Holy Spirit upon them he bestowed
To give them strength so that seeds may be sewed

So those who believe know their sins are forgiven
So to pass on the Word they are driven
So everyone learns of God’s gift of grace
And upon the strength of the Word they build their base

A Happy Easter To All.

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  1. I also want to wishing you Happy Easter to you Peter.

  2. Happy Ester to you and to all that are reading this post.

  3. Happy Easter, and thanks for reminding us of the true meaning of Easter.

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    Hope you have a very happy Easter.

    … and I agree with Keith above, great photo!

  5. Happy Easter to you Peter
    I attended the “washing of the feet” service last night and shall take part in the “walk of witness” today.

    I live in Solihull, a small town in the UK, and we walk through the centre of the shopping area then stop in the centre to perform a small service.

    Just noticed that the photo credit is your own.

    Fantastic photo
    Keith Davis recently posted…Keep it short- keep it sharpMy Profile

    1. It’s great to see you getting involved in the spirit of true Easter celebration Keith, and I’m sure that you will get a lot out of it.

      I am rather proud of that photo which also appeared in my Scenic Adelaide blog. I’m so glad you liked it.
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Photos Is Best Done With FlickrMy Profile

  6. Happy Easter to you and whole family Sire!

    Have you seen those youtube videos where solemn music plays in the background while pictures and text scrolls up front? If I knew how to do it, I would have liked to convert that poem of yours into a video and posted it on youtube. :)

    1. Hey, thanks James, and the same right back at you. :grin1_ee:

      I have seen those videos and I reckon I could do one but wouldn’t I be breaking copyright rules if I used someone’s music?
      Sire recently posted…Blogging! Why The Hell Do We Do ItMy Profile

  7. Happy Easter! Hope you have a nice, relaxing couple days at home with your family! :D

    p.s. Nice poem! Where did you find it?
    Petra recently posted…Die Computerwerbung der ZukunftMy Profile

  8. I saw a segment in CNN where they asked people on the streets if they know what Good Friday means. Only a handful of them knows. Nevertheless, Happy Easter to all of us!

  9. Easter is truth that bring blessing in life. Happy Ester to every one. It is time of universal moment.

  10. Happy Easter to you too. I was born on a Good Friday, and my mum told me I was the easiest one out of my 2 siblings :) True.

  11. I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

  12. I agree… Easter is just more than a public holiday and that’s what people tend to forget. Easter reminds us that God gave us his only son to save us from our sins. That a man died in the cross to remind us that goodness triumphs over evil and that forgiveness and mercy is more powerful than sin.

    1. Thanks everybody for your kind Easter wishes and I hope everyone had a really great Easter

  13. It is nice to know that some people don’t care about being PC and still celebrating the holidays they were taught and raised to appreciate.

  14. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Hopefully if you didnt know what Easter was all about, then now you do. Most people don’t celebrate for the right reasons. If a study was done on the number of people who know what Easter was about to the number who didnt it’d be crazy. I bet the results would shock everyone.

    Just my 2 cents.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    1. So, how do you think the numbers will stack up? Do you think more people don’t know what Easter is all about or the other way around?

  15. I hope you had a good Easter Sire. Thanks for helping bring back some focus to what the true meaning of this holiday is all about.


    1. Sure did Nick and I hope you did as well.

  16. Happy Easter, you kind of forget the meaning and what its all about sometimes, it’s not just easter eggs and the easter bunny.
    khaled recently posted…What Are RhinestonesMy Profile

    1. It sure isn’t Khaled, and I just wanted to remind people of that.

  17. I just started to weep reading your superb critic poem on Lord Jesus… I am just visualizing that how he must have been tortured & crucified. He laid his life just for humanism so that we all can survive in our world & enjoy!! We don’t pay a heed to this in reality as we think there is no supremacy power like GOD… Sad but Truth!!

    1. I’m so glad it touched a chord with you Jamie, thanks.

  18. I LOOOOOVE this article. So many people forget the true meaning of Easter. (Just like Christmas). They only focus on the dinners, the candy, the presents…. Those are all wonderful things, but the real focus should be on the One who gave up everything for us.

    Thank You so much for this spectacular article!!

    Have a great Friday!!

  19. I’ve spent the whole holy week with my family. Attended church, watched inspiring shows/movies on tv, experienced fasting, etc. with family. What I actually enjoyed most is when we celebrated the easter last Sunday. We prepared foods for everyone. A wonderful week wherein I was able to reflect with my family.

  20. Actually, with all due respect, i will dare say the opposite of what you meant. Easter is actually more than just a religious event. It is a celebration that has transcended religions and cultures. I don’t understand why some would think this isn’t a good thing.

    1. Thanks Danny, glad you liked it.

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