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DoFollow NoFollow War Compared To The Toilet Seat Saga

What’s that, you don’t know what the toilet seat saga is referring to? :doh_tb: What planet are you from, Venus or perhaps it’s Mars. :laugh_tb: Well, for as long as I can remember there have been arguments between men and women as to which is the natural position for the toilet seat, is it up or is it down?

Most women will say that it’s down, not surprising as that saves them the hassle of putting it down if it’s currently in the up position. Men on the other hand don’t particularly care, if it’s down those who love their wives lift it up rather than having to rely on their aim. If they remember they will place it in the down position but normally they just wander off in search of another beer. This could result in having to put up with their wife screaming at them because they failed to check before sitting down. Honestly ladies, you just have to be more observant. :devil_tb:

You’re probably wandering what all this had to do with dofollow and nofollow? It only just came to me today during a conversation with Mitch via the comments on my post about the Ttoilet seats natural poitionop 5 Reasons That People Aren’t Advertising On Your Blog. Most people who do not want to piss Google off do not do paid ads and if they do they insist on using the nofollow attribute. Even the guys who developed WordPress built it into the code so that all links showed up as nofollow in the comment section.

To me the question is what is the natural attribute on a link, is it dofollow or is it nofollow? Unlike the toilet seat saga I believe that there is a definitive answer and that is it’s obviously  DOFOLLOW? Think about it, whenever you link to a site it is automatically a DOFOLLOW link, you have to physically add the NOFOLLOW attribute to make it do something that is unnatural to it’s true being.

So, who do we blame all this confusion about what form of link one should be using? Ultimately it’s all Google’s fault, Google and the other search engines. Originally it was touted as being the savior for all the comment spam that was hitting the blogs but I personally feel it goes deeper than that. Later on we’re told that it was interfering with Google’s algorithms and how they wanted to represent a ‘purer’ search results to their users. One can only wander if that’s the absolute truth or if there is an anterior motive?

So when you are deciding which path to take when choosing between the two types of link think about the link itself and how it must feel when you force it to do something it’s not designed to do.

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  1. Hi sire

    Love your analogy. And yes we do like you to put the toilet seat down lol

    I agree that DoFollow is the way to go. Some argue that it encourages spam. If you have GASP plugin that takes care of that :-)

    Others don’t like to think they will lose some link juice. What’s that about?! If we are building a community, that those of us in the commentluv community are doing, we say come follow and we will willingly help your blogging journey along.

    It is so noticeable when people’s motives are all about them! With so many blogs going up every day; we can and should be choosy who we link to and soon the word gets round which bloggers have the right idea and their blogs will be the ones that are still around in a year’s time. I plan to be one of them.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. That’s exactly right Patricia. We control our own destiny. As long as we do all the right things, linking to those blogs that provide good content then why would you want use the nofollow attribute?

      This blog has always been a dofollow blog. I’ve only ever linked to sited that I like and I’ve never taken a paid link to a site that I found objectionable.
      Sire recently posted…Top 5 Reasons Why No-One Is Advertising On Your BlogMy Profile

      1. It looks like PR is going the way of the dodo bird anyways and a lot of these arguments against dofollow are about to lose their footing. I generate 50% of my traffic, on an alexa 36k blog, from google organic traffic…. I just don’t see that I’m taking a penalty there, do you?


        1. And a lot of my traffic comes from search engines as well so the answer to that is a big no! Besides, how can they not send traffic our way, we’re just too bloody good. :drunk_tb:

  2. Their is soooo many blogs out there in the internet universe, some is good some is bad, I cant read them all, so I have chose between them, I take first them with do-follow, if I do a comments on them, then I get also a link back.

  3. The only problem is that many people are dependant on google for traffic, this is why they must play by their rules.
    This hopefully changes more and more with the rise of social media and social networking.

      1. Inconsistent. That’s the word that best describes Google’s rules. The thing is, the more I read other blogs’ guesses (they’re all guesses, right? Otherwise, there’ll be only one answer and there’ll be no debate) about the real score between dofollow and nofollow, the more confused I get. On a positive note, I think Google’s inconsistency can be attributed to their attempts to change with the times, what with the competition breathing on their tail and blogmasters taking advantage of their rules’ loopholes.

        About the toilet saga, there should be no confusion there. Men don’t go crazy when they see the seat down. Women should likewise keep their cool however the seats are positioned when they get in the toilet.

        1. I’m with you on both counts James. I reckon the toilet seat rule isn’t the issue now that it used to be. I know it never bothered my mom and my wife’s never complained so perhaps it’s just a few women trying to hang onto old traditions.
          Sire recently posted…A Blogger’s Christmas Wish- Love And Peace To AllMy Profile

  4. Hi Sire,

    I’m not even sure where to begin on this one. Maybe I should “begin at the beginning.” mmmmm, or maybe not.

    There is an argument out there that Google Page Rank is either being fazed out completely or will be greatly diminished in value. If either is the case, Do/NoFollow will be a mute point.

    For now, I use the ComLuv, which is auto DoFollow, and usually keep links DoFollow, unless I have zillions on a page, in which case they are so watered down by quantity that DoFollow is meaningless anyway.


    1. I don’t think I’ve ever used a nofollow link Rick, I mean if I didn’t want the search engines to follow it then why would I want my readers to? Besides it’s all to hard to remember to add an attribute that was never meant to be there in the first place.
      Sire recently posted…Procrastination And How It Can Cost You MoneyMy Profile

  5. Hey Pete!

    All this nofollow/dofollow nonsense is ridiculous.

    First of all, “nofollow” is an absurd abuse of the rel attribute. That attribute was supposed to be for describing the relationship between two documents. Saying that the relationship is to not follow the link is stupid and doesn’t make sense.

    There is no such thing as “dofollow”. A so-called “dofollow” link is simply a link that doesn’t have the stupid “nofollow” in the rel attribute.

    It has been said that this stupidity came about as a means to stop comment spam. Erm, how does asking a search engine spider to not follow some links prevent someone from spamming my blog comments? It doesn’t. And if you think it does, you really need to stop kidding yourself.

    It’s also been said that you should use nofollow on paid links (advertising) because Google doesn’t want money changing hands to improve your position in their rankings. Well OK, but what do they think Adwords is? If you think about it, using nofollow for this reason is helping Google to eliminate their competition.

    If you don’t want search engines following your links, why have the links in the first place?

    Kind regards,

    1. I think what they’re trying to say is that commentators abuse dofollow blogs by leaving spammy comments and by using keywords instead of names and stuff. Even though they may be correct in that assumption I think we have enough brains to delete those comments ourselves, we don’t need Google to tell us how to run our blogs.

      Like you say the whole debate is a waste of time and although I’ve posted about this topic before I thought this particular spin had a lot of merit.
      Sire recently posted…Twitter Is More Fun And More Profitable When You Follow The Right PeopleMy Profile

  6. Forgot to mention… the toilet lid argument is a much better investment of your time and energy. :-)

  7. I like this post. You used a great simple thing to explain the not so simple thing :)
    I didn’t even know until recently that WP by default makes links no-follow.
    But I love rewarding people ;) so I am loving them with ComLuv (it is the coolest thing).
    When it comes to ads, in my opinion, they are ads and are supposed to bring more people. So it’s a no-follow.
    If you are buying a link that’s a whole another story.
    I just think the ad buyers are pi$$ed cause people got smarter and want more money for the link juice. lol

    1. I’m glad you liked it Brankica. As to the ad buyers they only need pay for the actual value of the site they’re displaying their ads on. The more popular the site the more it’s going to cost them. That’s the price of doing business.

      As to Google I don’t think they should be penalizing people for accepting money from advertisers as long as it’s not linking to an objectionable site.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  8. It’s obviously, dofollow or better said no rel attribute at all, I think the nofollow value of the rel attribute doesn’t even exist in w3c eyes, it’s just something Google practically imposed.

    Nofollow was introduced in the concern that advertising companies may influence SERP, so they introduce nofollow to differentiate from natural linking from paid ads.

    But as time went and SEO developed, nofollow has began to evolve in some kind of PR retaining attribute and spammer prevention. Although, it was proven that building links with nofollow attribute still helps in ranking although it doesn’t give PR or helps indexing.

    I might have deviated from the subject, sorry about that.
    Have a great day, Sire!
    Alex recently posted…TractoareMy Profile

    1. It’s all good Alex, I think you just expanded on it that’s all. :wink_ee:

      It’s funny though how Google says they want to provide people with quality search results but the first couple of links presented are always sponsored ones.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

      1. Yeah, I think they kind of screwed things up with those ads at the top of the search results (although the say the ads have an other background bla bla bla, people will almost always click the first results so shut it).
        If they really wanted to show results but integrate some ads too. It would have been cool for them to keep the right side ads, and move the upper ads at the bottom, this way they would send a message like: “Hey you didn’t find what you were looking for? Here we have some sponsored results maybe this could help you!”
        And I don’t know if it’s funny or tragic but they are proud when saying that they won’t give websites higher positions in SERP for money (yeah, right so what are those ads you keep displaying? )
        Alex recently posted…Motociclete 3DMy Profile

        1. Damn right. I reckon it’s more about protecting their own profits than it is about anything else and so one of the reasons they don’t approve of sites taking on paid links is because it’s in direct competition with them and they simply don’t like it.
          Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  9. Awesome Sire!
    This is such a famous internet battle, dofollow vs the nofollow. If you are looking forward to make a big community and people actually comment on your blog, I think it’s a nice way to give them back with a dofollow link.
    I don’t like that kind of people who say they don’t do it because they lose their authority juice! I mean, come on!
    Thanks for the share and hope to see you around :)

    1. It just goes to show where their priorities lie Fernando.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  10. I agree; it is Google’s fault… let’s egg ’em!

    As for me I use the DoFollow plug-in because I’m naive enough to believe that building a community is a good thing. Some day I may wise up and realize that half the people who comment on my blogs do so more to get the link than to add anything to the discussion. Although it seems that Google places more and more importance on relevance, so if their site has no relevance to the topic being discussed it probably won’t benefit them any more than a NoFollow link would. But, that’s just my opinion,, I have no scientific study to back up that supposition. :-)

    1. Hey Allan, the question is who get’s to throw the first egg? :devil_tb:

      The quality of blog’s comments really depends on the author of the blog. Generally if the comment is off topic or doesn’t relate to the general discussion I usually delete it, unless I’m in a particularly generous mood.

      I’m not sure that those Googlebots are smart enough to detect which comments have relevance or not. I think that task is up to us. Deleting irrelevant comments may sound harsh to some but I believe it’s necessary.
      Sire recently posted…There’s More To Helium Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

      1. You are absolutely right that it is up to us to police the comments and delete junk posts. What I was getting at (ineffectively as it may have been) is the idea that because my blog is a DoFollow blog and my Commenting policy page does talk about what DoFollow is and why it’s used, commenting on this post of yours exchanges relevance between our blogs and benefits us both. Were I to comment on Mitch’s post about cleavage, well… not so much.

        Of course whether or not the Google-bots are smart enough to actually figure this out is anyones guess, but the Google Webmaster Guidelines would indicate that they are. Or will be soon. Keywords are being trashed, semantics and relevance keys are the up and coming things.

        Or at least, that what I get out of them. If I’m right, all those SEO “experts” who are building their empire on shady keyword tactics and massive link exchanges are going to be crying in their beer.

        I am certain that the link exchange areas of web sites are earning demerits; now considered the same as bought links. I’ve pulled these sections down on nearly all my web sites. One, the owner says is a courtesy to his fellow merchants, so he want to keep his. Ats-sokay

        1. I’m not sure that the Googlebots will ever be that smart Allan. They would have to build a lot of if this then that into the script in order to get them to act in a particular fashion but it’s because they’re not human that they will ultimately fail. They don’t have the capacity to judge true relevance to make a truly correct decision.

          I think that’s one of the reasons that Google favors the nofollow attribute because they tell the bots that those particular links have no relevance. Without that the bots flutter from here to there in total confusion. :jittery_tb:
          Sire recently posted…Why The List Hater Has His Very Own ListMy Profile

  11. I agree with @Fernando too. If you wish to make your community to be more active and passionate, you should allow users to post comments and get some links from your site too.
    I think it’s too selfish to use nofollow links at all.

    1. That’s true Dan, but people should read the post and leave well constructed comments if they expect them to survive. If they don’t and the blogger deletes it they have no reason to complain.
      Sire recently posted…There’s More To Helium Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Interesting stuff, Sire. I’ll take them in order.

    The bathroom thing… not only must the seat be down, but the entire thing, which to me includes the lid. That’s because I’ve always worried about knocking something into the toilet and having to retrieve it.

    The other… I had never thought about it before, but you’re right, the concept does come because of Google rules and the like. When they started this thing about penalizing people for certain links, some folks started really freaking out. One of the people I write for is like this, always making sure that everyone who posts directly is using them. You know me, I almost never care.

    Hey, you added the GASP plugin!
    Mitch recently posted…Anatomy Of A ScamMy Profile

    1. Actually if you placed both lids down there would be no reason for arguing. Good idea.

      Yep, I figured why not, at least it stops the bots and it’s not too much hassle to tick the box. Certainly better than those stupid captchas. I’ve still got Akismet catching all the human spam, I reckon between the two of them I should be almost spam free.
      Sire recently posted…FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts RockMy Profile

  13. The only problem is that many people are dependant on google for traffic, this is why they must play by their rules.

  14. You’ve really got a nice and hot article topic. You can see this discussion going throughout the web about whether to dofollow or nofollow. But, analogy to toilet saga makes this article stand out from crowd.
    Well, I will say, its better to be dofollow. When you are enjoying link juice from others, why not reciprocate the same to others!!!
    Planning to switch to dofollow very soon for my new blog.
    Have a nice day, Sire.

    1. Yeah, I’ve done dofollow posts before but I simply had to write this one when the analogy popped into my head.

      You have a good one too Rajesh.
      Sire recently posted…Why The List Hater Has His Very Own ListMy Profile

  15. @Steve Youngs
    I agreed with you


    Yes i think now they are changed their policies for real search results and now they are just makeing money from adwords.. i spend more then 250$$ per month on that . that’s sucks really..

    @toilet picture .. :P
    Absolutely suitable picture for this article well from were you got that idea ???

    1. Hi Sarah, it could well have been while sitting on the loo, I get a lot of brain waves whilst doing that. :tongue_laugh_ee:

      1. Crazyyy you … Well i think that is really a painful thought :P :D

  16. I like your analogy, if anything :)
    Dofollow, nofollow, I’d say it depends on the situation. Sorry, no clear winner for me here.

    1. That’s because you’re not putting any effort into it Ivan. Naturally those who are dofollow will vote that way and those who are nofollow will vote differently.

      There is one thing to keep in mind though, that many a nofollow blog was dofollow in the beginning and after achieving greatness with the support of their commentators they spurned them by going nofollow giving in to the Google the fickle search engine. Sorry, I feel that sucks.
      Sire recently posted…Why The List Hater Has His Very Own ListMy Profile

  17. The nofollow tag is obviously to get in the good graces of Google.

    But I guess the back & forth between dofollow and nofollow has a fairly good chance of being settled than the toilet-saga. LOL!

  18. Hi Sire,
    I’m so for being do follow that I have thought of creating an ebook with all the reasons why people should be do follow. It’s all about moderating your comments. It’s not a difficult thing to do at all. There are big time A-list bloggers that are do follow. I think it’s just a question of having a friendship mentality with others or not. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be do follow – it only helps the blogosphere. As long as the site that you are linking to is not a bad neighborhood there isn’t any problem. Anyways I even created a button and put it on my blog: this blog is and always will be do follow. That way poeple will know that I won’t change midstream like some bloggers do.
    With page segmentation coming into play in the algorithm, comment links won’t be worth that much anyways. They will be worth something but never as much as an in content editorial link.
    Anyways – cute metaphor of the toilet and no follow -lol.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay recently posted…Personalise ladybug invitationsMy Profile

    1. Hey Eren, that would make for a pretty good Ebook. Perhaps you could collaborate with Kimberly who’s working on a DoFollow post.

      As to the A List dofollow bloggers, I didn’t know they existed. You wouldn’t mind telling me who they are, you can email me if you don’t feel comfortable leaving it the comment.
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

  19. Haha. I love comparing the nofollow/dofollow debate the the toilet seat saga. I know I’ve fought this battle for quite a long time and I’d like to get me one of those barbed wire seats. I’ve never made anything on any of my blogs nofollow. I choose to prevent spam in other ways.

    1. Hey Jason, you have to admit that the dofollow nofollow saga is pretty comparable to the toilet seat one.
      Sire recently posted…A Review Of WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

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