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Ages ago I wrote a post on my Photo Blog called My Honest Evaluation Of Dreamstime. That was way back in 2010! Wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago. Anyway, I thought I would give them another go. Who knows, maybe my abilities as a photographer has improved in that time.

In my first upload of some thirty images they actually accepted three of them. The thing with Dreamstime is that they only accept quality images. Unfortunately a lot of the images I uploaded just were not good enough. Perhaps they were a tiny little bit out of focus, or perhaps the lighting was not quite right. I might even have inadvertently captured some trademark or other into the image that instantly disqualified it. Whatever the reason, rather than being disillusioned by it, which I was, I should have persevered until I improved my technique. 

To think that it took me 4 years to realise that.  :doh_tb: Here are the first photos accepted by Dreamstime.

Dreamstime, My Photos

I took this photo while visiting some aquarium or other. I don’t exactly remember where it was. I remember taking a few photos because the flash kept bouncing off the glass ruining the shot. From memory I resolved the issue by taking the shot at an angle.

Angel Fish
© Photographer: Sire01 | Agency: Dreamstime.com

The second photo was taken at a family get together. I saw all these ice cubes in an esky and I thought to myself, hey, that would make a good shot.

Round Ice Cubes
© Photographer: Sire01 | Agency: Dreamstime.com

This next show was actually taken on the same day, at the same function. They have a bit of property and whilst waking around I came across and interesting old rusty wheel.

Rusted Wheel
© Photographer: Sire01 | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Last week I decided to upload another three photos, one of which I had a pretty good feeling would be accepted. I was right, one acceptance and two rejections. Heck, two out of three isn’t too bad.  :drunk_tb:  

Pocket Change
© Photographer: Sire01 | Agency: Dreamstime.com

I actually took several shots of my ‘pocket change’ before I was satisfied with this one. The focus was spot on and the lighting was just right.

Did you like those little frames I put around the photos? That was possible because I’m using the FlexSqueeze theme. 

You too can make a bit of extra cash by uploading your photos to Dreamstime. You can join for free visiting their registration page. If you’re looking for some free photos for your blog or website then you should check out their free photos section. 

You may want to join my list so you don’t miss on a future post on some tips on how to promote you photos.

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  1. Twitter:
    I had to look up what an ‘esky’ was. I assume you are speaking of Australian term for “portable cooler”.

    The word “Esky” is in fact a brand name produced by the company Nylex. The term originates from the word “eskimo” obviously for its cold connotations.
    Its popularity has become so great during the years that the brand-name has now been used to describe all types of portable coolers whether made by the Esky Brand or not.
    They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but the most well known kind is normally used to store beers and ice. Every good aussie will have a nice large Esky ready for that next bbq occasion.
    Oh, and I like the rusty wheel pic.

    1. Twitter:
      Yep, and they do come in all manners of shapes, colours and sizes. I’m pretty sure every Aussie home would have one. Not only do they keep the beers cold but the bigger ones are great to sit on.

      We even have them with wheels to make it easier to get them from the car to the picnic, beach or wherever the party is going on.
      Peter recently posted…Defence Attorney Sexy Sals Friday Funnies #110My Profile

  2. The ice cubes in esky or that looks amazing.first I thought that was some water creature but for my knowledge its only ice and I’m still looking at the image to get more details.Great photo taking skills I’ve to say.

  3. Looks like you’re a nice photographer. For your info this is my first visit to your blog.Good going and I love the last pic of the coins. May I know what currency are they? It would be nice to know.

    – Vikas Kumar

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Vikas, welcome to Wassupblog. There’s actually a bit of everything thing there but mainly Australian coins, including an old penny.
      Peter recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  4. Wow amazing pictures captured , i think these are captured by a professional photographer ;)

  5. Awesome pictures, just loved them.I wish i could take some pics like these.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good going ….awesome picture with DSLR? Looks like you’re a nice photographer.

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