We used to have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her name was Leisha. She was a beautiful dog with the best temperament and the family loved her. Unfortunately when she was about ten years old she developed cancer and we had to put her to sleep.

After Leisha I didn’t really want another dog, but once my daughter got over her grief she begged for another pet and so we acquired Zak. Zak was completely different from Leisha, where Leisha was a pure breed Zak was half Maltese and half Shitzu. Where Leisha was calm and love-able Zak had a bit of a temperament, but my daughter loved him all the same.

The thing with Zak was he was adorable when he as in a good mood, but your wouldn’t want to get him angry, because you just wouldn’t like him if you made him mad. You see if you piss Zak off he would turn from a love-able dog into Zak The K-9 Hulk!

Zak The Green Dog

Just kidding he’s adorable no matter what. He got this way by rolling around in the wet grass after I mowed the lawn. This was what he looked like after he saw his reflection in the mirror, before that he looked like this.
Zak The K9 Hulk

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