My good mate Mitch wrote a very interesting article entitled Bloggers Can’t Hide Behind Fake Names Anymore And Defame Others and as usual we are having a bit of a discussion, which is cool, because that is what commenting is all about. Right at the beginning of the post Mitch said ,

I believe drug testing for most jobs is a violation of privacy

to which I took the liberty to disagree. I truly believe that an employer has the right to have a drug-free workforce because he is obligated to protect the other employees as well as those who come into contact with them personally or through some action attributed to their drug induced state. The Australian Government knowing that people under the influence of drugs can cause accidents has introduced random drug testing of drivers, who  if caught are fined and can even lose their license.

There can be many types of employment where an employer may want to have prospective employees drug tested including drivers of public transport, operators of heavy equipment, officers in the law court, surgeons and pretty well any job where an employer can expect any prospective employee to maintain 100% of their attention while on the job. Heck, even athletes have to go through it and not too many complain about them having their privacy invaded.

Now, Mitch has the opinion that my thinking is skewed because I happen to be an employer, and perhaps this is true, so I am putting this out there to see what some of you may think.

Here are some links to books on the subject:

  • The Employee Rights Handbook: The Essential Guide for People on the Job
  • Your Rights in the Workplace
  • Every Employee’s Guide to the Law

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