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Don’t Piss Zak Off, You Won’t Like Him When He’s Mad

We used to have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her name was Leisha. She was a beautiful dog with the best temperament and the family loved her. Unfortunately when she was about ten years old she developed cancer and we had to put her to sleep.

After Leisha I didn’t really want another dog, but once my daughter got over her grief she begged for another pet and so we acquired Zak. Zak was completely different from Leisha, where Leisha was a pure breed Zak was half Maltese and half Shitzu. Where Leisha was calm and love-able Zak had a bit of a temperament, but my daughter loved him all the same.

The thing with Zak was he was adorable when he as in a good mood, but your wouldn’t want to get him angry, because you just wouldn’t like him if you made him mad. You see if you piss Zak off he would turn from a love-able dog into Zak The K-9 Hulk!

Zak The Green Dog

Just kidding he’s adorable no matter what. He got this way by rolling around in the wet grass after I mowed the lawn. This was what he looked like after he saw his reflection in the mirror, before that he looked like this.
Zak The K9 Hulk

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  1. He looks pretty happy in that second picture. My Westy isn’t allowed to roll around in the grass like that. Mostly because my mom would kill me if she ever saw him looking that green.

    1. Thanks V Guy. I had to change your name as you did not follow to the comment policy, but I did leave the link. Strangely enough he wasn’t green for long as somehow he managed to clean himself up within half an hour.

  2. Oh my goodness, he’s so cute. And he’s a Mal-shi… that is my dream dog! I have been wanting one for years. He looks so cute with the grass, almost like he’s in camouflage.

    ~ Kristi

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    1. Is Mal-shi a proper term, because it is it would make it so much easier telling people exactly what Zak is. As for cute, you should see him when the groomer is through with him.

      1. I’m pretty sure it is… it’s one of the designer breeds / hybrids. I want to have mine with short hair all the time so it looks like a little cotton puff!

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  3. He looks like a fun dog. And what i like doing with my dogs is get them pissed off. It’s fun teasing them :P

    1. I hope you tease him in a nice way stratos?

        1. Of course. I have much more fun teasing the wife, even though it sometimes gets me into trouble.

  4. Doggone Zac! He’ll go for your ankles.

    peter petterson´s Last blog post..The Manuka factor – honey from the NZ manuka tree…

  5. Yeah Pete, that’s about the size of it.

  6. Zako looks very Eco friendly . clever dog

    1. That he does Edward, that he does. :laugh_tb:

  7. Very cute dot.

    I like dogs but when they are small…

    I like cats very much.

    Nihar´s Last blog post..How to Remove WordPress Meta Generator tag

    1. Why thanks TAM, if I looked as cute as ZAK I reckon I would rope in those sheilas no worries at all :lol_tb:

  8. You will love Zak then, because he is pretty small Nihar.

  9. He looks cool. My son wants me to buy a dog for him, but I live in a flat so it would not be fair on the dog. Maybe one day when I get my own place.

    George Serradinho´s Last blog post..Funny – iBoob from Apple

    1. Yeah, they certainly need room to move, getting your own place would be a good idea.

  10. Twitter:
    That’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, Sire. And I’m also glad it’s not my dog, because I’d hate to be the one trying to figure out how to grab him and get him into the tub for a good cleaning. :ponder_tb:

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Google Health

    1. Actually Mitch, I don’t know how he did it but he managed to clean himself. :surprise_ee:

        1. Too late now mate, it’s all done and dusted. However he did it he did it pretty quickly. I went and put the camera back and when I came outside he was clean?

  11. Nice and cute dog you have Sire. I am planning to buy one for my daughter when she’s 2 (she is 1 and half year old now). :)

    Ron´s Last blog post..Cavite Sulitizens Group

    1. Two is a good age to get a puppy, that way they can grow together.

  12. Oh my Moses, I love dogs! Dat dog so indie bro, it’s killer greenin!!!

    Indie Lumberjack´s Last blog post..How to be Indie:

    1. Well Indie, I am going to have to take a good look at your site so I can decipher the indie lingo, but so far I reckon you’re saying you reckon Zak’s really cute :laugh_tb:

  13. Awesome. Except that grass doesn’t come off that easily. Did he get his original color back?

    Mikael´s Last blog post..How to Retire Early and Rich by Making a Commitment

    1. He did and it was almost in the blink of an eye. I don’t know how he did it so quickly, perhaps he’s a magical dog?

      1. A green magical dog? Maybe you could have him perform on television. I’m sure you could make a nice buck from that ;)

        Mikael´s Last blog post..7 Steps to Achieve Early Retirement Capability

        1. Yep, but I doubt he will ever repeat the process. I reckon it will always remain a mystery.

  14. This is such a cute story. I love the pics of him after you mow the lawn. Priceless!

  15. Thanks Jen, I’m glad you liked the story.

  16. I like your dog, he is adorable. No wonder why your kid love him. You know what, I remember my father told me way back that how your pet look like will reflect the personality of the owner. If the pet is clean and well-groomed, that means the owner is neat too. And according to him, those people who have pets are good people because they give tender love to pets who are suppose to be homeless if not for their care.

  17. Marcy, your father sounds like a very smart man and thank you so much for your comment.

    1. Yeah, even I have a soft side hidden somewhere under this hard exterior :innocent1_tb:

  18. That is an adorable picture. It is tough to imagine Zak getting upset when he looks that cute in the pictures above. I can imagine that was fun cleaning him off as well.

  19. Thanks George, as for cleaning him off, I’m still trying to work out how he did it.

  20. He looks so adorable! Can’t belive he’s capable of being as mean as you make it sound.

    Stancje´s Last blog post..Wrocław 31.05.2009: Mam do wynajęcia

    1. I was only kidding Stancje, actually I think I mentioned that in the post. :wink_ee:

  21. Great story! My 9 year old daughter will like this. She is really into dogs and watches that show about the dog lady that trains crazy dogs.

    1. I reckon I much watch the same show. Is that the one with the English lady?

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