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Does Your Blog Provide Value To Your Readers?

I’ve read a lot of blogs in my day and I’ve learned that I only return to those that have provided me something of value. I reckon that’s why I don’t bother returning to those blogs, and there are quite a few of them out there, whose sole intention is to try to separate me from my hard earned money. What I find extremely amusing is that the way they are trying to do it is by selling me their secret to making a fortune and it usually turns out that I have to do the same to someone else in order to secure my own fortune. :ponder_tb:

Nope, as far as I am concerned there is nothing there of value to me and so I don’t pander to their over inflated egos by commenting on them. So, what constitutes value? I suppose it means different things for different people and there is no way you can please everybody so there is no use in trying.

Providing A Solution To A Problem

Many people search the Internet in the hope of finding a solution to their problems and if you can provide that solution they will be more than grateful, they may not part with any of their cash but you still get a nice feeling from the knowledge that you helped someone out.

One particular post that highlights this is the one I did explaining how I finally got Safari to work on my iPod Touch.  That particular post received more comments than any other post on that blog and it’s interesting to note that the majority of the commentators did not own a blog or website.

Providing Useful Information

There are many blogs that would fall under this umbrella and I reckon I should give a bit of link luv to demonstrate this.

Worthy tips did a nice post describing 9 hacks you could try on your WordPress blog one of which I may consider adding to one of my blogs, just for fun’s sake. Another good example would be Ching Ya who always provides post of great value to a lot of people, her most recent one discussing 5 ways to promote your FaceBook Page on a personal account.

Providing Answers To Questions

Another reason many people resort to Google is to find out whether things that they’ve heard is true or not. That’s probably the main reason why most of the hits I get on my Load Of Bullshit blog are from search engines. I like the fact that some of the posts on that blog have saved people from making what could be potentially costly mistakes, like to post I did on the Acai Berry scam. There was even one post that got someone so upset they threatened to sue me if I didn’t remove the post. The post is still there.

Pure Entertainment Value

Then there are those blogs whose sole reason for being there is to entertain the masses, and lets face it people love to be entertained and if this wasn’t true there wouldn’t be so many people sitting in front of the box.

Me, I try to incorporate a bit of all of these into my blogs. Truth be told though, this is only a small example of what people may consider to be of value, and it’s not for me to list them all here. That’s what I have you guys for, so that you can work those brain cells a little by leaving a comment as to what sort of things you find of value, perhaps even going so far as to tell us what value your blog provides to it’s readers.

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  1. I will added : to make readers think the unthinking. :D
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..The Simple Blogging Tips: Be Personal, Be Unique, Be Diffrent, Be Success =-.

  2. I totally agree with you, most blogs who give useful info to people..such as support, tech news, downloads, are the most visited and relevant also in the google search results. I really appreciate the help of great bloggers like you!

    1. Yeah, well I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Sarah, calling me great I mean. :wink_ee:

  3. Hey there Sire!
    Oh, I only go to blogs that want to push sales down my throat & take money. Or maybe not.

    I haven’t had much time lately for any fun blogs but, those are some of my favorite when I need a brain break (or I’m just overloaded and grumpy).

    I mostly find myself Googling for in depth info. and How To’s. Problem is then you have to sort out if the blogger really knows what they are talking about. HINT – if they try to sell you something to fix your problem keep moving. If you find out later that what they sell is of value…you can always go back.

    Before I buy a new type of product, I always look for bloggers complaining about it. I then decide if their complaints seem legit to me.
    .-= Sheryl@A Forum´s last blog ..Speeding Up Your Site with Yslow =-.

    1. Hey Sheryl, I after all the comments started rolling in I thought that perhaps I should charge them a dollar for the solution, but that’s as far as it went. I just couldn’t charge for something who’s sole purpose was to help people.

      1. Being in business and aiming to help people often feel contradictory. I tend to run myself into the ground taking wordpress support clients and other support cases that I don’t charge sensibly enough for because I want to help people out. Sadly this isn’t real great from a business standpoint. Monetizing can be tricky when we’re also aiming to help.
        .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin Review: Old Post Promoter =-.

  4. In an ideal world, blogs that provide free valuable information would attract and have readers solely of the kind looking for free valuable information, while those that provide valuable information for a fee would attract readers who pay for anything they deem valuable to them, and blogs that sell crap would attract readers who like crap.

    Since the real world is different, people who sincerely pay in exchange for valuable information sometimes get duped by those who sell crap.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Wired FM Modulator =-.

    1. Just goes to show James that no matter what people are looking for there’s a blog out there just for them :tongue_laugh_ee:

  5. I could not agree with you more, and even when you do want to make money online it’s important to find that balance, where you have those opportunities and still providing value. Also, I think the more value you provide the more trust you might gain to earn it.
    .-= JR @ Internet Marketing ´s last blog ..Make Money Online With Adsense Properly – Google Banning Many Websites =-.

    1. Yeah, I think that is where some people fail, they concentrate so much on making money that they lose site of adding valuable content. I’ve seen some blogs that all they do is post stuff on affiliates, and then wonder where everyone went.

  6. Twitter:
    I think the issue of value is an interesting one Sire. For instance, we do provide information sometimes with the intention of hoping someone either signs up for something under us or buys something from us. At the same time, it’s not what we do all the time. You’ll write your poems from time to time and I’ll… well, I’m not quite sure what we’ll call what I do. Still, it’s not always marketing, but then again, if we were in it for the money we probably would without looking back, especially if our livelihood and our families depended on it.

    Still, we offer something positive most of the time; I think that’s our value.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..The Myth Of Link Building =-.

    1. Yeah I reckon we would be amazed at what we would do if our families depended on us, but even then I reckon we could only go so far.

      The fact that we do things “with the intention of hoping someone either signs up for something under us or buys something from us”, heck I can live with that. At least we’re not sucking them into some phony list just so we can force our wares down their throats.

    1. Yep, I remember that post well. I must admit I’m always surprised how Keith is so adamant about the luv offered by plugins such as commentluv being merely ad copy. Even if this was true and all you got were people interacting on your blog, I would have thought this to be enough, especially considering how the comments themselves can lead to search engine traffic.

      1. Please, don’t even. Keith is a good guy who really does care; just a little wonky in this particular thinking…in my personal opinion. ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Web Income Experiments DotCom Wins Hands-Down! =-.

        1. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like Keith, and I still comment on his blog, although not as much as I used to, I was just making an observation.

          I don’t like to argue with people who have a different point of view, I will state my case and leave it at that.

  7. That all I need from a blog :D I hope I already did all your list Sire. I’ll back on my blog and check :D Thanks bro!
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..Interview With Tina Tobin From LuvemOrLeavem.Com =-.

    1. You do that Latief

  8. I’ve been trying to write everyday, but I want my posts to be informative and helpful and possibly even entertaining. Sometimes you just need to take a day off and spare your readers the agony.
    .-= Mike Roosa´s last blog ..The Flip And The Flop =-.

    1. Mike, that’s one of the reasons I don’t write every day, because I know if I did those extra posts just wouldn’t be up to scratch.

      Welcome to WassupBlog and thanks for commenting.

  9. “Does Your Blog Provide Value To Your Readers?”


    Our blog entries are generally one of two types. One being an announcement of some fun or community event. The second is targeting a particular search phrase a searcher may be looking for. Neither of which is good ‘reading’ material.

    Funny thing is, we do not get many comments. In fact, Sire, you are one of a few that bother to comment enough to pass the comment threshold. I think I have it set somewhere between 5-10 comments before the link is a dofollow link.
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..North Richland Washington Homes For Sale and Real Estate =-.

    1. Heck Colleen, that’s the least I can to repay you for doing the same on my blog.

      Truth be told comments don’t pay your way but it is nice to get them as it shows people are reading your posts.

  10. Most of my readers are non Indians and I think that they find my posts on matters relating to India of interest.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Modern Myths. =-.

    1. How long have you been in India Rummuser?

      1. Born in India in 1943 and still living here Sire!
        .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Cleric Put In Jail. =-.

        1. Why is it that your English is so good, is it because of your parent’s background or some other reason?

          1. There are two Indias. One that has studied in English medium schools, colleges and institutions of higher studies. Such education is supplemented with exposure to local languages. The other India does the same in reverse and this is the vast majority of Indians. I belong to the former. I am more comfortable with English than any of the other four Indian languages that I can speak, read and write in.

            I was also privileged to work with two British firms in my formative years and in later professional orbit.

            You will find a lot of us around the globe.

            .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Memories Of The Three ‘R’s =-.

            1. That must be why I see a British influence in your writing style :wink_ee:

  11. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    I think my blog falls into that last category that you included yours in. Every once in a while, I’ll make the effort to write a post that I think is useful and will help people. But the trick is, if they want to see those occasional nuggets, they’ll have to suffer through pictures of my kids, my dogs, flowers, and the sky. Oh yea, and from time to time I might try to sell them something … but I’m never “sneaky” about it ;-)

    .-= Todd Morris´s last blog ..How To Organize Google Reader For Peak Productivity =-.

    1. Nope, sneaky is something you’re definitely not Todd.

      I actually like those photos as it gives an insight into the blogger.

  12. Sire, I use to think my blog offer value, but now I don’t know. I guess when you take a long leave of absence you have to work extra heard to win back your readership.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month =-.

    1. Sure it still offers value Rose. You just have to wait for the right readers to come along.

      1. Thanks Sire & I miss your poetic talent at TW. ;-)
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month =-.

        1. I’ll enter another one there soon Rose, I’ve just been so damn busy of late.

  13. I completely agree with you on Ching Ya. And on Wassupblog being entertaining! I actually come here mostly because of your entertainment value, Sire. You always make me laugh, and I know that’s just the way you are as a person — a fun-loving type with a gift for putting it across in your writing.

    I get a LOT of searches for pansy poems — so I plan on cranking out more of those.

    And as of next week my blog could be a top contender for “how to make window shutters.” I am so not a niche niche, but I’m having fun. :)

    (I imagine this comment will go into moderation, as I’m switching over my e-mail adress.) So let’s see in 3, 2, …

    1. See, no moderation, reckon it just likes you.

      It’s so nice to see there are people out there that agree with me Jannie, especially women as that happens very rarely :tongue_laugh_ee:

      Good to know that even at my age I can still entertain the women and keep them happy. :devil_tb: :cheese1_ee:

  14. It is a tough task ensuring that a blog always has interesting and informative posts – I try to do it as much as possible however for a lot of businesses the blog is not only a way to talk about the business but also a way to increase its SEO rankings – meaning that the content produced is not always that great to read.

  15. Great tips bro. I really like the first 1 and 2 point. “Providing Useful Information”.
    And Yeah, wchingya always provide awesome information. ;)
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. hey Dev, nice to know I can still come up with some good info every now and again. :wink_ee:

  16. I personally love blogs that provide both unique information and entertainment.

    This is in turn what we aim to provide in all our posts.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Can Blind People See? =-.

    1. I think it’s a safe bet that most people will have similar tastes, haha! Sire, I do have to say, one of the things I like best about your blog is that I feel it is more “personal” and I actually feel like we are holding a conversation.
      .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Hiking to Headstones – Granby and Simsbury, CT =-.

      1. That’s what I aim for Ryan, and why I try to reply to everyone. I know what it’s like when I’m in a room and people don’t seem to know I exist and I don’t want my blog to be like that.

    2. Well, that must be why you keep coming back for more :innocent1_tb: :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  17. Enrich | Enlighten | Educate | Entertain

    If a blog post doesn’t do one of those four, its not giving value. If its not giving one of those four, its JUST a sales pitch.

    Today, with us being in the relationship age, where the relationship comes FIRST, leading with value is critical to getting to successfully include paying advertising.

    Great stuff Sire,
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Facebook Fan Pages vs Facebook Groups =-.

    1. Glad you liked it Kimberley. I think most people look for one of those qualities when reading a blog, even though they may not do it knowingly. We as bloggers have to try to satisfy that need and I have to admit it’s not an easy task.

  18. Great post.I really like the #3 and #5 point.
    .-= Lakhyajyoti´s last blog ..Make Money With Social Bookmarking Site =-.

    1. They are all important in one way or another and the truly great post would incorporate all of them although because doing so on every post would not be an easy task it’s best to concentrate on one or two

  19. I am a new blogger but after read this article I will try to make my blog Provide value to my readers
    .-= munir ardi´s last blog ..Cinta yang merubah hati seorang Berandalan =-.

    1. If you manage to do that munir I am sure that in time you will do well.

  20. I agree. I’ve been super busy with a couple business projects so I haven’t been blogging as much. I kind of decided to direct my blog more towards motivation and achieving success. Now, like you mentioned in you post, I’m not selling anything. It’s blogs that I write from the heart. I’ve been through all the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. I know it’s good to have people standing by you for support. If I can help people with the blogs I write, touche!
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..CRUSH the Roadblock to Success =-.

    1. That’s it Anthony, it’s more to do with the giving than the taking. We write to help or entertain others, that the main objective, if we make something on the side it’s just a bonus.

  21. I am still a baby in the blogging game and don’t really know where it will take me, if anywhere. I have very little self promoting on my blog as twitter,stumble,to name a few are overloaded with stuff like that. I enjoyed your post and also move on if a blog’s primary motive is to empty my pockets. I sell on Etsy and promote others as and when I can. Maybe I should ask an opinion as to whether it’s interesting or not, I have 110 followers but I think that is mainly because I do giveaways, but saying that people do leave comments not a lot but we all love these comments. I do prattle on don’t I :)
    .-= Krishenka´s last blog ..Do yourself a favour !!!!! =-.

    1. Krishenka, if you’re only just starting out then all I can say is that as long as you enjoy what you are doing and you do your best, just be patient and you will get people who return to comment on your blog.

  22. Hi Sire,

    I think that most serious bloggers are trying to provide value.

    But as you are hinting, value is a different thing to different people and trying to please everyone may end up with pleasing nobody or only a very few.

    It also depends on who your audience or readers are. In the end you have to be true to yourself and give what you think is best for your readers.


    1. You’re right Vance, I reckon that value is in the eye of the beholder, what may be of value to one person may be absolute trash to another.

      While you can’t please everyone you can try to please as many as possible as long as you don’t let it get you down when it doesn’t work out.

  23. Sire, I feel blog posts are open to interpretations. It varies from person to person. Most of the time, people land on certain page, believing that they have founded the solution to their search. If the page has promising content and satisfies the purpose of search, people are glad and very few of them leave a courteous comment and others ask for clarifications, and the rest just bounce away. So I guess the art of blogging lies between these points. Its the onus of blog owners to identify whats being searched most and later write interesting articles about them. That way value and contribution are ensured.
    .-= Haran@Wedding Photographer´s last blog ..Johanna and Matthew =-.

    1. That may be true for some bloggers, personally I don’t worry too much about what people may be searching for, as long as I find a subject interesting I will write a post on it. After that it’s in the hands of whatever it is that sends people my way.

  24. We really take for granted how available information is these days. There are so many helpful people out there writing content which solves a problem that we don’t even think about it.
    It wasn’t that long ago that we did not have this information so readily available. Now with search engine technology being so good it’s at our finger tips. Imagine what an overall effect this is having. The problem solving curve for every day stuff has been mostly eliminated leaving us far more productive. I say Wow to what we now take for granted.

    1. Yeah, it sure would have made researching my homework all that much easier if it was around when I was at school.

  25. I like to think my blog provides value. I know I get numerous commenters coming back time and time again – adding their views and thanks.

    I like to mix helpful advice with videos as well.

    .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Internet Scamming =-.

    1. I’m sure it does Andrew, otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming back.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Win A Trip For Two To Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion =-.

  26. If you had to blog about one song and how it adds value to peoples lives, what would it be? What’s that one song that can make somebody’s day?

    1. That depends on the story behind the song, otherwise people would have to listen to it in order to get moved by it.

  27. I think most people look for one of those qualities when reading a blog, even though they may not do it knowingly. I like to mix helpful advice with videos as well.

    1. Videos can be a great boon to a post as long as it’s related to what is being discussed

  28. I always emphasize on value. Readers want value, they are not interested in endless sales pitches. I recently hosted a contest and it was a huge success. I gave away a copy of Thesis and free consultations. I’d like to think that’s value in conjunction with the rest of my offerings.

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