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Do You Want To Outrank The Probloggers

Step right up folks , don’t be shy because what you hear here today could put you in front of the big boys in blogging. That’s right folks I am going to reveal to you something today that will make you stand above the rest. You may not make as much money as the problogers of this world, you may not even get as many visitors or comments on your blogs, but what you will learn today will  put you on a different pedestal way above the best of them!

What’s that young sir, how much will this information cost you? Well now, that depends how fast you act on it. Act now and it is absolutely free, but wait too long and you may well have to pay for it. Just read my post on How To Make Money Off A Popular Post. You! The ranga with the big tits and low cut blouse. No need to roll your eyes young lady. Your good looks and big boobs will only get you so far and no further, and if you want to make something of yourself you would do well to listen to what I have to say, and if you really want to learn something you should see me in my rooms directly after this blog post. :devil_tb:

That’s it folks, gather around, you do not want to miss a word of what I have to say. First off I want to show you a graph.


This graph represents the Alexa Rank of WassupBlog up against 4 very well known bloggers, what some may call A Listers. I won’t say their name out loud because we don’t want them to hear what I am about to tell you, because if they did they have the following to blow us out of the water. Rather than naming them I will refer to them by their initials. As you can see D.R. is way on the top, as he should be being and Aussie and all. J.S. is second, J.C. is third and D. Ris. fourth just above yours truly. D Ris. actually once commented on this blog saying that it reminded him of a Christmas tree :smoke_tb:

Well you see folks, there is a part of Alexa that very few people utilize and that is the Review section. If you were to compare this blog against those same bloggers it would come in third. D.R. is first with 6 reviews, J.C. second with 6, WassupBlog third with 3 and D. Ris and J.S. lagging behind with no reviews at all. So you see with a little help from you guys I could be outranking the best of them, review wise that is.

All you have to do is go to Alexa and Review this blog, leave a comment saying you did so and then I in return will do the same for you. You don’t have to write any BS either, your honest opinion is all that is required. Constructive criticism is always appreciated especially if it will help to improve this blog.

What’s that young man, what’s in it for you? Well it probably won’t put any money in your pocket, I reckon that’s pretty unlikely. However, if anyone, say a potential advertiser perhaps, was to check out your Alexa Review and they saw you had a whole heap of them they may want to advertise on your site. Someone who wasn’t sure about who you are and what you’re selling may see it and perhaps it’s all that is needed to convince them to be a paying customer, so indirectly it could well put some money in the old wallet after all. All you need do is write your own post asking your readers to review your site.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. I just left a review! :biggrin_wp: Unfortunately, my blog is at Blogger and I can’t get so high-speed uploading things, but I can at least help you out with Alexa.

    Thanks for everything you do here. It’s supremely helpful for a blogging noob like me.

    1. That was a great review Delena, thanks so much, and knowing that I’m helping someone out there is really great. :thumbup_tb:

  2. There, I left a review. Had to use my facebook account as I still don’t have an alexa account yet. Now, review wise, I guess we have a chance at leaving the probloggers eating our dust. :)

    1. Hi James, I just did one for you as well. I had to use my Facebook account as well as I was on the laptop and I couldn’t remember my Alexa password. Worked like a dream.

      You’re right though, it will good to have at least one think on those ProBloggers. Having a whole lot of reviews can’t be all that bad and would be like having a whole lot of recommendations.
      Sire recently posted…To Moderate Or Not To Moderate- That Is The QuestionMy Profile

      1. Thanks Sire. :)

  3. Twitter:
    Ah, but see, you left out the part about having to either create an Alexa account or log in with Facebook, which attaches one of those things to your site that says it gets to crawl through all your contacts and stuff. Man… I was going to write you a pretty good one, but you know how hinkey I get in having to register for stuff. Guess we’ll just have to suffice with all the nice things I’ve said about it on my blog. :thumbup_tb:
    Mitch recently posted…Facebook Will Make You An Advertising StarMy Profile

      1. Just tried to register and it kept blowing me out.
        Tried about three times.

        I’ll use my wife’s Facebook account.

        I’d already written your review in word – and what a review it is! LOL
        Keith Davis recently posted…Chocolat…My Profile

        1. Hey Keith,

          the Facebook account would probably be the best way to go as it works in seamlessly. Don’t you hate it whenshit like that happens. :furious_tb:
          Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  4. You would have done well as a circus ring maser back in the day…or snake oil salesman. ;-)

    1. Thanks Dennis, out of the two I reckon I prefer the circus ring master :drunk_tb:

      1. I was picturing the top hat and tails. lol (not kidding)

  5. Sorry Sire, I have to agree with Mitch, Alexa is not allowing me to register(seems to be a bug) and I too am a bit paranoid about sharing my personal facebook info with Alexa, which as we all know is commonly referred to as spyware.
    Akhilesh recently posted…Notepad Tricks – Some Cool Notepad tricks for WindowsMy Profile

    1. Weird, I usually sign on as I’m a member of Alexa but for testing purposes I used the Facebook link. All it asked was to sign on for Facebook. No problems at all.

    2. Agreed – wouldn’t let me register.
      Kept getting “all bold fields must be completed” but all fields were completed.
      What a bummer!

      Might try later – can’t waste a fantastic review.

      If I can’t register I’m going to post my review here.
      Keith Davis recently posted…Public speaking humourMy Profile

  6. Hi Peter
    “What’s that young sir…” I think that line has made my day.

    I’ll be back later when I’ve written the review.

    Now what can I say about WassupBlog….?
    Keith Davis recently posted…Chocolat…My Profile

  7. OK, Sire, I’ve done my part to help launch you to blogger superstardom. I just hope you don’t forget us little people when you’re cruising around in a platinum Bentley. :-)

    1. Allan, if I ever get to buy a platinum Bentley through my blogging efforts I’ll come down, or is it up, there and take you for a spin.

      Thanks for the review, heading over now to do the same for you.
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing Two More Auto-Responders MailChimp Still WinsMy Profile

      1. Hoo-Boy, won’t THAT give my fellow hillbillies something to gawk at! :-)

  8. What a great idea! I’m a big advocate for trying new things – so many read the same advice, then pass it along to their customers. When the big guys were starting out, they did plenty of experimentation and so should we.

    And getting good Alexa reviews certainly can’t hurt!
    Juliemarg recently posted…Macworld Discount CodesMy Profile

    1. Hey Julie, I do believe this to be your first visit to WassupBlog, so welcome :drunk_tb:

      I’m so glad you liked the post and that it inspired you to leave an excellent review. You’ve made my day and have helped to put me above the Probloggers :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart BloggerMy Profile

  9. I am interested to become a Professional Blogger, at the time being I only blog but soon I will give it a professional touch. Your article is really helpful for me to become a Pro Blogger.
    I will write a review of your website on Alexa as soon as possible because before reviewing I will like to visit some more posts by you.
    Nazam Warriach

    1. I don’t know that it will make you a ProBlogger but you stick with me and you will have more fun blogging

  10. I added a review. Thanks for steering me to it (it was yet another thing I learned from this blog).

    You provide some excellent tips. It was the least I could do.

  11. Alexa is just plain dumb. When I try to login with the password I setup, it doesn’t work. It says my pass is bad, when I try to reset my password, I press the button and nothing happens. What the heck, is Alexa dead?
    Alex recently posted…Impuscaturi in minaMy Profile

      1. That’s a bummer guys. Is it still not working with the Facebook Icon? I’ve found that works every time as I’ve been leaving reviews on those who were kind enough to review this one.
        Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

        1. Okay, after a lot of sweat and tears I finally managed to write an honest review :).

          To you blog’s success Sire!
          Alex recently posted…Masini 3D TurboMy Profile

          1. Thanks mate, don’t know why the site was making it so hard for you but I’m glad that you persevered.

  12. Way to go Sire. You are so supportive of all of your readers and I for one hope you do really well with the reviews. You have always been supportive of my blog and encouraged my blogging journey. Will try and manage to get in and do a review too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Yay went through FB and it worked. From some of the above comments thought it may be difficult but very straightforward and worth the effort. Go Sire :-)

      Patricia Perth Australia

      1. Thanks Patricia, it seems that us Aussies have the right touch when it comes to using the Alexa site :thumbup_tb:

  13. Hi Sire,
    Could not find my Alexa p.w. so created a new account. Had no trouble. (Unusual for me). Didn’t want to use FB.

    Can see you now have 9 reviews as of Sunday afternoon. D.R. might send his army in?

    Thanks for the link to Allan’s review of the Kindle. Am in the market for one and enjoyed his personal summary. If I buy I will do through his link so he’ll get that cup of coffee from Amazon.
    Julia Hayes recently posted…Learn English On-LineMy Profile

    1. Just goes to show Julia that we Aussies can still show those Yanks a thing or two :smoke_tb:

      D.R. won’t know as long as we all keep it hush hush. :wink_ee:

      Just goes to show that you don’t have to have a list just for the sake of trying to sell your subscribers stuff. You can use it to provide useful information as well. Did you like that 3d panorama view of Utah?
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

      1. You noticed I clicked on the Utah image ? Now that gave me an eerie feeling – I needed to check over my shoulder that you aren’t in the same room. :mad2_ee:

        Beautifulimage and stunning panorama. One of yours?

        Julia Hayes recently posted…Staying healthy is good for businessMy Profile

        1. Actually Julia I was just assuming you did, luckily I didn’t make an ass out of u and me

          And no, someone sent me the link.

          1. Hi Sire,
            Yes, lucky indeed.
            Just wanted to let you know I tried to buy the Kindle and Allan tried to help the process but it seems that Amazon look darkly on their Aussie buyers and so far it has not been possible.

            As of tonight, 13 Reviews and climbing. Maybe you’d better run that comparative graph again ?
            Have you noticed that Alexa say your blog loads slowly? Which is opposite my experience and that of other reviewers who say it loads quickly.
            Alexa comment: ”

            Average Load Time for Wassupblog.comVery Slow (7.515 Seconds), 99% of sites are faster.”

            You might need to speak to them?
            Julia Hayes recently posted…ESSENTIAL HEALTH for childrenMy Profile

            1. I actually did notice that Julia but I thought it was just a mistake. I’m not overly bothered by it.

              That’s strange about Amazon though. I’ve bought stuff from them before without any dramas. Only the other week I bought a set of books from James Moralde’s blog, man that was a good read.

  14. Morning Sire

    I’ve given up on Alexa but here is my review.

    “If you want to learn how to write conversational posts spiced with flashes of humour, take a look at WassupBlog.
    The blogmeister over there is a guy called Sire; he’s 100% Aussie and 110% blogger who combines great writing with down to earth tips for other bloggers.

    So what’s the blog about?
    Anything and everything to do with blogging from plugins to pagerank from WordPress to wombats (sorry I made that bit up, couldn’t think of another W word) and all set out in a practical “how to” way.
    No sales pitch, no hype just good old plain blogging conversation and info.

    But there’s more!
    Sire replies to each and every comment, and he visits your site and adds to your comments. What more could you ask for.

    If you want to make a pal on the web and learn at the same time, go on over and introduce yourself to the Bloggers Blogger, the WassupBlog man from down under, Sir Sire.”
    Keith Davis recently posted…Speech Writing… the Marcus MethodMy Profile

    1. Hey, you’ve done me proud Keith, I appreciate it mate and I appreciate all the effort you went through in trying to get that review up. Just to show you my appreciation I went ahead and reviewed your blog.

  15. Great Guide..
    Is submitting to Alexa will help in SEO…and link building..?

    1. No, I don’t think so, I think it’s best suited for building one’s ego and getting advertisers interested in advertising on your blog.

  16. Also seemed to have a problem registering, but third time lucky it went through. If at first you don’t succeed try try again (I think the saying goes). Its a very Clever idea though and have just reviewed so hope it helps. Know very little about Alexa apart from the alexa button so will have to do some reading to improve mine :(
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

    1. Hey khaled, thanks for that mate. I’ll review your site very soon.

      As to Alexa you’ll find this Wikipedia article should answer most of your questions as to what Alexa is all about.

      1. Never would have guessed that its owned by Amazon.

  17. Sire,
    I just left a review for Wassup Blog on Alexa. Funny, it never occurred to me to look for review – or to leave one. You learn something every day – especially if you check out WassupBlog.

  18. Hey Sire,

    That is a very clever post and you are right. Anyone can outrank the A bloggers as far as blog reviews in Alexa go.

    I’ll do yours within a day or two as I’m in the middle of finishing a post right now.

    I haven’t seen you on my blog for ages and I haven’t visited yours either. I want to change that.

    In the post I’m working on and which will be done within an hour and which I think you’ll like, I’m placing a link to your blog. (You should at least like that).

    I’m glad that you are still giving links and using keyword luv.

    That’s kind of the subject of my new post.

    Vance recently posted…Learn Internet Marketing With Instant Internet LifestyleMy Profile

    1. It’s actually one of several ways we can do things better than the big boys Vance. While this one may be more of an ego thing those others may actually give an edge on them, one of which is being more interactive with our commentators.

      You’re correct in saying I haven’t visited your blog Vance, but don’t worry mate you’re not the only one. I have been busy of late and so apart from posting and research and stuff I’ve only had time to reciprocate those who comment on this blog.
      Sire recently posted…What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For MoneyMy Profile

  19. Oh, what a great idea! Just made a comment, says it is being processed :)

    I have been registered on Alexa for almost two years and this is the first review I have ever done there. So cool :)

    You can return the favor if you want but I just did it cause it is a great idea!

    P.S. The review was honest (sorry) and positive, lol

    1. Thanks Brankica and I left you a review as well, the sort of review you would probably expect from me. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…11-Inch MacBook Air ReviewMy Profile

  20. Ok – left you a 5 star review. Innovative use of Alexa. I knew that it had to be good for something.

    Good luck outranking the ProBloggers!

    1. Thanks Hamish. I’ll return the favour very soon. As to the ProBloggers, I’m not at all fussed by them but I would like to be making as much money as some of them do :wink_ee:

    1. That could be true but a lot of people including advertisers look at the Alexa rating when judging a site. Some may even look past the numbers to check out some of the other Alexa information on the site and seeing a lot of reviews, even if there are some negative ones, can only be a good thing.

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